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What dreams a baby-girl: interpretation of the dream book

What is the dream baby-girl: transcript for dream books

Dreams, in which the baby-girl appears, foreshadow pleasant surprises or warn of forthcoming problems. Interpretation depends on the actions of a sleeping person, the mood of the child, his appearance and state of health.

Dirty, sick and premature babies promise trouble, and smiling and healthy babies foreshadow good luck, love, increased material well-being and other joyful events.

The interpretation of the dream of the baby-girl popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
HasseUncertainty in their own abilities. To achieve the desired, you need to believe in yourself, then everything will work out
TsvetkovaMuch to the surprise and pleasant shocks that will be associated with love feelings
FreudBy meeting with a man and carnal pleasures
MillerAn infant child, according to Miller’s dream book, foreshadows happiness if he looked healthy.
WangiFor pregnant women, this is a favorable sign, indicating a light resolution of the burden.
FemaleThings will be fine
SummerFor prolonged insomnia and increased irritability
AstromeridianFor a pregnant woman — a manifestation of maternal instinct. For everyone else — the need for self-realization
SmirnovaTo creative inspiration, the emergence of new ideas and ideas that can be translated into reality
FrenchTo unique opportunities and brilliant prospects
  • If you dream of a little daughter — the dreamer will face troubles in real life.
  • A stranger is a bad omen. A friend will show himself from the most unexpected side and become an enemy for a sleeping person
FamilyDreamed that the baby is sleeping — no changes are expected in the near future

What dreams a baby-girl: interpretation of the dream book

Dream interpretation interpret dreams of a baby-girl differently depending on the actions of a sleeping woman:

Bathe, washSuch a plot symbolizes spiritual cleansing and rebirth.
To hold on hands, to nurseTo fantastic luck and prosperity in all areas
Change a diaper or a diaperThe dream of a run-up baby for a young mother does not need to be interpreted, since it is a reflection of everyday affairs. For all others — to the problems of a financial nature.
SwaddleDreamer feels helpless
  • Breast — lack of attention and warmth from relatives
  • From the bottle — to vain hassle and empty pastime
DressA naked baby promises trouble, and if the baby is very naughty and does not want to dress — to a series of unpleasant incidents
DropNeglect people who are expensive
TreatNayava to look after a sick relative
Play with babyTo unrestrained merriment
Sing lullabyImproved health and vitality
To killTo the big expenses, losses and strong experiences. For the mother, this dream is a warning that the woman pays too little attention to her children, so they are moving away from their parents.
Adopt, take from the baby houseOmen of joy
Find an abandoned babyLife will give the dreamer a priceless gift

What dreams a baby-girl: interpretation of the dream book

If you dream that a woman has given birth to a premature daughter, — to the unfavorable situation and mutual recriminations in family relationships. The girl cries a lot — conflicts between households can grow into open hostility.

To give birth to a dead baby — not to cope with the task. If such a plot dreamed of a married woman who dreams of a child, then soon her cherished dream will come true and she will be able to feel all the delights of motherhood.

To give birth in water — such a dream symbolizes liberation from sins and a state of calm, inner peace.

A beautiful baby with teeth was born — a woman wants to be first in everything, but she cannot really appreciate her potential. Hairy — to a comfortable life. With big blue eyes — patronage of higher powers.

Sick baby — to the personal unpleasantness.

The baby-girl is talking — a new business will bring a substantial profit. The birth of twins or twins prophesies a woman to successfully achieve goals.

The triplet was born — the dreamer can be called the favorite of fate, since her life consists of some successes and ups, and any business is doomed to success.

What dreams a baby-girl: interpretation of the dream book

Treatment of dreams in which the female baby appears:

  1. 1. A dream in which a young man is caring for a newborn personifies his gentlemanly qualities and indicates a desire to show them in relation to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.
  2. 2. To dream a beautiful baby who smiles is a good sign, promising success to the dreamer in all things.
  3. 3. A stroller in which twins or triplets are dreamed — a man’s life is full of surprises, most of which will be pleasant.
  4. 4. A good time to start solving the accumulated problems.

To see the newborn in the clear water — to self-knowledge and reassessment of life priorities. If the water is dirty, muddy, then the dreamer will make erroneous conclusions.

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