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What does the corpse dream about in the dream books of Grishin, Miller, Danilova?

A gloomy dream in which the corpse appeared: for good

If a man dreams of a hamster, he is unlikely to immediately rush to flip through the dream book — perhaps he will just be touched, and by the evening he will forget about a funny dream. But why dream of a corpse, if, of course, you have not seen enough of the night of scary films like The Walking Dead?

What does the corpse dream about in the dream books of Grishin, Miller, Danilova?

General interpretation of this sinister dream

  • A corpse in a dream can frighten or guard us … And yet, most interpreters agree that this is a good dream, promising only good: success, joy, smile of fortune.
  • The corpse lying on the table says: get ready for a career jump, and so rapid that you yourself will be surprised.
  • If there were a lot of dead people, the dream becomes even more positive: at least buy lotteries, you are destined to a lot of luck. Maybe you have long wanted to meet a girl, change jobs? Do not be timid — if not now, then when?
  • If the bodies of the departed carried the river current, many annoying problems will “float away” with them from your real life. Smile — life is getting better!

What was he like?

  • Bloodied. Life will soon give you a lot of chances to prove yourself — and you will just have the strength and energy to do it.
  • See the ugly flesh that has decayed: to money, and unforeseen. Everything was accompanied by an unpleasant smell: a case from your past will remind you of yourself.
  • Was it someone you know (living)? In real life, you became disillusioned with this person (yes, the phrase “now you died for me” — just from this opera).
  • The drowned man dreams of changes in the life of the dreamer. Was it your friend? Soon you will learn something strange about him. The stranger dreams of a serious change in his way of life — and, although she may not like her at first, she will still benefit you.
  • A dead body without a head: gossip. Perhaps they will generate your rash act.
  • The corpse of an animal dreams to the disease. This may well be poisoning. Carefully monitor your health and what you eat!

Dead man aktivnichal in a dream?

  • A dead person flew like a paddock in “Viy”, in a coffin or by itself: others will have to work hard to earn money, a name, a career, and you only need to substitute palms — all benefits will fall in them.
  • Why dream of a corpse that suddenly came to life: began to move, move its eyes, say something, walk? Soon you will have notable fun.
  • He resurrected right at his funeral, suddenly leaving the coffin without permission: this dream no longer promises «balls». What should have happened the other day and what you have been waiting for will not happen. So roll up your sleeves and create your life yourself.
  • The dead man grimaced, made faces, teased, showed his tongue? You are trying to achieve your goal by using others. But this is not a good way, it is better to work in a team — you will be satisfied with the result.
  • Did he chase you in a dream? This is a sign of the beginning of a strip of luck in your life.
  • The scoundrel seized upon you with a death grip, or even perched on your back like a character of the already mentioned “Viy”: this is exactly how a “pruh” clings to you in real life, that is, luck.
  • You have seen the dead who entered your dwelling (the room): there are unlimited possibilities inside you. Do not save them, improve your career or home life.

Did you do something with the deceased?

What does the corpse dream about in the dream books of Grishin, Miller, Danilova?

  • You tried to raise the dead body from the ground: in the «real» you will get a lot of positive emotions from work that will burn in your hands.
  • You kissed a dead man: a dream also promises good emotions. Maybe from work, and maybe from an altruistic act.
  • You were lying (sleeping) next to a stiff body: you are in complete psychological prostration. Cheer up, because if you look back, you will notice that your life cannot be called unhappy.
  • Seeing the corpse that you found on the street, in the forest, and so on: whatever you think, the result will be royal.
  • On the contrary, you tried to get rid of the corpse using the “ends in water” method, that is, you drowned it: you are busy with ungrateful work, it will not bring proper results. Better change your occupation.
  • You tried to bury him: you became like an ostrich, because you try to hide your head from all problems. With this you need to finish — you will not begin to «steer» your life, without deciding the vital matters, even the most unpleasant.
  • You worked as a pathologist (or maybe you saw yourself as a maniac Dexter from the show of the same name) and cut someone’s corpse? Your subconscious hints: you should not dig in yourself like that. You spend a lot of time on this, but there is no need for introspection.

Decoding modern copyright books

Below we offer you to familiarize yourself with the author’s interpretations of a famous psychoanalyst, a noble dream book (relevant today as well, and you don’t have to be a count, so that his decoding concerned you), as well as a book of erotic interpretations. Choose to taste — or maybe compare them all?

Dream Miller

  1. Henry Miller considers the corpse a bad omen.
  2. If the deceased was dressed in black, sleep may alert you to your friend’s future demise.
  3. Was it your relative? He will fall ill, or you will quarrel. Was it your favorite? Some of you will be wrong.
  4. The battlefield, strewn with corpses — to the aggravation of the international situation.
  5. Dead animal — to the disease or failure in business.

Noble Dream Grishin

What does the corpse dream about in the dream books of Grishin, Miller, Danilova?

  1. This author considers dreams with the dead to be a positive sign.
  2. If you put up a dead man in a dream, in real life your friend may die.
  3. You carried someone’s corpse: a fatal object will appear in your life that will cause a lot of problems. If you only moved the dead man from place to place, the dream warns: you can do a «crazy» act.
  4. The dead man threatened with a fist: your eyes will open for something.
  5. You were lying in a coffin, and he served as a means of transportation for you — you were in a coffin going, flying. Soon you will gain experience, wisdom — and this will be a very positive experience.
  6. What did the dead look like? The blue body is dreaming as an indication of your heartlessness and inner coldness; crimson — to unrest; green, covered with moss — you spent too much money, and now you have to turn around at work; black — you fall into apathy.
  7. If in a dream you have pulled out his heart, in real life you have to struggle with yourself. You will be torn between feeling sorry for the enemy and wanting to take advantage of his helplessness.

Erotic dream book Danilova

  1. This dream book sees the corpse as a betrayal of a lover (mistress), which, however, has not yet happened.
  2. If the dreamer is a woman, the dream says: the partner simply uses you.
  3. If the corpse was not human, but an animal, and the dreamer is a man, the dream is interpreted as follows: this person does not trust his chosen one. And by the way, it is likely that it is not unreasonable.

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