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What dream little dreaming dogs

What dream little dogs — dream book

Why dream of little dogs? Definitely interpret such a dream is impossible: its interpretation depends on many factors.

Therefore, try to remember what happened in the realm of Morpheus in the smallest details and choose the appropriate interpretation.

What dream little dreaming dogs

Interpretations of popular dream books

Let’s try to figure out what little dogs dream about, according to the authors of various dream books.

What dream little dreaming dogs

Look for a suitable prediction in the list:

  1. Old Russian dream book. Dogs that appeared in a dream are a symbol of loyalty and loyalty to the people around them. Think, and whether all deserve such an attitude? Maybe your good relationships are used by unworthy people.
  2. Dream Longo. If you have dreamed of small dogs that make up, try to lick your hand, this is a favorable sign. After a long search, you will finally be able to find a decent job or get a promotion on the existing
  3. If you dream that puppies are sleeping, problems are coming up with children. Perhaps they will get sick, because of what you have to postpone the planned affairs or take sick leave at work
  4. Dream interpretation of Simon Canonit. The authors of this dream book believe that seeing small dogs in a dream is an auspicious sign. In real life, your efforts and efforts will bring worthy results, you will succeed and will be rewarded
  5. Italian dream book Meneghetti. According to the authors of this dream book, to see a dog in a dream is not an entirely favorable sign. In real life, you depend on someone, are in a subordinate position, because of what you can not fully realized. It is time to break free from the shackles, become an independent person and act in accordance with your own, not foreign interests.
  6. The famous predictor Nostradamus believed that dogs dream about financial problems. And global — serious difficulties with money are coming, it can even go so far that you will not know what to buy food for. Get ready to solve problems and eliminate all sorts of difficulties to stay afloat.
  7. Tsvetkov’s dream book states: you saw little dogs in a dream — win a victory in some kind of life situation. Any difficulty you can afford, you can adequately solve any problem, success will accompany you in everything
  8. The well-known psychotherapist Freud believed that the most devoted pets to a person dream about quarrels and conflicts. You will seriously quarrel with a person close and dear to you. The outcome of the quarrel depends only on you: will you be able to make up or will you have to part forever
  9. The dream book of Lofa states that homeless puppies dream about the imminent conflict to come. There will be a serious controversial situation that cannot be resolved peacefully.
  10. In the Muslim dream book the dog is considered the personification of the enemy, the ill-wisher. In real life, there is a person who intrigues you and tries to harm
  11. If in a dream you beat small dogs, it is an auspicious sign. In real life, you have good health, you are not afraid of the disease. And small ailments will pass quickly.
  12. According to the author of the dream book Miller, small dogs dream of favorable events and a happy outcome of affairs. Good luck will accompany you in everything — both in financial affairs and in your personal life. Take a moment to realize your goals.
  13. If a small dog dreams of a woman, she will soon meet her future husband. Marriage will be long, happy, the family will not need anything, you and your chosen one will be born smart and obedient children

See in the video what else dogs can dream about:

What dreams of puppies — other interpretations

It is very important to remember what happened in the dream: how many puppies were, how they behaved, what you did in the dream.

What dream little dreaming dogs

The meaning of your dream also depends on it. We offer the following versions of interpretations set forth in popular dream books:

  1. The dog personifies the image of a close friend, a person loyal to you, a loving partner. Therefore, the more puppies were, the more such people in your environment
  2. What was the color puppies? Whites dream of well-being and success, black ones promise trouble and failure in real life, red ones foreshadow vivid emotions and passionate sexual adventures
  3. What size were the puppies in your dream? Large, purebred dogs dream of the appearance in your life of a devoted and loving friend who will always come to the rescue in any, even the most difficult situation.
  4. If the puppies were very small, in the near future you will find a reliable protector and patron who will offer his help in a difficult situation. Do not refuse and let this person prove himself, not forgetting to thank
  5. If the puppies dream of an unmarried girl, she will soon become acquainted with a worthy man who in the future can become a reliable companion of her life. He will be long and hard to take care of in order to win the favor of his chosen one
  6. According to some authors, little dogs dream of unexpected gifts. Moreover, the more puppies were in a dream, the greater the scale of the surprise. Get ready to rejoice and thank
  7. If the little dogs in a dream are evil, trying to bite you or scratch you, this is an unfavorable sign that promises the betrayal of a loved one. Probable deception by a friend or a betrayal of a loved one
  8. An Egyptian dream book states that a dog bite in a dream warns: someone with magic tries to harm you. You are trying to speak, bewitch or jinx it. We recommend to buy and wear a reliable amulet that will protect from evil slander.
  9. If dead puppies dream, it means that you are a person with a well-developed intuition. Pay more attention to foreboding and follow them.

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