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What does the morgue dream about dream books and interpretations of basic values?

What does the morgue mean in dreams and why does it matter

Morgue or old-fashioned, dead, place of storage of dead bodies during the necessary studies of the cause of death, opening by the pathologist, removing organs to detect damage and consequences of disease. The morgue is also a storage place for bodies prior to burial or cremation. Thus, it is a research center, cache and storage.

Consider what it means to see the morgue in a dream and what it means to morgue for dream books.

What does the morgue dream about dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

A morgue in a dream is an appeal to your secret ego. To the layer of reality that you thought was buried long ago.

Remember the evil proverb, which is usually answered by phrases like “a writer died in you or a good poet” — “yes yes, quite right, in each of us someone died and sometimes dabs”.

This is not to say that this is bad, rather, it is interesting and mysterious — to observe the revival of one’s own character traits that seemed long ago obsolete. On the other hand, without an extreme situation such metamorphosis does not happen.

Probably, someone offended you hard. It would be logical to assume that those who have become the voluntary or involuntary cause of metamorphosis, can greatly not be good.

Not always the reason for the awakening of sleeping traits comes from the desire for revenge. Maybe you suddenly remember that before marriage you were planning a serious career and you were reminded of the lost prospects that were suddenly relevant.

You look at your adorable kitchenette and you don’t recognize it like a dead man waking up. You are no longer interested in recipes and methods for scrubbing greasy stains, you want to discuss investment policy or develop methods for processing diamonds in polar conditions.

  • Seeing yourself in the morgue as a corpse or several corpses, but detached — you are considering your options and trying to figure out that from what you can do in life can be useful right now. Most likely, you do not have much pleasure, because you had reason to forget your previous skills. In addition, the restoration will inevitably require resources, activities, expenses, which can not but cause irritation. It’s okay, you will certainly cope.
  • To be in the morgue as an expert, a pathologist — you are trying to get to the bottom of the hidden causes of some events. Perhaps you should contact a lawyer or other consultants. If the question is important to you, be sure to ask for help.
  • If you see half-decomposed corpses, traces of a dangerous contagious disease — this is a sign of unhappiness. You would like to revive something of the past, some skills from the past, but you see them in a completely unsuitable condition and get very upset.
  • Many dream books promise a strange day, especially if you had a chance to fight with the reviving dead in your sleep. Failures will haunt you in unexpected ways. Try to reduce contact with the outside world on this day, so as not to mess things up.
  • Feeling like a revived dead man — an unexpected surge of strength, you suddenly realize completely unexpected and very simple things that have eluded your attention.

What does the morgue dream about dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller interprets the morgue in a dream, as receiving shocking news from the next of kin. It is hard to imagine what could shock a modern man, but Miller lived in the nineteenth century and worked as a priest. Dream interpretation predicts that wandering through the rows and look for loved ones may be true.
  • The female dream book warns that the danger of falling into various difficult and unpredictable situations increases.
  • Dream interpretation Melnikova predicts a serious quarrel, if you find yourself one of the dead in the dead.
  • Dream Longo does not go into details, but simply promises the dreamer success and good luck on a new exciting path.

What does the morgue dream about dream books and interpretations of basic values?


To dream of morgue is a very good dream, which shows that you buried yourself early. Dust off old skills and gain new youth.

It will be difficult, but very exciting. If you are engaged in science, you can look at the interpretation of a dream by the meaning of «treasure, hidden treasure».

The bodies of the dead are a real treasure from the point of view of science. Any research institute will gladly buy bodies for scientific purposes.

Treat the dream as the discovery of hidden opportunities, the discovery of treasure, profit and mystery.

Of course, there will be problems and they are associated with close people who may not like your intention to change, because they are used to something else in your image. People are too selfish and ready to ruin someone else’s dream if it threatens their comfort in the slightest way.

Do not promise that after the changes continue all the same actions as now. It is unlikely that you will be able to keep such a promise

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