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What does the priest dream about in Miller’s dream book, Vanga, Historic dream book

Dreamed a priest — how to interpret the dream

Dreams associated with religion often make you think about something more: the meaning of life; our actions; life after death. An accurate picture of a dream will help you figure out what the priest dreams about in night visions.

To do this, you need to remember all the details of the dream and read the dream book. Without the exact plot of the dream, the interpretation will be incorrect and will only mislead the dreamer.

The appearance of a priest in a dream warns of impending surprises.

General interpretation

Dreams with the participation of the priest are not only favorable, but also negative. You should not set yourself up for any sign above or grace.

If a priest in a dream begins to serve in the church — this is a prophetic meeting with the family, you can spend the evening in a warm circle, where everyone radiates care and love. If the priest was dressed in black — the family dinner will be held at your home.

And if the cassock was white, then the meeting with relatives will be held in a public place.

If in a dream you had a chance to ask a church official for advice, it would mean that you care for your family and friends, you will need to take care of them during a serious illness. Kissing the hand of the priest in the church monastery — it is necessary to get ready for fast travels to distant places.

What does the priest dream about in Miller’s dream book, Vanga, Historic dream book

  • A clergyman in a dream stood next to the bell — you have to remember the long-forgotten past and reflect on your actions.
  • If a priest in a dream gives you a prayer book in his hands, this is to a pleasant passing of time in fascinating places.
  • A dream in which the clergyman carries the service and his tone of voice is low — this indicates hasty decisions and conclusions in matters, it is worth considering and making the right decisions.
  • If you happened to meet the gaze with the priest — this is an auspicious sign, you will soon be overtaken by great joy.
  • If you had a chance to touch the lamb of the priest in a dream, you should prepare for the triumph, it may soon be a momentous day for you or your loved ones.

At the threshold of the church

A dream in which the father looks at the dome of the temple foreshadows changes at work. And if the priest in the dream is at the threshold of the temple — it prepares you for changes in the old plans that are conceived, but some moments have changed, and they can affect their execution.

If a clergyman in a dream goes to church — you have become objects of adoration for an unknown person. But if the priest leaves the church — this indicates that an old friend is sympathetic to you — you should look at your social circle.

Other interpretations

A dream in which priests staged a meeting in the Central Square — this foreshadows a grand celebration. If the priests were in black robes — you will have to be the organizer of the holiday.

And if they were dressed in light robes, an invitation from old friends would soon come.

The dream, which happened to be in the open-air service, says that you will apply your talents and knowledge in your affairs. If the priest led the service indoors, in a short time you will get a big profit for your hard work.

What does the priest dream about in Miller’s dream book, Vanga, Historic dream book

  • A dream in which the priest worked in the garden suggests that you will soon have to complete difficult tasks.
  • If in a dream church servants made gifts to children, this dream predicts recognition from a person close to heart.
  • In the dream, the priest was mischievous and constantly smiled — it’s worth preparing for a romantic walk in a secluded and beautiful place.
  • In the dream, you happened to be at the funeral service of the deceased — this dream predicts a calm and quiet life in which you will not encounter difficulties, and nothing can knock you off balance.

Interpretation of the appearance of the church servant

Night vision, in which the father of full physique speaks of a carefree old age, prophesies a beautiful life. And if the priest was thin — you have to work hard on the way to your goals, only after hard work you will achieve the desired quality of life.

If in the dream the father was with a lush beard, it means that your relatives are worried about you. If the priest was shaved smoothly — this is a sign that you value unfamiliar people.

Also, the dream can be interpreted according to the attire of the employee. If the priest is dressed in a dark cassock, you will have to spend your strength to gain some good or pleasure.

And if the priest had a white cassock, you can rest without extra energy.

Dream Miller

According to this dream book, the priest is not always an auspicious sign. If a girl dreamed such a dream, she should take care of public opinion.

You may have got malicious people who tarnish your reputation. A man, in this case, needs to watch his work and understand what his mistakes are in order to adequately perceive the criticism from the side.

The dream carries a negative color if the priest ignores you and does not answer your questions. If you still manage to talk to him — it foreshadows a great honor to you.

What does the priest dream about in Miller’s dream book, Vanga, Historic dream book

Esoteric dream book

If in a dream you find a priest at his workplace in a church or in a temple — This means that soon you will find yourself at a crossroads, you will have to make a quick choice, as you will be driven by unpleasant circumstances. If in a dream you were in the role of a clergyman, and this put you in an awkward situation — it is worth taking care of your pride, because in a short time it can be greatly offended.

Dream Vanga

This dream book interprets such a dream as a relationship with God. If in a dream the priest reads a prayer, it is a sign that it is worth turning to God and repenting for all sins committed.

If you happen to receive a blessing from a priest, you will soon have an influential patron.

Also such dreams foreshadow success in all affairs and undertakings. If in a dream you saw a Catholic priest — it is worth preparing for serious changes in your life.

If in a dream you were visiting a confessional, it means that soon you will find yourself in a difficult situation in which you will have to rely only on yourself.

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