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What does the pectoral cross dream of Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

I dreamed a pectoral cross — the correct interpretation of the dream books

Belief in religion has always supported a person in a difficult moment, giving strength to fight, resisting evil, creation for the sake of saving all the good and light. Why dream pectoral cross, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

The pectoral cross is a symbol of the Christian faith. Wearing it, believers hope for the salvation, protection and support of their religion. In dreams, such scenes can warn about danger, foreshadow adversity and trouble.

But also this religious attribute can reflect the emotional state of the sleeper: his repentance, emotional throwing, feelings.

What does the pectoral cross dream of Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

For those who have long concealed a grudge against enemies, crucifixion on the neck is a sign of offenders forgiveness. So it’s time for you to forget past feuds and scandals.

You desire peace and quiet.

Pulling this sign in a dream — worrying about the actual affairs. You are looking for support, answer to an unresolved question, good advice.

Perhaps you are hiding a situation from your relatives, but you cannot cope with it alone.

Gold and silver pendants with the crucifixion of Christ — a symbol of good news, deeds and deeds. Changes will only benefit you, for prosperity and prosperity.

The brass cross represents the hope for the best, after a series of difficult tests. Wooden — promises excellent health and success, but on condition that you are not stingy and greedy towards relatives.

A darkened image or chain is a sign of caution from a dangerous situation. These days it is worth being as careful as possible, not trusting a happy event and not believing in luck.

Prudence and degree — the key to your safety.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

The pectoral cross in a dream also carries security symbols for the dreamer, as well as in reality. In this case, he can warn about the dangers associated with your desire to participate in something illegal, illegal for the sake of personal enrichment.

Such actions may be followed by a serious punishment, during which there will be time to repent of the deed. Taste of fame and all sorts of benefits most likely will not succeed, but the consequences can be disastrous for you and your family.

What does the pectoral cross dream of Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

Young lady to take up a cross in a dream is a good sign. Fate is favorable to you for your humility, humility, good nature and responsiveness. Your openness to people, the desire to help, support will not be left unattended by higher powers.

You will be generously rewarded for good deeds.

A monk who sees you cross your crucifix is ​​a glimpse — a call for the fact that you need to pay more attention to the development of spiritual qualities. The great goal of man is to leave a good mark.

Helping the needy, destitute, impoverished is the path to enlightenment, inner development, emotional stability and tranquility.


Wearing a crucifix on the neck is a symbol of salvation, protection, recognition of faith, humility. Such a plot in a dream foreshadows hope for a bright future after hard trials and tribulations.

A series of troubles may be your atonement for past mistakes and bad deeds.

Squeezing a cross in your hand means choosing a hard but righteous path, where through joy and suffering you are able to find your true purpose.

I dreamed of wearing this Christian attribute around my neck — take patronage over loved ones and relatives. Someone needs your help, but it will complicate your life with more responsibility and responsibilities.

Who knows, maybe right now you need it.

To tear off and throw away the cross — to succumb to the evil temptation and commit a rash act. Perhaps your close circle has a bad influence on you.

You are ready to change your opinion and sacrifice principles for the sake of easy profit and monetary gain.

What does the pectoral cross dream of Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus

A positive interpretation is carried by the pectoral cross. To feel this religious symbol on yourself is to receive a blessing, to find a path to rebirth, enlightenment and spiritual development. Such dreams indicate a desire for good thoughts, a person’s repentance, repentance of their deeds.

You strive for emotional balance, calmness, seek forgiveness and support of loved ones, wish them to express their love and appreciation.

I dreamed of going through the rite of baptism in the church — a sign of emergency grace and salvation. For some, it will be a prophetic vision — salvation from an accident and a charm from certain death.

The circumstances will be such that the help will not wait from anyone. You may be on the verge of life and death, but cope with the situation, by chance.

A golden pendant with a crucifix of Christ dreamed — expect many pleasant moments from the future. Thanks to your patience, your cherished wishes will come true.

Watch how the silver cross darkens on your body — a dream indicates your shameful deeds, for which repentance will soon come. To think again and stop in time is to avoid major consequences.

David loff

The desire to put the symbol of faith on the neck in a dream is a search for the protection of the dreamer against external evils. You are looking for support, salvation, comfort, relief from pain and suffering.

For an atheist, such a sign can be a reason to turn to religion, try to solve urgent issues by asking them to the Priest or Pasteur.

A believing person is a sign of support for higher powers in all difficult matters. If this attribute causes fear in a dream, then you are afraid of the heavenly punishment, human condemnation, and your own repentance.

But at the same time you do not want to accept universal values, ignore the opinions of others.

Feel the pectoral cross on your neck — to be confident in your own protection and rescue. The period when you will experience a sense of freedom, security, peace and complacency. After a series of hardships and problems, you entered a bright strip where nothing would cause sadness, anxiety and fear.

Faith and love for the world, hope for a better life, joy, openness to people will appear.

Sigmund Freud

The pectoral cross represents the male principle and the dignity of the man. Cross-sticks, tied with a tight thread, mean the intercourse between a man and a woman, which leads to the birth of a future generation.

In this case, intimacy is perceived not for the sake of satisfying its base needs, lust, passion, but all this for the sake of continuing the human race in love and harmony.

A woman such a dream can be a sign of approaching a long-awaited pregnancy from a worthy partner. For a man, this means his readiness for a serious and stable relationship in a full-fledged family.

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