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What does the guy dream about on days of the week — nuances of decryption

Dreamed a guy by the day of the week — the value of dreams

What does the guy dream about on days of the week? Let us turn to the interpretation of popular dream books to get an answer to this question.


The first day of the week is filled with bright solar energy. During this period, intuition has a great influence on dreams: your ability to anticipate is “turned on” and allows you to see the true state of affairs.

What does the guy dream about on days of the week - nuances of decryption

Therefore, remember how events developed in a dream — most likely they will occur in real life.

What does it mean if a guy dreams on a dream-book on Monday:

  • The young man who dreamed about you is in love or thinks of you constantly. He wants to meet, so expect an invitation to a romantic date
  • If you are not in a relationship with a boyfriend in a dream, then you should look at him. He may well become your mate, give love and happiness

Dreams, dreamed on Tuesday, usually foreshadow something bad. It may be a warning of danger, deception or betrayal.

What does the dream book say:

  • If you are in a relationship with a guy, quarrels due to his fault may begin. You will learn about betrayal or lies from your loved one
  • If you are not together yet, then you should be alert: this young man is not serious towards you. He can use you for his own selfish purposes, so be vigilant
  • If you have a nightmare with a guy, it may say that in real life you will be pursued by an obsessive fan, whose attention annoys you and does not bring positive emotions.

Tuesday’s dreams can also talk about the imminent parting with a partner, his dissatisfaction or dishonesty.

If the guy dreamed on Wednesday, do not give it much importance. Such a dream is “empty”, so you can simply forget about it.

What does the guy dream about on days of the week - nuances of decryption

The exception is if you saw a dream involving a guy in the afternoon, then this is an auspicious sign. Such a dream promises easy and pleasant acquaintance with a young man, which can lead to a long and happy relationship.

What do the dream books say:

  • Dreams on Thursday most often do not portend the future, but tell something about the past. This is the result of your spiritual experiences that find a way out in a dream. After analyzing the plot, you can understand what mistakes have made in the past.
  • If you fall asleep very tired, the dream will be empty and devoid of meaning, trying to decipher its value is not worth it.
  • If you managed to see the face of a young man in all details, it means that in your relationship in real life there will come a crisis period. Many circumstances come upon that will be difficult to overcome.

Some sources indicate that you can get help and support from a dreaming guy in real life in a problem situation. But only in a friendly way, there is no romantic motive in this.

Friday is the time of prophetic dreams. Therefore, it is desirable to remember everything that dreamed, to the smallest details.

The plot of the dream is very likely to be embodied in real life.

What does the guy dream about on days of the week - nuances of decryption

Some predictions of dream books:

  • If the image of a man is very bright, clear, you can remember it in the smallest detail, it means that in real life this person has strong feelings for you.
  • If in a dream you spend time together: kiss, hug, walk or make love, then all the same will happen in real life

On Saturday, Saturn is a great influence on dreams — a planet with an incredibly powerful negative energy. Therefore, you may dream something very negative, strange, even frightening.

But do not get upset: nightmares are just a projection of your fears, experienced negative emotions that the subconscious mind is trying to release through sleep.

Therefore, Saturday’s dreams do not come true, they only help to understand that some internal barriers prevent you from building relationships. In real life, with the dreamed guy, everything can go quite well.


If a person dreamed about you on Sunday, then you will soon meet him in real life. In some dream books, there are other predictions:

  • The dreamed guy will remind himself very soon in real life: call, write or invite for a date.
  • If in a dream he offended you or did something bad, in real life you should wait for a gift or a pleasant surprise.
  • Remember everything he said in a dream — maybe something like this will be heard soon

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The value of dreams by day of the week

You can interpret your dreams without the help of dream books. To do this, use the simple rules:

  1. Prophetic dreams dream on Mondays, Thursdays. Sunday can come true, but only if they were bright and positive
  2. Tuesday’s dreams reflect the emotions experienced during the day. This is a projection of your thoughts, problems and feelings in the subconscious
  3. Wednesday dreams are empty, do not give them any importance.
  4. Friday is a time when dreams can tell something about future events in their personal lives.
  5. Thursday’s dreams will help get advice on how you need to proceed. The subconscious will prompt the answer to solve some significant problem.
  6. If you sleep during the day, dreaming is meaningless to interpret. They will predict nothing
  7. Saturday dreams are not particularly significant. It is worth decoding them only in the event that they dreamed in the morning
  8. If you woke up at night and remembered your dream, you should remember it. With high probability he will come true

The dream is not always worth taking literally. Sometimes a message encrypted in night vision carries with it a hidden meaning that is important to understand. Analyze not only specific images, but also your emotions and feelings.

Try to listen to yourself, and then you will understand why exactly such pictures arose in your subconscious.

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