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What does the gray kitten dream of in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

Gray kitten in a dream — the prediction of popular dreaming

Kittens are cute creatures that can melt even the hardest heart. Why dream of a gray kitten, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

The cat is an ancient symbol of wisdom, cunning, discernment. He was worshiped by many nations. For the murder of a sacred cat, one could receive the highest measure of punishment and part with life.

These graceful animals are endowed with supernatural abilities and strength: the gift of reincarnation, foresight, communication with the other world, communication with the spirits of deceased ancestors.

For a woman, this sign can reflect her character traits and appearance: attentiveness, ingenuity, sensuality, femininity. Those who saw this furry creature in a dream, fate foretells to be surrounded by a mass of fans.

They will greatly appreciate her beauty, passion, elegance of the curves of the body.

What does the gray kitten dream of in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

In some nations, a cat means a dissolute woman who is very unintelligible in connections. Curled ring kisa can be a symbol of eternity, and walking in itself embodies freedom and self-will.

In Orthodoxy, cats are able to deliver from evil spirits. According to tradition, it is customary to launch them into a new home first, so that the young family lived here comfortably, happily and safely.

The black color of the cat carries the negative meaning — it is always the embodiment of evil spirits, black magic, otherworldly evil spirits, satanic orgies. For a dreamer such a sign can mean obstacles and obstacles that will bring a lot of trouble and difficulties in life.

In the eastern horoscopes and philosophy of Feng Shui, the cat is given a place of honor. He is a symbol of longevity, having nine lives, possesses wisdom and cunning, which is unusually inherent in not all.

A cat with a raised foot is a money symbol that will bring a sleeper financial well-being and wealth.

For those who dream of the happiness of motherhood — the cat with kittens is the surest symbol of the fact that you will soon become pregnant.

The gray kitten in most dream books is considered a harbinger of petty troubles, worries, hassles that will not bring moral satisfaction, profits, and only take a lot of time and effort to solve. These circumstances can cause frequent stress and lead to depression.

But there are cases when this gray fluffy lump will express bright feelings, joyful emotions and love of neighbor. Consider all the options.

What does the gray kitten dream of in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

What will tell gray kitten

One of the main values ​​of the gray tint is restraint, calmness, striving for spiritual things. Therefore, for a girl, a meeting with a smoky, fluffy beast may not be accidental. This will hint the dreamer at her obstinate temper, self-will, pride.

Perhaps it is time to tame these qualities in order to gain female happiness.

Sometimes gray means hidden power; in the Middle Ages only noble people with great privileges and powers wore gray shades. For men, this sign can personify a hidden potential, will and determination, even if now you are just an unbearable young man, great things are prepared for you in the future.

Ironing a gray fluffy baby can have a inhibitory effect on the nervous system and foreshadow the speedy relaxation and relaxation of those exposed to constant stress. You will be interested in doing meditation, spiritual self-development and knowledge of your inner world.

For businessmen, this can be a sign that you need to seriously focus on solving one important task that you are not taking into account right now. Excessive emotional state knocks you out of your working rut, you need to become more pragmatic and balanced.

Try not to be led by your own emotions, but look at the situation with clear eyes.

To see the basket with a purring happiness — to gain self-confidence, to restore the energy balance of forces, to feel independent and protected from the negative effects of the environment, from other people’s pressure, manipulations, claims and demands.

The gray tails scattering in different directions personifies your ability to dissolve in the crowd, if necessary. You are ready to repel the psychological and physical attack with your cunning, agility and vigor.

Even if you do not feel mature enough, a dream shows that you are ready for independence.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Many playful kittens in a dream personify hyperactivity and increased excitability. The reason for this behavior of the dreamer is sexual immaturity, inexperience, the constant desire to quickly meet sexual needs.

For a mature woman, to see a gray kitten in dreams is to dream of a relationship with a very young and attractive partner. Such fantasies arise in those individuals who have had a bad sexual experience with their peers and are disgusted with such closeness.

Gustov Miller

A negative meaning is the interpretation of the dream in which such a pet has appeared. For girls, it is a symbol of the tricks and tricks of the one who is trying to lure her into their insidious networks.

Men such a scenario can bring all sorts of trouble and problems. Although they will not be too global, they will still be able to significantly deplete the nervous system.

Dirty and miserable little animal has dreamed — wait for bad news. You may learn about relatives’ illness, an accident with a loved one or other troubles.

To chase a kitten is to avoid misfortunes.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Affectionate and gentle kitten symbolizes quiet joy, carefree happiness, peace and quiet of human existence. You will enjoy communicating with your own child, caring for elderly parents, playing with sisters and brothers.

For lonely people, such a dream can personify the appearance of a friend, comrade-in-arms, who can bring faith, hope to life, set up love, happiness.

Woman purring fidget, running around the room, can foreshadow a long-awaited pregnancy. The baby will be born healthy and happy.

Grandmother dreamed of smoky kittens — wait for the arrival of children and grandchildren. Time spent together will bring you many joyful and memorable moments.

And grateful relatives will try to visit you more often.

A beautiful fluffy little ball steals sausage from the table — in reality it means unexpected and unforeseen expenses. Waste is associated with the help of loved ones who will need your support.

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