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What dreams a knife in a dream — Songhi Vanga, G

Dreamed of a knife — the nuances of interpretation by different dream books

Every time we fall asleep, we go on a journey through the mysterious and mysterious worlds of night dreams, where we find a lot of symbols, hints and hints. And if you correctly interpret this set of signs, then you can warn yourself against serious danger or see your immediate future.

A knife — if he dreams, it becomes clear that it does not portend anything good. However, whether this is in fact, now we understand this.

What is the dream of the knife according to the dream-book of the prophetess Vanga

  • If you see a piercing object in night vision, the advice is this: you should take a closer look at your communication circle. Probably among them a lot of traitors and enemies.
  • During the preparation of a family dinner, you injured yourself with the edge of a knife — it describes you as a violent and unstoppable person. Relatives will take action to temper your fervor. However, this all will result in a serious family conflict.
  • If in a dream you drop the piercing weapon out of your hands — wait for the guests, presumably the representative of the stronger sex.
  • In a dream, you are unexpectedly stabbed by a knife — this is a warning dream. You need to be on your guard as you are in grave danger. Your rivals are ready to deliver an unexpected and furious blow.
  • You were attacked by a stranger, inflicting a knife wound at the same time — this is a precursor of serious changes in your personal life.
  • In the night vision, you yourself have stained your hands with blood, inflicting a mortal wound with a piercing weapon on the victim — this indicates that you have dirty thoughts. That is why the misfortune will be on your heels for a long time. You can be saved from this fate only when your life is devoted to serving the people.
  • To give someone a knife is a gift — it means you will be the victim of a cruel deception. This will happen because of your gullibility and carelessness, because you are so easy to “circle your finger”.

What dreams a knife in a dream - Songhi Vanga, G

Dream “knife” from psychologist G. Miller

  • To see a knife in night dreams is an unfavorable sign. He promises a fierce conflict, a long separation from close friends and relatives, serious losses in the professional sphere.
  • In a dream, you hold a rusting piercing object in your hands — this means that you are not comfortable with the situation of family affairs. Perhaps this displeasure is due to your connections on the side.
  • In a dream you see a sharply sharpened knife — a period of anxiety and regret will come in your life.
  • Bent piercing objects — this means that all your expectations, dreams and plans will collapse in one moment. The saddest thing is that you will not be able to influence this situation in any way; you will have to watch it from the side, with folded arms.
  • In the dream you received a deep knife wound — this foreshadows you serious family problems or intrigues from your enemies. For single men, such a dream promises disgrace.
  • You yourself have injured the victim with this cold weapon — this characterizes you as a petty and selfish person. You will need a lot of time and energy to cultivate a sense of dignity and justice.

As interprets the night vision dreamland spouses of Winter

  • A knife in a dream is the personification of coldness, hardness and cruelty. Such dreams most often promise violent skirmishes that will arise as a result of your incontinence and hostility towards certain people.
  • If in the night vision the piercing weapon is hidden in the sheath — this suggests that, despite your outward calm, you are always ready to “lunge” towards the enemy.
  • You have a broken knife in your hands — you are always ready to rush into the “attack”, but this does not help in any way to resolve the difficult situation, but only aggravates the situation.
  • A knife with rust — soon old grievances or quarrels will “float up” again, which will bring you many more troubles.
  • Keep a table knife in your sleep — you are likely to have problems that will arise as a result of the division of property.
  • If you get a piercing object in a store in night vision, you should calm down your ardor, otherwise you will face some losses and serious losses.

What dreams a knife in a dream - Songhi Vanga, G

What does the dream book of Sigmund Freud

  • The knife, resembling a dagger in its appearance, is a symbol of manhood.
  • If in a dream you cut something, it means that soon you will have the opportunity to have sexual contact with a desired partner.
  • If the knife has a beautiful curved shape — this is a symbol of a healthy erection, and also such a dream foreshadows refined and unusual sex.
  • A dull or rusty knife in your hand means that you need to consult a doctor. It is likely that you have a serious disease associated with the genitals.
  • Break the knife in a dream — it promises a man the inability to reproduce sexual intercourse.
  • To see a whole mountain of knives in front of you means that you are prone to having multiple sexual partners or to engage in an orgy.
  • If a man in a night vision gets a knife wound — this indicates his lack of complexion and self-doubt in sexual relationships, as he considers his worth less than the required.
  • In a dream, a strong man is satisfied with a knife fight — perhaps he has a predisposition to homosexuality.
  • A man in a dream puts a cold weapon in the sheath — this indicates his passionate desire to make love with his beloved.
  • In the night vision, the representative of the weaker sex holds a knife in her hands, which means she is close to bisexuality.
  • If in a dream a woman fights with the help of a knife, she is probably more attracted to same-sex relationships.

What dreams a knife in a dream - Songhi Vanga, G

Chinese dream book

  • Getting a knife from someone as a gift means that you are expected to climb the career ladder.
  • If in a dream you sharpen a knife — make bets, buy lottery tickets. Now the likelihood of your winnings is greater than ever, because luck is on your tail.
  • To see the stabbing weapon falls into the river — this dream foreshadows the death of a person close to you.
  • If in the night vision the knife is always at your fingertips — this means that soon you will be made a profitable offer that will bring a large income.
  • The loss of a knife promises the collapse of your activity and the loss of the main source of funds.
  • If in a dream you give a knife to a mysterious person — a period of doubts and troubles will come in your life, and it will seem like an eternity to you. However, do not lose heart, to replace the black band is always in a hurry white.

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