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What dreams about firing from work?

What dreams about firing from work?

Calls to his boss and declares that you are fired. Fear, irritation, insult and misunderstanding .. «For what?» — you think and … wake up. You understand that you will not have to look for work in the near future, but it is interesting what the dream of being fired is from.

Let’s try to figure out whether such a dream can become a prophetic, and if not, what it means. What dreams about firing from work?

What dreams about firing from work?

Change, we are waiting for change

The authors of some dream books argue: the dismissal of a person dreams for a reason. Such a dream is a sign that all of his current thoughts are busy thinking about whether he is in his place. Most likely, you are not satisfied with the position, salary, relationship with colleagues or management requirements.

You yourself are happy to quit, but do not yet see a decent alternative.

Thirst for change may concern and not work:

  • You are not satisfied with the relationship with the second half
  • Tired of conflicts with parents, living with them
  • Children are naughty, but you do not know how to make contact
  • You dream to start a new business, but are not sure of success
  • You often show weakness with unworthy behavior of others — do not react to rude remarks, do not respond to unpleasant requests with disagreement

The dreamed-of sacking is a sign that you need to gather your courage and learn to be firm.

How emotions affect the value of sleep

The interpretation of a dreaming layoff depends on what emotions were experienced in a dream. Joy, that freed from obscuenom duties?

Or disappointment that the career is over? Anger on the podsidevshih colleagues?

Or fear of being left without money?

The interpretation depending on the emotional state may be as follows.

  1. You felt a panic. Dismissal for you — a catastrophe, you do not see further prospects. Such a dream only promises trouble. You and in real life can not cope with the responsibilities assigned to you. Perhaps soon you will be fined, deprived of bonuses or reprimanded. Get together and start working at full strength. Solve the problem dramatically — change jobs or improve skills.
  2. If the dismissal in a dream did not upset you, be calm. In real life, there is no risk of losing your job. Most likely, you have an excellent relationship with team members, the authorities in you do not like. You are an excellent worker and have all chances to succeed, moving up the career ladder.

Any emotion in a dream is a reflection of your real fears and feelings. If the dismissal in a dream was due to the fact that your colleagues “sounded on you”, it means that you don’t trust them in real life.

By analogy, you can interpret all the events of sleep.

Favorable interpretation

What dreams about firing from work?

In the dream books one can also find favorable interpretations of the dreaming layoff. There are such interpretations:

  • If in a dream not only you are fired, but also all relatives, close friends, is a good sign. Expect pleasant events, unexpected profits, or a grand celebration. In fact, someone marries soon.
  • If in a dream the reason for dismissal is conflicts with colleagues, also do not be sad. You are waiting for a premium or unscheduled promotion.
  • If in a dream you write an application of your own accord., it means that in real life an important decision will soon be made. Fate will provide a choice on which your entire future life will depend.
  • If you are not just fired, but driven out in disgrace, wake up and rejoice! Soon you will return a large debt. Or pay all that delayed a long time.
  • If in a dream you received a letter of dismissal by letter, A fateful acquaintance awaits you. But it will not be too pleasant: in life there will be a person who wishes you evil. Be on your guard.

These interpretations are given in popular and astrological popular dream books.

If a dream is not fired you?

Perhaps the dismissal in a dream did not affect you, but some other person. If it is a close relative, a good friend or another person important to you, then such a dream does not bode well.

Dismissed in a dream in real life expect difficulty or major trouble, and you have to come to the rescue.

What if the employer dismissing his employee in a dream, you? Also a bad sign. In the near future, you will have to act unfairly towards someone.

But in the end the situation will be resolved favorably.

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