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What does the red fox dream about in the dream books of Grishina, Miller?

Why in your dream came the red-headed flirt — fox

Folk tales believe fox sly and sly. How sees her dream book?

What dreams of this forest animal?

General explanation of the visit of Mrs. Patrikeevna

  • Like fairy tales, many dream books are based on popular wisdom, so they also see the fox as the embodiment of cunning, deceit. Often, such dreams foreshadow the renewed activity of your enemies.

What does the red fox dream about in the dream books of Grishina, Miller?

What exactly is this color?

Say the word «fox», and everyone will immediately present the fiery fur. But in nature there are also white animals (albinos), gray, black animals … Did the red fox look in your dream?

Many interpreters are sure: this is a dream for merry love adventures, or a real “Santa Barbara” with passions, struggle for relationships, intricate intrigues.

What did she do in your dream?

  • I was caught in a trap: someone’s grand deception would be declassified. Scam you are thinking? Give up your idea, the dream warns: you will not be able to «keep secrets» for a long time.
  • According to the dream book, the red fox that attacked you is a threatening foe, and maybe bad gossip. If the fox was mad, a close comrade, a colleague, will strike the blow.
  • I was sitting in my arms, I was very affectionate: the most ardent scum among your subordinates is digging a hole for you.
  • Played: you are waiting for a love affair, but without continuing.
  • Bit you. Old fox — to a skirmish with a strong enemy; young animal (maybe even a fox) — you will cope with all the difficulties.
  • The fox has bitten your acquaintance (native person): it is him who is threatened by the enemy.
  • Did she fight with another animal? With a dog — to problems in your family; with the wolf — to problems in the life of the enemy and your «respite».

And what did you do?

  • They hunted for this animal. Always be honest. An adventure, both in business and in love, will not bring anything good.
  • See the hunt from the side: you will restore a good name, catching gossipers in a lie.
  • You killed this animal: to victory over enemies.
  • You caught a fox: you will meet a useful person. She then ran away anyway: you will end up in an awkward situation.

How many animals were there?

What does the red fox dream about in the dream books of Grishina, Miller?

  • One thing. Not quite a good dream: it foreshadows a new friend who will try to fuck something from you. Maybe this acquaintance will be passionate.
  • «Mother» with a cub: you will have a very smart friend of an older age.
  • A lone fox. You have no children: to replenish the family; you have children: play more often, talk to the child. If you do not make friends with the baby, in a teen age he will hide everything from you, and this can end badly.
  • A lot of little animals. Happy and playful: you will have a great time in a close (or vice versa, not at all close) family circle. Frightened, attacking you, fleeing from danger: carefully, the dream warns that you can «get stuck in the story.»

Where did you see her?

  • What dreams of a red fox near the house, in the yard (in the garden, in the garden). Evil gossip will envelop you. Has it entered your home? Bad business: you either lose money or quarrel with an impudent relative.
  • In the zoo: you can «cross» with a fraudster, a pickpocket or another «gentleman of luck.»
  • In the cage: your foe «jumped».

Weird dream

  • Fox without a tail: the enemy, whom the problems really «exsanguinated».
  • Werewolf (man-chanterelle). Subconscious warns: this is one of your friends (colleagues). At first glance, he seems honest and open, but in fact he is on his mind.
  • Have you eaten lisyatinu? Get away from quarrels and conflicts, any disagreement can end in a fight.

And the dreamer — who?

  • The man. You will have a relationship with a girl (woman) with a complex character. She will be a good girl, beautiful, but capricious, and her disposition is not so easy to achieve. But you really try — falling in love with you, it will become a real treasure!
  • In the dream, did you feel negative emotions? Say, they could not get rid of a harmful animal running through your rooms? In this case, the interpretation is just the opposite: in no case marry this young lady, you risk spending years in a quarrelsome, greedy, vindictive society.
  • Girl. Don’t you have a boyfriend? «Lysis» dream says: next to you is languishing in love, fearing to open your heart, your devoted fan.
  • Another interpretation of girlish sleep. If the animal in the dream was simply luxurious — a bushy tail, thin legs — this is a sign: your female nature wants you to give it free rein! Enough to dive into school or work, allow yourself to be not a computer, but a woman!
  • Woman. Are you married? In this case, the dream says: everyone likes you. For the ladies, you are a sample of style, and for men — just a doll. This innocent interest is admiration at its best.
  • I dreamed of a fox: you will meet a very interesting gentleman.
  • Evil, neglected animal. Female: you may have a rival, determined to gnaw with his teeth what he considers his own. Male: do not trust your new friend (lover) — he can be a gigolo.

What do popular dream books say?

These interpreters not only collected folk omens, but also studied people and their dreams for years. What do they write about your dream?

Noble Dream Grishin

What does the red fox dream about in the dream books of Grishina, Miller?

  1. Red fox in a dream — a symbol of deception. Maybe some person is dishonest with you — or maybe you just prefer to live in “rose-colored glasses”.
  2. Bright, just fiery color of wool symbolizes drunkenness and indiscriminate sexual connections, and maybe liver problems.
  3. The fox who caught the animal is smaller and eats it in such a way that blood is visible: distant life and frequent change of partners can result in a bad disease.
  4. The fox barked: you are alone, and no one except you is to blame. In a dream, you heard such a barking away: you are very lonely.
  5. Someone was chasing the animals: you are alone because of your own insincerity, lies.
  6. See fox skin: you can fail, betray a friend.
  7. You were petting the animal: you may get in trouble because someone is dishonest with you.
  8. You killed her, or you saw her dead: you finished playing, your own intrigues will get you «sideways.»
  9. Eating fox meat: a quarrel.

Miller’s opinion

  1. You have hunted this animal or have seen others hunt: something in your life is unclean. Or is there a risk on the love front (maybe you hit on a married lady?), Or in business you started something illegal, dubious.
  2. Did the animal get into your yard (house, apartment)? The envier «rubs» near you, who can besmirch your reputation with untruthful gossip.
  3. To see the red fox that you killed in a dream: whatever you do, the matter will end in your victory.

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