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What does the owl dream about in Miller’s dream books, Grishina

What did this hooting night workaholic do in your dream — an owl

Some people are crazy about this bird and even secretly dream of having it at home, while others night hoot of owl or owl shudders … And how does the dream book relate to this bird, positively or negatively? Why dream of this big-eyed forest creature?

What does the owl dream about in Miller’s dream books, Grishina

The general interpretation of such a «bird» sleep

  • As a rule, an owl in a dream is a positive omen. Your life will be filled with events that will greatly delight you.
  • If you were holding this creature in your hands, a frightening change will soon burst into your life. But it may be that common problems will make one of your relatives closer to you.
  • A black (dark gray) owl dreams of heavy thoughts: you will soon have to take a different look at your life. Everything will change the news, which will turn your life upside down.
  • If you remember the claws of the owl from the whole dream — this is to quarrel among your relatives, but on condition that the claws were of impressive size. If they turned out to be small, the dream warns of small domestic problems.
  • Did the owl have a bright yellow beak? You rethink your life, finally realizing where you managed to «mess up».

Gray Owl or Owl

  • The bird was sitting in the hollow: you are secured, therefore, concerns about the future do not creep into your soul. In addition, absolute calm reigns within you.
  • The owl was sitting on a tree: to a high, and rather prestigious.
  • The bird flew, picturesquely spreading its wings: in order to get its fate from you, you will have to work like “Papa Carlo”.
  • She walked along the path or the ground? The dream promises you a lot of joy.
  • Filin entered your apartment (house)? He who draws your heart does not feel sympathy for you.
  • Owl in the hunting net: you will have a partner with whom you will move mountains.
  • You were holding a gray owl in your hands: soon you will go abroad, although the country will not be too far away.
  • Scoundrel — owl grabbed claws for your hair? The person you have long dreamed of meeting will soon appear in your life.
  • To see an owl with a black stripe on its head is a good dream: you can only be jealous of your life, and you dream that this strip of luck does not end.

White bird

  • To see an owl of snow-white color and large size — to get acquainted with someone who you really like.
  • The owl was small? You are very dependent on your boyfriend (girls).
  • Did she fly somewhere? You will be invited to visit, you will have a great time.
  • Sat on a tree? There is no need to worry about current problems — they will “decide” themselves.
  • Owl hooted loudly, screaming? Sleep to wealth.
  • She was wounded in the blood? You will be approached by relatives, and far.
  • A dead owl dreams about problems at work. You will have to “knock on the table with your fist” to make it your way.
  • A snow-white owl was sitting in the snow: you will soon be significantly enriched.
  • She caught the mouse: you will find something valuable, and maybe useful.
  • She flew into your window: someone will work for glory, and you will remove the “cream”.
  • Was she decorated with a single, but noticeable black feather? You will be able to complete your plans. It was not a feather, but a dark speck? Soon you will arrive at the place where you were born or raised.

Was she not real?

  • In a dream, did you see a statuette in the shape of an owl on the table? On the personal front, you will find a lot of trouble — fortunately, small ones.
  • Was the figure porcelain? You attack a loved one, and meanwhile, he is not guilty of anything.
  • Was she wooden? Communicating with your loved one, do not go over the edge.
  • The effigy of this bird (also hidden in the closet) means: you are paying too much attention. Relax, get rid of all that is superfluous.
  • Did you take this scarecrow in your hand? Calm down and rest you need to be alone with you.

What did she do?

What does the owl dream about in Miller’s dream books, Grishina

  • What dreams of an owl that is chasing you or attacking? Your subconscious says that you consider yourself a victim. Nevertheless, constantly trying to be all friends, you make more and more enemies year after year. So “turn on” the character, still your responsiveness and gentleness does not bring you anything good!
  • She tried to catch the mouse, that is, she was hunting: you will soon notice someone’s unkind act, or maybe you will even be an accomplice.
  • Owl caught something big? You will defeat a very strong foe. Perhaps compromising information that falls into your hands will help.
  • She ate from your hands (you tamed her in a dream): you were tormented by a problem. Solve it finally! Believe me, you have enough strength and acquired knowledge to do this.
  • The night guest flew in your apartment (or lived there): you have a gift, maybe even a mystical direction. Was the bird caged? Such a dream says: you have a talent, but for some reason you do not use it (or you are not using it at 100%).

Separate opinion of the most popular authors — interpreters

Unlike modern interpreters, the authors of dream books, whose opinion we propose to learn below, have lived for a long time. Do you want to check whether the human soul has changed in 50, 100 years?

Dream Miller

What does the owl dream about in Miller’s dream books, Grishina

  1. As this dream book says, an owl screaming in your dream (even if you haven’t seen it at the same time) dreams like a warning about troubles. Take care of your relatives, and do not forget about your own safety.
  2. Was she dead? So, you had a serious illness, but for some reason you managed to avoid it.
  3. Other «owl» dreams mean: undeserved mean things are saying about you behind your back.

Dream Grishin

  1. Snow-white bird promises you a date. Gray (dark) — news.
  2. Did you hold the bird in your hand? This is a bad dream. He promises to scare you. Maybe even in your house there will be a fire.
  3. In the dream sounded a owl cry, owls? This is a warning about future grief.
  4. Owl or owl tried to scare you, flashing eyes — saucers in the black night? And this is not such a bad dream. He says: what scares you in real life is just homing. Throw all the excess out of your head and calm down.

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