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What dreams about cookies by Freud and Miller’s dream books

Dreamed cookies — a detailed interpretation of the dream

What dreams cookies? Often cookies in a dream symbolize the inner state of the dreamer, his attitude towards people and towards life.

The image of the cookie itself and its interaction with it will help find in the dream book a more detailed interpretation of this image.

What dreams about cookies by Freud and Miller's dream books

To see cookies in a dream — a general interpretation of the image

Cookies in large quantities

If you have seen delicious cookies in large quantities, then you will be lucky in love affairs. Family people will strengthen their marital relationship, and single people will be able to find their soul mate.

Someone is eating cookies

  • If you dreamed about how someone is a cookie, but you cannot enjoy this delicacy for any reason, then in real life you attach great importance to unimportant things and take every mistake to heart;
  • And in the case when it was possible to enjoy cookies together with another character of the dream, it means that you await the long-awaited success and victory over the enemies in reality;
  • If your soul mate eats sweets, and you are watching this, then in real life you will have fun and pleasant gatherings that will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Buy sweets

  • Buying cookies in a dream is an auspicious symbol. Dream books say that such a plot marks the fulfillment of the dreams of the dreamer. If the cookies were in the box, then you will have to work hard and overcome all obstacles to succeed. But in the case when you bought cookies without packaging, dreams and desires will come true by themselves;
  • Auspicious symbol — buy cookies with sweets. Such a plot of a dream marks the arrival in your life of a person or mentor who can change fate for the better. This character will give the necessary information and help to correct mistakes that were a big obstacle to the realization of plans.

What were the cookies

Dream interiors pay a lot of attention to exactly how the cookies were. If you managed to remember this, then you are lucky, because there is an opportunity to more accurately predict your future fate.

  • Chocolate cookies symbolize your love for the sweet life. You are used to not deny yourself anything. This is a big problem and can bring big trouble. If you personally prepared chocolate cookies, then in reality you trust people who are not worthy of your trust. You are easily deceived and take advantage of your kindness;
  • Oat sweets say that the dreamer needs more time to devote himself. And also you should not waste your time on trifles and keep insults in your heart for a long time;
  • Raisin Cookies This image warns that in the near future it is necessary to be extremely attentive, performing all work duties. Even the smallest mistake can destroy everything that you have cost so long. This also applies to heart matters. You should not unreasonably blame your soul mate, as well as “explode” from scratch.

Bake yourself

This image indicates that you have a good reputation, both at work and among friends. Also, the level of your authority will not remain in one place, but will constantly grow.

Salted biscuits

To realize your plans, you need to change something in your life. If you leave the same approach to work and to affairs, then you will never be able to achieve your goals.

Eat sweets

Eating cookies in a dream is an unfavorable symbol. This image warns that in the near future you can make a serious mistake that will put an end to your future career.

It is also worth taking care of the health of your loved ones, as your family may overtake a serious illness.

To treat guests

  • Dream books give favorable forecasts for the future to those who treated their guests with cookies in a dream. This image indicates that in the near future you will receive a good offer or an interesting opportunity. In any case, such a gift of fate cannot be missed if you want to succeed;
  • But if you came to visit, and you were met with such treats, then a favorable period will come, which will go a long time;
  • If you refuse to treat, then in real life you will meet with serious competitors who want to assign your services. Perhaps it will be people from your close circle of friends.

What dreams about cookies by Freud and Miller's dream books

The interpretation of the image of the famous dream books

The interpretation of the dream with Miller

  • Bake sweets. This image suggests that you unconsciously doubt the choice of your life partner. Miller argues that soon these doubts will justify themselves;
  • Crackers in a dream is an auspicious sign. Such a dream promises pleasant gatherings with friends, which will bring a lot of good and positive emotions;
  • Eat tasteless cookies. Miller advises to look closely to his entourage, as even the closest friends can intrigue behind your back. For any blow you need to be well prepared. This image is enhanced if someone treats you with such cookies. You should remember this character, since it is from him you can expect meanness. You should not agree with him on joint questionable events, as it is likely that you will fall into a very unpleasant story.

The interpretation of the image of the dream of Freud

  • To see cookies in a dream — your subconscious desire to get sexual satisfaction in some unusual way. Perhaps you want to try having sex in a public place or try rude entertainment;
  • Eat a cookie. This image marks a new love affair, which will begin soon. Such relationships will not last long, but will bring a lot of positive emotions.

What dreams about cookies by Freud and Miller's dream books

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