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What does the scene dream about and what does it mean to see the scene according to the dream and basic values

What can mean the scene and play on it in a dream — the nuances of interpretation

The scene in real life is a place of magical transformations, even small children know this, who are allowed to transform into bunnies and magical princesses. For adults, the scene provides much more opportunities and roles. To dream a scene means that it’s time for you to change roles and find a more interesting role for yourself.

As Shakespeare said, the whole world is a theater. In any case, people play, even if they have chosen the role of a cloakroom attendant or ticket taker.

We find out what the dream scene for dream.

What does the scene dream about and what does it mean to see the scene according to the dream and basic values

Basic Values

A scene in a dream characterizes you as an extraordinary person. To dream a scene — to profit and to success.

By itself, a scene in a dream means an urgent need for attention. It is unlikely that in the main play of your life you will play the role of a wordless extra.

You want to shine, charm, bewitch, convince, captivate or express your thoughts, so wittily that the whole hall applauds. If you see an acting talent in yourself, you should attend acting classes or try enrolling in a drama club.

It is rather boring to play only in life, without practice, development, diversity of roles. A community of like-minded people will dispel your boredom. Even a small stage requires tremendous effort, attention and tension of all the senses.

You can add bright colors in everyday life.

  • To see the scene in a dream can also mean a reluctance to hide, hide, a perfectly understandable desire to show oneself and receive a well-deserved reward. Such a dream is not uncommon for secretaries, housekeepers, accountants, freight forwarders, logisticians, scriptwriters, speech writers. People who, in silence and in the shadows, solve complex tasks, provide support to recognized stars, for years and decades provide privacy and keep other people’s secrets. Unfortunately, publicity in such professions is equal to professional collapse and is in serious trouble. Many investigators, detectives, spies, begin to write memoirs, publicizing secret details. Noisy fame usually does not work, and the secrets of long-term storage spoil. Try to resist the temptations and find another way to express yourself, except for publicizing secrets and details. Intellector God did not hurt, come up with something original. Take a pseudonym, pretend to be a biographer, and provide details in the format of intimate celebrity conversations.
  • Walk around the empty stage, look around — plan your future actions. Inspect and touch the scenery, invent new, touch the ropes and cables, think over the lighting — you must take care of the entourage. In real life, it will be enough to please yourself with new shoes and make a couple of nice new acquaintances.
  • Brightly lit stage, perfect order — you are ready to give your most important idea. If, moreover, there are no curtains — you could be mistaken or too categorical. Postpone the proceedings for a while and think again from different points of view.
  • If you yourself look at the scene from the auditorium — in real life you need attention and, perhaps, control of the process. You can be in the role of the viewer or on the contrary, the director. If you are interested in technical details, director’s console, control of searchlights — you are ready to simulate the situation and highlight it in the most favorable way for you.
  • Going to the bow — to overwhelming success, we will achieve the main dream of our life in the very near future.

What does the scene dream about and what does it mean to see the scene according to the dream and basic values

Interpretations of authorities

  • A female dream book interprets a scene in a dream as a daunting, colossal scandal.
  • The dream interpretation of Catherine the Great warns of the possibility of deception. You look at the stage and believe all the passions that are happening, and all this is just a play, the passions of which boil for the sake of great art and a few rubles that you paid for the ticket. If you see the scene on which the presentation is taking place — you are drawn into the intrigue. Especially it is necessary to be afraid, if the play is unfamiliar to you.
  • The English dream book pays attention to the difficult situation in which you find yourself on stage and have to perform, but you have no idea what exactly you are expected of. Such a dream shows fear of dishonor, unlearned lesson, fear of exams. In real life, such a dream means stress, anxiety. Additionally, it may seem that the scene is falling, hatches are opening, fire is burning, water is gushing, ramps, beams, and fixed decorations can fall on top. In fact, your fears are not justified, you are squandering yourself in vain. Do not worry and be able to successfully avoid a dangerous situation. No one will pay attention. Perhaps to your secret regret.
  • Family dream book claims that suddenly being on stage naked or unsightly means that they want to play a trick on you, not without benefit to themselves. Something is kept secret from you, luring you to active actions. Maybe you learn about the ugly actions of other employees, and want to blame on you. Believe that “everyone does that”, that the cameras are not scanned, the wiretap does not record, the guard does not see anything. It is better to leave dangerous places, especially from those where everything is mixed up a little and anyone can become guilty. Fear of shame in a dream means a real fear of exposure.

What does the scene dream about and what does it mean to see the scene according to the dream and basic values


To see a scene in a dream means a desire for publicity. Seeing how a play is being played on the stage — to become a witness to a difficult situation.

Do not let yourself be drawn into other people’s games.

If you feel the makings of a manipulator, a director, make sure that nobody really controls you and that you have enough information for such actions. Being dishonored on stage means failure in reality.

But excellent performance, applause, sincere joy mean the most complete and wonderful success.

Actually the scene means that you do not take life seriously, you observe in a somewhat detached way your actions and the lives of others. Find a suitable application of congenital artistry, otherwise demonstrative and detached character will make you an awkward and uncomfortable person.

There must be an outlet for self-expression.

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