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What dreams about curtains in Chinese, gypsy dream book

Why do you dream of curtains, if you are not an interior designer

Very rarely in our dreams we pay attention to the individual details of the interior — and meanwhile, the dream book is well acquainted with each of them. And if you are curious about what dreams of curtains and curtains, the detailed decoding of this sign will pleasantly surprise you.

What dreams about curtains in Chinese, gypsy dream book

The general interpretation of such «interior» sleep

  • Most often, the interpreters say: curtains in a dream, especially tightly drawn, are a sign of a mystery, a mystery. That is, a dream can say: the answer to the «problem» over which you puzzled more than one day is very close!
  • If it was a massive curtain of theatrical type, the dream warns: you are destined to have a difficult, moronic work, for which you still will not be paid properly.
  • To see a window with open curtains: you will soon be struck by the unceremonious act of someone from your loved ones.
  • If they burn, you can get sick. The disease will be accompanied by fever.
  • Well, if they are stolen, it says: soon you will not need to carry someone else’s secret, and you will finally breathe easy.

What were they like?

  • Beautiful, luxurious, like from a magazine about design repairs. The subconscious says: your whole soul was exhausted by some kind of mystery or problem, the solution of which all does not come to mind. By the way, it is in this dream that the explanation is! Say, if you saw a familiar person near the curtains, it is he who in real life will help you with the decision.
  • Typically «winter» — dark and dense. Did they miss the light at all? So, in your life there was a big mystery, covered with darkness. It may even be a military or political secret that cannot be publicized.
  • They were bright, with strange colors? You will see a truly exotic secret.
  • Were they dusty, dirty, ragged? Someone «broke» the boundaries of your personal space. Maybe a foe hacked your social page, or your mom found your diary. Well, if this has not happened yet, change the passwords to more complex ones and flush the little book with your secrets out of harm’s way.

Color curtains can tell a lot!

  • They were burgundy, red: wait for an intimate adventure. Maybe a novel will happen in your life?
  • To see the curtains of pink color: soon you will know love, or you can flirt with someone with pleasure.
  • Black: you learn something bad about your neighbor.
  • White and translucent (tulle): your life will be easy.
  • Yellow or green: money will fall on you.
  • Violet, and even hanging on the door: you will have a good time among relatives.

What did you do in your dream?

What dreams about curtains in Chinese, gypsy dream book

  • What dreams about the curtains that you bought? Your subconscious hints: you dream of a weekend in the style of an introvert, on a deserted island or in a forest hut. So do it: roll away at least to the country, turn off the phone and plenty of silence.
  • If you bought curtains for a gift, this is a sign: you will share your own secret with a friend.
  • You hung them up. At the same time they were: new — you will have a “fresh” secret; the old ones — the mystery brought from the past life (the work with which you quit, the university, or even from childhood) will prevail over you.
  • They were white, translucent — your life is too honest, and therefore boring. Introduce into it an element of mystery, understatement — so you will become more interesting for some person of the opposite sex.
  • You hung up the ragged curtains that had fallen before: someone would “decipher” your secret, but you’ll be fogging to the last, not wanting to part with an aura of mystery.
  • Did you watch the other person hanging the curtains? You will be an unwitting witness to someone else’s secrets.
  • In the dream, you changed the curtains, as the old did not look very? You buy something really worthwhile.
  • If you sewed curtains, in real life you will make a small purchase. It will be intended for those for whom these curtains were sewn in your sleep.
  • On the contrary, did you shoot them? Soon you will reveal your secret to someone. Think well about who you will tell about this — will this person turn this mystery against you in the form of compromising information?
  • You chose a curtain for a window from several: you are at a crossroads. What to do — to tell your neighbor the impartial truth, or to keep silent, thereby deceiving him?
  • You saw how they fell down from the eaves: you, again, will be declassified. To prevent this from happening, do not share your secrets with anyone.
  • Ironing the curtains with an iron: and this dream, on the contrary, hints that you should not be too mysterious person. Open at least to the closest person, because sometimes ancient secrets exhaust the soul of the one who keeps them.
  • They were selling curtains, because you didn’t have enough money: in real life, you will also face a catastrophic shortage of finances.
  • You washed very dirty, but beautiful curtains: you will have to clear your good name after it is defiled by your enemies.

And what will the author’s books say?

Would the books with the “name” agree with the general interpretation of your dream? Or maybe they do not consider the curtains a sign of your secrecy and mystery?

What then will they advise?

What dreams about curtains in Chinese, gypsy dream book

Chinese dream book

  1. According to this dream book, the curtains that you opened (plowed open) dream of a «cultural» pastime. And if you are more precise, then you will buzz in a cheerful company with strong drinks and a rich snack.
  2. If the curtain in your dream has deteriorated (for example, it has broken off) — it says that your spouse may get sick.
  3. She was already bad, torn? Favorite may be unfaithful to you.
  4. If you have seen a couple or a set of new curtains, the spouse will be envious of economic and true.

Gypsy dream book

  1. The curtains were expensive, chic: you are destined to a rich life.
  2. Torn, old: wait for problems.

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