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What dreams a knife in a dream

What dreams a knife in a dream — dream book

What dreams a knife in a dream? Let’s try to figure out what such a dream can foretell.

Recall in detail what you saw in the realm of Morpheus and choose the appropriate predictions.

What dreams a knife in a dream

Tip: sleep details are best remembered in the morning, immediately after waking up. So try to write down the plot of the dream in detail, after you woke up.

This will help to make the most accurate interpretation.

Why dream of a knife in a dream, depending on the time of year

The interpretation of your dream depends on many factors. For example, from the time of year in which you had a dream:

  • If you saw a cold weapon in a dream in the fall, and you are a girl, such a dream promises an acquaintance with a pleasant man in the very near future. This will be a man with a very strong character who wants to take you under his protection, to patronize you. Perhaps a long and very warm relationship. But not the fact that love — you may well be friends
  • If the knife had a dream in the summer, this is also an auspicious sign. Such a dream — to good news that will please you very much.
  • Winter dream in which you see a knife, dreams to trouble in his personal life. In your relationship with the chosen one quarrels and conflicts will begin. In your power to keep the situation under control and to prevent separation.
  • If the knife dreams in the spring, the dream value is neutral. It indicates that your life is calm, there are no strong emotions in it: both negative and positive. Everything is smooth and easy, nothing to worry about

Next, consider the interpretation given in the popular dream books.

What dreams a knife in a dream

Why dream of a knife: the interpretation of dream books

Remember exactly what you saw in your dream, and choose the appropriate prediction from our list:

  • The value of Miller’s dream book. According to this dream book, to see a knife in a dream is a bad sign. He promises a speedy separation or a long separation from a loved one. If you do not have the second half, serious financial losses are likely. A family people should expect a major quarrel with her husband
  • The meaning of the dream book Azar. The author of this dream book believes that cold weapons dream of the fact that in real life someone has love feelings for you, but hides it. Look at others — who can be a secret admirer? It may be worth giving him a chance, and the feelings will be mutual.
  • The value of the French dream book. Expect a major quarrel in the family. Conflict can occur both between spouses and between parents and children. Moreover, if the knife is folding and is in the assembled state, a quarrel will happen because of the infidelity of your second half
  • In the same French dream book, it is indicated that a penknife seen in a dream is a warning. In real life, you have an ill-wisher who intrigues against your person. Be alert and careful.
  • The value of erotic dream book. It indicates that soon you will have to go on a trip on which you will spend a lot of money. However, you will not have to regret spending — you will have a great rest, have fun and get a lot of positive emotions.

Next, consider how the knife was seen in a dream was interpreted by the famous Wang.

What dreams a knife in a dream

Vanga’s Predictions

Most predictions about what she saw in a dream knife gives the well-known soothsayer Vanga:

  • She believed that if you dream about how you hurt yourself with a sharp knife while cooking, it means that you have a very difficult character in life. This is fraught with big problems in relationships with loved ones. Likely serious conflict
  • If you dreamed a knife slips out of your palms, wait for unplanned guests. There will be trouble: visitors will have to be placed in their home, fed and entertained
  • And if you get a set of large kitchen knives as a gift, this is an unfavorable sign. Soon, someone from relatives and close people will deceive you, what can hurt very badly
  • If you had a terrible dream in which you see traces of fresh blood on a knife blade, this is very bad. Such a dream is a sign that a powerful tribal curse hangs over you. It is necessary to turn to psychics to get rid of bad karma, otherwise failures will accompany you and your descendants throughout their lives.

See in the video what else the knife might dream about:

Why dream a nightmare with a knife

There are some terrible dreams in which a person is wounded or killed with a weapon. What to expect from such dreams:

  • Did you dream that you killed a man with cold weapons? This means that in real life there will be an opportunity to get rich quickly and become a financially independent person. Do not miss this chance, try to catch the bird of luck in time.
  • In a dream, you dream about using a knife to destroy a person who is not well treated in real life? This means that soon the enemy will be defeated, but, of course, not physically. There will be a serious conflict between you, from which you will emerge victorious.
  • Dreams of being stabbed in your sleep, you die, and then wake up? Do not be afraid — this dream promises good health. Throughout life illnesses will bypass you. But in the near future there will be a series of troubles and problems that will have to be solved quickly.
  • If a man dreams about how he attacks someone in a dream, the dreamer should wait for deception. Someone will be dishonest with you, but a lie will be revealed very quickly, because of which you will have to give up on a well-known person
  • Dream about being stabbed in the back? So, in real life, it is worth waiting for the attack of competitors who will try to remove you from their positions. Do not back down and win

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