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What does the fox dream about in a Lofa dream book, in an English and a French dream book?

Why did the fox dream? How to interpret according to dream books

Since ancient times, people perceive animals not only as part of the biosphere. The animals acted as totems, idols, and folklore characters endowed with their own character, disposition, and manner of behavior. And in human dreams, they appear for a reason.

To find out what the fox is dreaming about, it is worth checking the dream book with the details of the dream.

General interpretation

Depending on the context of the dream, an ambiguous animal like a fox can personify luck, cunning, deceit, female beauty, or a sophisticated enemy. Interpretation is influenced both by the actions of the dreamer and his emotions, as well as by what the animal itself did in the dream.

What does the fox dream about in a Lofa dream book, in an English and a French dream book?

Running Beast

Night visions, in which the sleeping man did not come into direct contact with the beast and did not interact with him in any way, also have my own interpretation. To interpret such a picture will help the color of the fox, the place in which the person saw it, its behavior.

  1. A bright, fiery red fox promises the same vivid emotions, impressions and experiences in real life. Dreamers await the adventures of temptation, temptation. A period filled with pleasures is expected, but one should not dive into them headlong so that idleness does not lead to undesirable consequences.
  2. A fox seen by a girl or woman — such a dream can symbolize admiration from others. The person who saw such a dream is considered attractive and sexy.
  3. To see in a dream not only the animal itself, but also the little foxes — this is a good omen. It speaks of the presence in the dreamer’s surroundings of a wise woman with a sophisticated mind, whose advice is worth listening to, and if possible, it is worth making friends with her. Her experience can greatly help a person improve the quality of life, get a quick development.
  4. An animal that has crawled in a man’s dream into his house or henhouse speaks of ill-wishers in his society. The dreamer currently does not notice their presence. It is necessary to be vigilant and be on the alert, showing confidence only to those who really deserve it.
  5. The fox, who takes the prey from another beast, dreams that in reality a dreamer will witness another conflict. Intervention will be risky and unlikely to bear fruit, so it’s best to stay away.
  6. The beast, fleeing from hunters, symbolizes the existing confrontation with the enemy and competitor. Cunning, intelligence and calmness will help to get out of the situation.
  7. If the dreamed fox had no tail — in real life, the person who had a dream would triumph over a strong enemy using his main weapon.
  8. Beautiful and attractive cute little foxes, if they dream of their parents, symbolize children. And it’s worthwhile for parents to devote more time to their upbringing, since children may become too cunning.
  9. An animal sitting in a cage foreshadows the dreamer an easy and pleasant resolution of affairs. Those who think that problems will never end can breathe a sigh of relief — the black band will soon pass.

The actions of the fox and the dreamer

If a fox in a dream shows aggression and bites a sleeping person, in reality you should prepare for an important dispute, in order to win in which you have to connect all the intellectual resource. The outcome of the discussion affects the preservation of the reputation and interests of opponents.

Another interpretation of the dream — will have to hear the unpleasant truth. The trusted person is plotting an evil deed against the dreamer and will soon begin to carry out his plans.

What does the fox dream about in a Lofa dream book, in an English and a French dream book?

If a sleeping man in his dream had a chance to kill a fox, this is a good omen, promising the speedy fulfillment of ideas. The period after such a dream is favorable for any undertakings — everything will turn out.

For those who saw a dead fox in a dream, the wishes will come true by themselves, without exerting effort.

Those who happened to tame the smartest representative of animals, can count on getting a new position. Following the promotion of work, an improvement in social status, public recognition and reputation will come.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the new place will have to manage subordinates.

The enraged animal speaks of the presence in the environment of a dishonorable person, whose dangerous actions can lead to bad consequences. A dream can be the personification of fears.

Dream loft

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, a fox is a beast, symbolizing either the cunning of the dreamer, or his ability to become a victim of cunning people. It all depends on the emotions experienced in the dream — fear or enthusiasm.

An animal attacking a person in night vision is treated depending on the purpose of the attack.

What does the fox dream about in a Lofa dream book, in an English and a French dream book?

English dream book

The dreamed fox warns the one who saw her in a dream about lurking enemies, rivals and competitors. Moreover, a competitor can interfere with the interests of the dreamer, not only in the trade, but also in the love sphere, trying to capture the heart of his partner.

For people involved in a lawsuit, such a dream is a bad omen: a lawyer can play a double game, and the process will be lost in any case.

French dream book

These animals, according to the dream book, predict people to encounter fraudsters. The fight against such a beast promises the dreamer a threat from influential and dangerous opponents in reality.

If the dreamed fox had a chance to tame, such a dream speaks of the abuse of the dreamer’s trust, which his subordinates allow themselves to do.

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