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What does a woman dream about a horse in Miller’s dream-book, a gypsy

Dreamed of a horse woman: the nuances of decoding by dream books

The horse is considered a noble animal, and for sure the dream has brought you many positive emotions. But how does the dream book look at it?

What is the dream in which you were a horsewoman, bought or caught a horse?

General interpretation of such a dream

  • A powerful stallion is an enemy and rival who will have to be fought. However, if you are sure that you are engaged in a good business, you will definitely win.
  • Fantastic horse — let’s say golden, flying: you will have a dream that you thought were almost fabulous.
  • The old nag, the sick, the neglected animal: they speak badly of you, and all these words and accusations are unfair. But be careful: slander can hurt you.
  • A horse with a foal: a dream promises happiness and joy. Whatever you start to do, everything will end just fine.

What does a woman dream about a horse in Miller’s dream-book, a gypsy

How did she dream, what did she do?

  • Beautifully ran across the field (street). Creative, talented people can hear the sound of hooves, see a flowing mane. You have enough strength to do a lot of good things.
  • What is the dream of a woman’s horse in an attached form? Something is holding you back. If this is only uncertainty, do not be shy — horses can not dream anyway, you can do everything!
  • She grazed, drank: even if life gives you a lemon, you will make lemonade out of it.
  • Under the saddle, in harness: this is not the best dream. Just as this animal is not free, your life will be subordinated to problems, to illness, to relationships that hold you down.
  • On the contrary, the horse (or the whole herd) was wild: oh, and you will fall in love! And your chosen one not only in bed will be a “superman”, but also a person will be excellent, reliable and kind.
  • According to the dream book, a horse to a woman who dreamed at the arena in the form of a circus «actress» is a dream warning: in life you put the opinions of others above your own. Or maybe you spend hours «marafet», but do not engage in internal self-development?
  • Quiet, peaceful: to the good «weather» in the house.
  • Bite, tried to kick, behaved extremely unfriendly: next to you a scoundrel who behaves not in the best way, maybe trying to slander. The bite bit her hand: a scoundrel is a relative or person you consider to be a friend.
  • Wounded: problems start in your life, but there will be no tragic consequences.
  • Dead (you did not kill): a new stage will soon begin in your life, but for now you need to take a breather. For example, vacation.
  • She fell: sleep to bankruptcy, ruin. Be careful not to take credits.

What did you do?

  • If a woman dreams of a horse in a dream on which the dreamer riding a horse, this means: friends will not betray you, life will be «flat» and happy. One «but»: the horse must be beautiful, polished.
  • If, in a dream, you rode on an uncleaned nag, it is time to delve into yourself and “weed” a couple of “weeds” in your soul: envy, anger.
  • Ride on the black (black) horse: you have given a lot of strength to unnecessary, empty business.
  • We bought this animal or accepted it as a gift: for a girl, a dream means that she will be called to marry; for a woman — that her marriage will be very harmonious.
  • You tried to bridle a horse, but it rested, got on its hind legs: dream to quarrel, and moreover empty. Therefore, if you get involved in a conflict, try to pretend to be a “constrictor” and not be provoked.
  • You have curbed this noble animal: a dream warns of danger.
  • You enjoyed a kebab or other horse meat dish: someone is trying to deceive you.
  • You were running away from a furious, unfriendly-minded horse: in fact, you were «chased» by changes, and good ones. If a girl has such a dream, a dream means: you will be called to marry. A dreaming lady promises a married lady either “profit” or happy news.

Horse’s suit

What does a woman dream about a horse in Miller’s dream-book, a gypsy

  • White If a woman is destined to see a horse in a dream, then it is better that way! She promises a happy future.
  • Black Bad sign: someone is cynically deceiving you.
  • Redhead Something «nibbles» you from the inside. If the problem is really serious, consult a psychologist.
  • Bay (brown). An obsessive suitor rubs near you. Do not flirt with him too much, such a person is better not to give hope for a relationship.
  • With spots, non-uniform coloring, in «apples». To the money. If you do not wait for salary increases, you can dream about winning the lottery.

Interpretation of famous dream books

Decoding your dream will be incomplete without the addition of a professional therapist — Dr. Miller. And of course, we cannot but remember the most experienced “horse breeders” in the world, therefore we will acquaint you with the interpretation of the gypsy dream book.

Henry Miller wrote …

  1. Jumping on: snow-white horse — to good friendship (if the sides of the animal are smeared with mud, the friend will deceive); on black: you get tired of your “star” career; on brown: profit, or you will finally be able to “shoot down” the annoying admirer.
  2. Horseback to overcome the small river, streamlet: successful sleep, if the water was clear.
  3. See how they are running: light brown (brown) horses — your “white line” will suddenly darken in life; stained — your business will go up the hill.
  4. The horse ran away from you and hid in the herd: someone close to you would get sick.
  5. The obstinate animal wanted to throw you off your back: to life difficulties.
  6. The horse was injured, and then the dead: you can touch the mountain.
  7. You have subjugated the animal to yourself — life will turn sharply in the right direction.
  8. You cared for the horse (cleaned it), or watched how others do it: you will occupy a good place in life, but for this you have to work hard.
  9. You were a horsewoman, participated in races: to wealth.
  10. You went bareback: you will have to fight for wealth. Your friends (friends) will not stand aside, they will help.
  11. On horseback you rode uphill: the higher you went up in your sleep, the higher you would “rise” in life. If in a dream your horse is tired and you had to walk to the top — success will not be given in vain, you will have to “turn on” a remarkable hard work.

Opinion gypsy dream book

What does a woman dream about a horse in Miller’s dream-book, a gypsy

  1. To see a horse in a dream is almost always a good dream.
  2. See how it rushes freely — your dreams will come true.
  3. To catch, to catch up — to a false acquisition.
  4. To see a naughty, hoofed horse — something will interfere with your business.
  5. Clinging to horseshoes hooves: you will have to work hard at work.
  6. Ride her — to a successful business.
  7. Riding on a very quiet horse — a dream foreshadows not only wealth, but also a fun life.
  8. Ride in the company of men — to profit, women — to treason.
  9. See how your horse went on the other — in real life you will catch the husband «red-handed.»
  10. The animal had a beautiful tail — thick, long. Sleep means mutual assistance: the spouse will become a stone wall (friends will always help).
  11. Buy a horse — to the news.
  12. To see a horse harnessed — for success in business.

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