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What dream public toilet

What dreams of a public toilet — dream book

What is the dream of a public toilet? Most often, such a dream has a favorable value.

He says that your desires will be fulfilled, and your needs will be satisfied. But not all predictions are so rosy.

Let’s try to understand and consider the interpretation of various dream books.

What dream public toilet

Predictions of popular dream books

Try to recall the dream in detail and look for a suitable interpretation in our list:

  1. In the dream book of the sorceress Medea, it is stated that the public toilet is very dirty and dreams of fulfilling cherished desires in real life. Dreams will start to come true, as if by magic.
  2. But if the toilet was very clean, literally sterile, your hopes will not come true. For the fulfillment of desires have to make an incredible amount of effort, but it does not guarantee the desired result.
  3. If in your dream the toilet was outside, it was cold and damp around, this is an auspicious sign. The dream dreamer expects financial well-being. You will probably get a promotion or make a bargain. But it is possible that the income will come from a completely unexpected source.
  4. An unpleasant dream in which you fall into a toilet pit promises happiness and well-being. Good luck and extraordinary luck will accompany you for a long time. Take a moment to solve the accumulated problems, to realize long-established goals.

These are the most popular interpretations, but there are others.

What awaits in personal life?

Sometimes such a “toilet” dream may portend dramatic changes in your personal life. They can be both favorable and not so. For example:

  1. Have you seen a very dirty, littered public toilet in a dream that you didn’t want to use? Such a dream foreshadows bright emotions — the dreamer will survive a violent passion, get acquainted with a person to whom there will be a very strong physical attraction
  2. If in a dream you are in a hurry, practically run to the nearest public toilet to relieve you, this is also a favorable sign. In real life, the dreamer will meet a man of the opposite sex, with whom a very tender and romantic relationship will start. It is possible that the love story will end in marriage and the birth of joint children.

There are predictions that mean the material side of the dreamer’s life.

What dream public toilet

When does a public toilet dream about money?

Remember that you saw in a dream, and select the appropriate interpretation from the following list:

  1. Dreamed that you cleaned up in a public toilet, doing the dirtiest work? Despite the fact that the dream is rather unpleasant, it promises a great profit to the dreamer. You may receive or win a large sum of money, you can achieve a salary increase.
  2. Some authors of dream books have a different opinion: if in a dream you were washing toilet bowls, then in real life you will find out information compromising a loved one. He will be implicated in something illegal or in matters that defame his reputation.
  3. I dreamed of washing the floor in a very dirty public toilet, but it’s impossible to completely get rid of the dirt? This means that in real life, you will soon have to prove your alibi. You will become a suspect in a trial, or you will have to prove your loyalty to the second half.
  4. Do you dream of a public toilet in which toilets are broken or broken? This is an auspicious sign that promises incredible luck in the life of a dreamer. Fate will give you a chance to radically change life for the better.
  5. Dream about washing your toilet without gloves, with your bare hands? And use only water, do not use any cleaning products? This means that in real life you are accustomed to rely only on yourself and do not expect outside help. You will achieve a lot without patrons, at the cost of only your own efforts

These are standard interpretations that are given in most popular dream books.

Treatment of unusual dreams

What if the plot of your dream is a bit non-standard — such events are unlikely to repeat in real life? The meaning of sleep may be as follows:

  • Have you seen a public toilet in a dream, in which both girls and men endlessly, and the booths do not close? So, in reality you will find yourself in an unusual situation, you will get lost and you will not be able to immediately find the right solution. Try to relax, not worry and choose the only right behavior strategy.
  • If you dream that you really want to go to the toilet, but there is nowhere near the right place? This means that in real life you will really need help and financial support, but you will not get it. Try to put aside some money “for a rainy day” so that the crisis does not take surprise

See the video, what else can a public toilet dream about:

Here are some more interpretations:

  • A dream in which your «home» toilet suddenly turns into a public one promises to meet new people. At first they will seem unpleasant and useless to you, but in the future they will come to the rescue in a difficult situation and will turn out to be reliable friends. So do not trust the first impression and be friendly to everyone.
  • Dream that you dream of getting into a certain room, but opening the door, you find yourself in a public toilet? This dream is a signal from the subconscious that warns: you are acting in the wrong direction, exert too much effort where they are not required at all. This may concern both personal relationships and work affairs.

Do not give the predictions too much importance. An unfavorable interpretation may not come true if you behave correctly in a critical situation.

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