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What does the prostitute dream about in dream-books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream?

What does a prostitute mean in a dream and how to decipher a dream by dream book

The prostitute is not the most respectable profession, rather dangerous, dirty, often associated with violence and coercion. But at the same time, the profession is in demand, both from clients who regret it is easy to get a willing to all stranger, and from girls who believe that they can improve their financial situation with the help of sex.

A prostitute in a dream — the fulfillment of the most cherished desires or the embodiment of the most terrible nightmare, and maybe all at once. We learn what the dream prostitute dream about.

What does the prostitute dream about in dream-books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream?

Basic Values

  • Oddly enough, to dream of a prostitute is a sign of great luck, luck and fulfillment of desires. You will be lucky against all odds — circumstances, agreements, common sense and friendly relations. But for this you must be active, inventive, and not sit for a moment with folded arms.
  • A prostitute in a dream is a person who is ready to smile at you in reality, whose word cannot be trusted and whose services should be treated with caution. Be careful, do not trust the smiles and bold statements of partners. Any word must be immediately authenticated in the correct legal language. Check the work of partners with other contractors. It may be that they sell you air or empty promises, require money or concessions for what is included in the standard conditions.
  • If you see a feminine man in stockings and a defiant uniform of a sex worker, then your suspicions about dishonest play are justified.
  • Being in bed with a sex worker is a problem. Disclosing your secrets may affect your reputation. Perhaps they will make you very nervous.
  • Several girls in your bed or in the room at the same time mean a lot of luck. If you do not become very scrupulous — will be able to pick a big sum. But it is likely that later regret their decision.
  • If you dream that a prostitute in a dream is you, it is likely that you are very dissatisfied with your fate and regret some decision. Romantic dreams about the pleasures of working in the porn or sex industry indicate a lack of education, problems in the family of parents, lack of support from friends and the older generation. Be careful with your desires. The problem is that the fulfillment of a dream will not bring pleasure.
  • Sleeping with a story in which you are engaged in prostitution or participate in orgies, may indicate a metabolic disorder, problems with the adrenal glands, cystitis, kidney disease. In this case, sometimes there is a strong and almost unquenchable sexual desire caused by inflammation of the urinary tract, associated itching and irritation. A course of antibiotics will help solve the problem and eliminate the ethical choice.

What does the prostitute dream about in dream-books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream?

Interpretations of authorities

  • A male dream book interprets a prostitute in a dream as a call to action. You see in a dream a lady of easy virtue — do not hesitate, act. Start a new business, drive your dump truck to a career, fly into space, demand a promotion from your boss. In order to succeed, you need to drop false modesty or an understanding that no one does this — do not like everything, but as you need.
  • A female dream book is usually more suspicious of any women in your dream. But not in this case. A prostitute is a sign of great luck for a woman, although, of course, caution is necessary. Dream interpretation indicates the presence of a lying man in your environment. If you stop trusting his words, you will be able to improve your life. Believe proven friends, drive away envious and do not chat too much. Do not make unrealistic promises.
  • Sleep promises unpleasant gossip behind your back, but oddly enough, gossip will only benefit. You will be able to prove the injustice of stupid accusations and achieve a great career.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers selling love as a sign of extreme insecurity, doubts about the sincerity of others. Sleep is often a dream for wealthy men who are tormented by the question of how sincere in their feelings surrounding beautiful girls.
  • Dream Miller promises ridicule of others. Remember the faces of the mockers and do not trust these people under any circumstances.

What does the prostitute dream about in dream-books and interpretations of the basic meanings of the dream?


To see a prostitute in a dream — to profitable deals that need careful scrutiny. If you can conduct your line flawlessly — you will be able to gain credibility, raise your reputation, and find new business partners.

For businessmen, a prostitute is a sign that you will be able to bend the reality to your tasks, even if they are unusual.

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