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What does the gray cat dream of Freud, Vanga, Lofa and Miller dream about

To see a gray cat in a dream — interpretation by different dream books

Many people keep cats at home and consider them family members. And it’s not for nothing that cats are very noble and kind animals.

And what are our furry friends dreaming of? Dream books give both positive predictions for the future of this image and negative ones.

What does the gray cat dream of Freud, Vanga, Lofa and Miller dream about

Dream interpretation

  • Dream catchers believe that a gray cat in your house carries a negative symbol. It marks the appearance of people in the environment who can stick a knife in the back. It can be both close friends and unfamiliar people;
  • Why dream of a gray cat who behaved aggressively? Such a dream marks the receipt of unpleasant job news and health problems;
  • To keep fluffy in your arms — to pleasant changes in romantic relationships;
  • Big and fat animal symbolizes betrayal. To avoid trouble, you need to think carefully about their actions;
  • If a gray cat, who asks to go home, dreamed of a lonely person, then you should expect to meet your soulmate. For people in love, such a dream marks the strengthening of relationships;
  • In a dream, the cat bites and scratches — in reality awaiting disappointment in the career plan and in personal life;
  • If you dream of a fluffy cat, then in real life, unfortunately, some of your plans will not come true. But in the case when the animal asks for affection, then it marks an unexpected surprise;
  • A sleeping cat predicts a long-awaited vacation with a good company. Also on working days you can indulge in a bit of lazy time;
  • A purebred cat often dreams of a lonely man, marking a love affair with a kind and affectionate girl. The duration of this union will depend only on the man;
  • Fluffy calm and affectionate — to the comfort of home and financial well-being. Also dream books foreshadow a meeting with old friends;
  • But to catch the cat in his workplace — to the problems on the personal front. Your second half can cool down to you, which will lead to separation;
  • If in a dream to see a cat on the table at the head — to an unexpected journey, which will long remain in the memory of the dreamer;
  • In the dream of playing with fluffy — to new love adventures and useful acquaintances. If you saw a child playing with a cat, then this marks the strengthening of friendship and a meeting with old acquaintances;
  • To notice a cat on the street or in the stairwell — to a short love affair. If an animal asks for petting in a dream, then in reality someone will need your help;
  • Get rid of a cat in a dream — in real life you will get rid of people who have brought great trouble and trouble;
  • If the animal caught the mouse, then you will find financial well-being and career success;
  • The cat is talking in a dream — subconsciously you feel lonely, you do not have enough communication with people. New acquaintances and pleasant gatherings with friends will help solve this problem;
  • Very unfavorable predictions sleepers give if the animal spoiled in the house. In this case, you will encounter big troubles and disappointments. Perhaps the deterioration of the financial condition of the family;
  • Gray cats fight in a dream — a symbol that warns of upcoming troubles. You can easily avoid this if you carefully plan every minute of your life and look closely at your surroundings;
  • Find a wounded or crippled fluffy — your enemies will soon be forced to admit defeat. But also this image has a negative interpretation. This vision marks the illness or injury of a loved one;
  • In a dream to kill a cat — in reality you will expose enemies, their plans against you will be useless;
  • Gray cat in every possible way in your home: scatters things, claws tears off furniture upholstery and more. Such a dream marks the betrayal of a loved one, gossip and slander among friends, perhaps a career problem;
  • Lose your pet and try to find it. This is a symbol that shows the dreamer’s inner experiences due to difficulties: overwork at work, family problems, etc. Also, the search for a cat in a dream personifies your search for yourself in this life. It is worth thinking: do you do what really brings pleasure.

What does the gray cat dream of Freud, Vanga, Lofa and Miller dream about

Interpretation of a dream by Miller’s dream book

Gustavus Hindman Miller believes that gray cats in a dream symbolize betrayal. People can take advantage of your kindness and naivety in their insidious plans.

It is necessary to be very careful when asking about new acquaintances.

Wangi Nepalsokatel

A gray cat in a dream personifies the troubles and problems that the dreamer creates for himself through his own fault and inattention.

Decoding sleep by Freud’s dream book

It is no secret that Sigmund Freud connects all the dreams of a man with his hidden sexual desires. Such a dream is no exception.

A gray cat in a dream symbolizes the fact that in reality the dreamer does not have enough sexual satisfaction. He also unconsciously considers his partner inexperienced in order to satisfy his desires.

Stroking a cat in a dream is a hidden desire to change your partner.

Interpretation of the dream book Lofa

David Loff believes that the gray animal symbolizes that a person needs to rely more on his intuition and more often look closely at his surroundings. Also, such dreams can mean that the dreamer wants to learn more about this world.

Ignorance drives such a person crazy.

What does the gray cat dream of Freud, Vanga, Lofa and Miller dream about

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