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What does a serpent dream about a man according to the interpretation of the dream books and basic meanings?

What does a snake, a dream a man by dream-book

A snake in dreams is a sign of danger, a difficult choice and an unambiguous male phallic symbol. Women often dream of snakes, especially during puberty.

These dreams are discussed in detail in the basic works of Sigmund Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams”.

Snakes sliding behind a thin wall of ice mean awakening, but constrained, sexual desires. For men, dreams with snakes are less characteristic.

Such a dream can mean anxiety about your sexual function, prolonged abstinence. Big wise snake or dragon means a male friend, counselor.

Dreams with sliding, attractive and simultaneously repulsive snakes can mean hidden homosexual complexes. Let’s try to find out why a snake dreams of a man according to leading dream books.

What does a serpent dream about a man according to the interpretation of the dream books and basic meanings?

The basic meanings of a snake in a dream for a man

A single dream with a snake, a viper flashed in the bushes in a dream can mean nothing special, except for a slight danger and a call for caution.

A snake of normal size in a natural environment always means a call not to relax. This refers to snakes who are busy with their own affairs.

But if you start to behave wrong, do not hesitate, they will leave their classes and can attack.

  • Attacking a snake — you harm yourself, your arrogance causes irritation to others.
  • The snake is heated by your warmth — you like the unequal partnership in which you consider yourself to be leading. Most likely, your partner does not think so, and the actual state of affairs is proof of that. Slightly slow down and do simple calculations. You are likely to find that you are being used.
  • A snake bracelet on a hand or on a leg, a ring — a snake mean the latent serious danger. It is quite possible that you incur danger yourself and tend to trust the wrong people. This is not about permanent trust, but about one-time actions — to give your car, borrow the keys, give a credit card or allow to walk with your phone, vouch for an unfamiliar friend in the bank.
  • Watching in a dream as a reptile swallows an insect — a cricket or a fly, or eats a frog, a toad — you are used as a “donor”. Perhaps, even unwittingly to yourself, you have come under external influence and cannot take any decision without looking at your “patrons”. Perhaps at the moment you are satisfied with the current state of affairs, since your position seems to be secure. It is not so, in case of the slightest danger, you will have a chance to play back first. Think about how you will get out of the ward and zone of influence.
  • A snake bite always carries a negative connotation and means betrayal or your own negligence.

If the snakes are friendly to you, they help you, they obey, you feel like a serpent lord, you communicate with a basilisk or a dragon in a friendly way, you ride a flying snake, like in the Avatar movie and you can tame the biggest snake — you have high hopes for victories in the genital sphere.

Approximately like the hero of Avatar, who managed to achieve a significant position in a foreign society, enchanting the local princess. These are standard male teen dreams.

Huge snake size means overcompensation.

Yes, all these snakes and dragons mean the male sexual organ, which you consider to be the basis of success. The fact that you have the biggest dragon means exactly what you think.

What does a serpent dream about a man according to the interpretation of the dream books and basic meanings?

Snake color in dreams:

  • White — good luck, wealth;
  • Red, bright — for fun or danger, the combination of fun and danger is possible;
  • Tropical, carnival — to a lively interest;
  • Natural, low-key — be careful and do not play the king of the mountain;
  • Black is a serious threat.

What does a serpent dream about a man according to the interpretation of the dream books and basic meanings?

Values ​​according to interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Miller argues that if you are not fond of herpetology, the snake in your hands can mean a hidden inclination to homosexuality. The reason may be hormonal failure, stress, unusual food. You are not obliged to follow a secret desire, if you really do not aspire to this kind of relationship.
  • To kill a snake in a dream according to Miller means determination, firmness and the will to win.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation quite naturally speaks of sexuality, readiness for unexpected sexual experiments. Kissing a snake means the possibility of oral sex. In the opinion of Freud, the serpent frolicking in the wild means an opportunity for career growth and serious life progress. Snakes in the water dream of a man on pleasant journeys and easy sexual adventures.
  • Dream Vanga promises to meet with the enemy. A meeting with a non-venomous snake promises a victory, poisonous reptiles are a sign that it is better not to enter the fight and all the advantages are with the enemy.
  • The Eastern Dreambook says that large reptiles are more likely not dangerous and can even play the role of friends. Fear should be little snakes, which mean intrigue and can conceal a lot of poison.
  • Snarl can mean great luck. In this case, reptiles should be indifferent to the person, in a pinch to hiss warningly. The second meaning of the tangle of reptiles will be stupid gossip, which should not be believed and generally listen to them. An influential source of information leads is formed next to you, which will create completely false information using gossip for its own purposes.

What does a serpent dream about a man according to the interpretation of the dream books and basic meanings?


To see a snake in a dream for a man is a complex and ambiguous sign. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your gender, enjoying teenage dreams about dragons and kite battles.

Such dreams mean that you are ready to compete, are determined to fight and to win, although they tend to exaggerate their capabilities.

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