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What dogs dream about: interpretation for men and women according to dream books

Dogs, according to most dream books, are a favorable symbol, but only if they are friendly toward a sleeping person. Aggressive, angry, attacking dogs — a sign of danger in real life.

Treatment of sleep depends on the details: the number of animals and their breed, their location, the presence or absence of a leash and a chain. It is also important to remember what the dreamer did to the dogs.

Various esoterics, psychoanalysts and seers have their own point of view about what dogs dream of.

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MedeaSuch a dream symbolizes the contradictory traits of the sleeper’s character: aggressiveness and friendliness, dependence on someone and independence, activity and lack of initiative.
MillerSuch a dream indicates that the sleeper is surrounded by sincere and devoted comrades who are ready to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the sleeper.
FreudTo the adventures of a love nature
WangiThe dream of homeless dogs is a warning that a friend of the dreamer is in great trouble and cannot get himself out of a difficult situation.
ModernTo receive cash profit
FemaleThe foretelling of good luck and new useful dating
Denise LynnThe dreamer is completely safe.
RussianTo the emergence of an influential patron who will become a true friend
NobleTo strong friendships
GypsyTo the loss and rupture of a relationship with a loved one
EsotericBy the joyful pastime in the company of friends
TsvetkovaTo the long-awaited victory

What dogs dream about: interpretation for men and women according to dream books

Depending on who dreamed the dogs, the interpretation of the dream changes:

  • An unmarried girl — the dreamer will marry soon a decent and decent man.
  • The young guy — to meet with the girl, who will become not only the second half of the dreamer, but also his best friend.
  • A married woman — to pleasant troubles and numerous worries.
  • A married man — love and understanding will reign in the family.

What dogs dream about: interpretation for men and women according to dream books

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the breed, color, size and behavior of dogs, the actions of the dreamer and other circumstances.

What dogs dream about: interpretation for men and women according to dream books

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream, you need to remember the breed of the dog and its size:

  • Small dogs — someone is trying to earn the location of a sleeper. In the near future he will be able to prove his good intentions and become a true friend for the dreamer.
  • Dogs of hunting breeds in a dream foreshadow favorable circumstances in professional activity.
  • Dear dogs of exquisite breeds — the dreamer has many true friends who will help him to realize his plans. One dog — the dreamer will be able to realize his plans with the help of a devoted comrade.
  • Big dogs (for example, Great Danes or Alabai) — to pleasant shocks. Friends of the sleeper will do something that will surprise the dreamer very much and give him a lot of positive emotions.

If you dream of a bunch of dogs of various breeds who want to eat, skinny and dirty, then this plot foreshadows troubles in personal life and problems of a financial nature. Angry dogs on the chain — to the emergence of strong competitors.

See a lot of little dogs on the street — to calm and harmony with the outside world.

Small and big dogs protect the dreamer — sleeping man is patronized by higher powers in real life. If they, on the contrary, bite the sleeper, attack him — to the deterioration of health, failures in heart matters and at work. Hear the growl of dogs of large breeds — enemies plotting.

See a lot of dogs in the house — to unexpected guests and friendly meetings.

Dogs raised a loud barking — to get bad news in reality.

It is necessary to pay attention to the color of dog hair in a dream:

  • White — sleeping at any time of the day or night can rely on the help of his friends.
  • Black — a dream promises a bitter disappointment in a man whom the dreamer has long considered his best friend. A comrade will not only turn away from the sleeper in the most difficult period of his life, but also ruin his reputation.
  • Red — to deception and hypocrisy of people from close circle.

Interpretation of various dream scenes:

Buy puppiesThe dreamer will make many new friends with whom he will communicate for many years.
Feed dogs of different breedsSuch a dream characterizes the dreamer as an honest, responsible and responsive person. The sleeper will always answer the call for help and will not be able to remain indifferent, seeing the grief of a loved one
Run away from mad dogsThere will be a hard struggle for their place in the sun.
Walk with purebred dogsSleep prophesies a significant improvement in wealth

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

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