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What dream beds, garden: interpretation of the dream

What do the beds and the crops growing on them dream about — a detailed interpretation of the dream

Most dream books interpret dreams about the garden as a symbol of a person’s life path. The storyline will tell you whether the dreamer is moving in the right direction, what he needs to change in order to achieve his goals, to achieve success.

Accurate interpretation of the dream is possible taking into account the appearance of the beds, the presence of vegetables and other plants on them. It is important to pay attention to what the dreamer was doing: digging, watering, spuding, weeding, harvesting, etc.

One of the main points to which attention should be paid is the condition of the vegetable garden.

What did the garden look like?

Dream interpretation

Sign that a person has not yet decided in life. He is confused and does not know which direction to go.

Cracked by drought

The dreamer will have another chance to correct his mistake.

Symbol of moral and physical fatigue of a sleeping person. It is necessary to rest more, otherwise health problems cannot be avoided.

The dreamer will have to finish someone’s unfinished work

The time has come for the realization of the most daring ideas.

To the beginning of the light band in the life of the dreamer

Symbol of self-confidence and complete understanding with family members

With durable fence

Dreamer will be able to realize his old dream

To poverty and material difficulties

A scarecrow garden is a sign that the dreamer’s waking manners cause disapproval and even ridicule of those around him. Should do the correction of errors.

A dung bed is a good sign. Such a dream bodes big profits.

What dream beds, garden: interpretation of the dream

If you manage to remember exactly which plants were in the beds, this will help to more accurately interpret the dream.

Garden Plants

Value of sleep

Flower beds promise the realization of goals

There are many problems in the dreamer’s life that need to be resolved immediately.

To empty talk, gossip, intrigue.

For a girl, sleep foreshadows matchmaking, for a woman of the age — many problems and troubles, for a man — a collapse of hopes and unfulfilled desires

Fortunately and joy in family life. The dream of the patient promises recovery without complications.

To receive a nice gift. Collecting Eggplants — To Decent Remuneration for the Dreamer

To see pepper pods on bushes — to great joy, to eat a vegetable — to health

Sleep talks about dissatisfaction in sex life

To advance through the career ladder, the transition to a new position, salary increase. For a girl, a dream foreshadows pregnancy

The dreamer will be able to successfully implement all his wildest projects. Dreamed potatoes foreshadow unexpected profits

To great success in all walks of life, gaining monetary profit

Dream foreshadows success in all endeavors

To shame and shame. For a girl, the dream foreshadows early marriage and happy motherhood.

The success of the dreamer will envy others

To success in creative activities, prosperity and universal acceptance. For a girl to sow a turnip — the husband will be rich

Do not pay attention to envious attempts to bring the dreamer out of himself

Have a nice meeting with friends

To the beginning of the light band in the life of the dreamer. A person will be able to solve all his financial issues.

To family pleasures and well-being

To a calm and measured life

To receive a gift from a woman

To positive changes in life

To great luck

To failure in the new project

By meeting with like-minded people

To minor troubles

GreeneryBeds with greens of different types — for the arrival of long-awaited guests

For an interesting family vacation. A dream woman talks about the loyalty of her second half

To succeed, have a lot of work

To great advantage

To great love and affection

To enjoyable fun

To receive good news

To changes in personal life. For a man, the dream promises familiarity with an economic girl who can create comfort in the house

To a new romantic acquaintance

Soon the dreamer will have to experience incredible sensations.

To fulfill the cherished desire

It should be more gentle in communicating with people around

Big strawberries dream of getting a tempting offer

A bed with red strawberries — to big changes

To profit

To an unexpected meeting

Ripping spinach off the bed — to an unsuccessful marriage

For fun outdoor recreation

To love adventure

What dream beds, garden: interpretation of the dream

It is necessary to pay attention to what the sleeping person was doing in his personal plot.



Pouring from a bucket is a sign that the dreamer’s creative approach will help him with a difficult task, with a hose — a close person will soon turn to the dreamer for help

To a fundamental change in life for the better

  • It is time to reflect on those issues that require a careful and thoughtful approach.
  • If a similar plot dreamed of a man, then this suggests that he is ready for family life.
  • For a pregnant woman, sleep foreshadows well-being and full understanding with its second half.

Symbol of the opportunity to transfer your experience and knowledge to offspring or other people. Sleep means respecting other people.

To the realization of his cherished desire

The dreamer should get rid of all the garbage and old things that hinder human development

Walking between the beds — to a happy life

See the cattle in the garden

Watching cattle trampling crops is a sign that family members are unhappy with how much time the dreamer devotes to them. You need to make changes to your work schedule.

Watch for plant growth

The efforts of the dreamer will be appreciated.

Fight pests

The symbol of the presence in the immediate environment of a sleeping person gossip and envious

Remove colorado beetles

To obtain unexpected profits, the return of old debts

The dreamer will make the right decision, which will help to get more profit.

Good luck in all walks of life

Work in a foreign garden

The symbol of the fact that a person spends a lot of time solving other people’s problems. Need to work towards achieving your own goals.

The dream promises the beginning of a new secure life

What dream beds, garden: interpretation of the dream

Many visionaries, psychologists, astrologers and psychics have their own point of view about what dreams of the garden.

Interpreter of dreams


  • Garden symbolizes hard work, which is necessary to ensure the family.
  • The abandoned plot promises unexpected troubles and obstacles in the realization of the goals.
  • Work in the garden — to great success.
  • Water the plants — to obtain unexpected profits.
  • Fighting pests is a sign that among the friends there is an envious who is trying in every way to spoil the dreamer’s reputation.
  • To admire the plants — to great success.
  • Plot with flowers — to obtain a decent reward for their work.
  • See on the site scarecrow — to trouble
  • The garden symbolizes the dreamer’s feelings about his intimate life.
  • To see a garden overgrown with grass is a bad sign. The probability of divorce is not excluded. It is necessary to reconsider their attitude to the second half.
  • Plant vegetables — to obtain large profits, higher wages.
  • See juicy green plants — to a rich and prosperous life.
  • Barren land is a harbinger of hunger, great problems and difficulties in all walks of life.
  • If a person worked hard in a dream, however, it did not bring any result, then it will happen in real life. The efforts of the dreamer will not bring the desired.
  • Earth with cracks and failures — a symbol of global catastrophes and disasters

To difficulties and obstacles in all spheres of life. Possible conflict with your loved one

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