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What does a gypsy dream about in a Miller and Tsvetkov dream book?

Gypsies dreamed of a woman — what can it mean by dream books

What does a gypsy woman dream about? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

Gypsies in the entire history of their existence have earned a not very good reputation. They dream mostly as a warning about unpleasant events.

The exact explanation of the vision will depend on the details of the dream that it is desirable to recall.

Interpretation of various dream books

What does a gypsy dream about in a Miller and Tsvetkov dream book?

Dream astromeridian

  • Gypsy wonders to her — soon to marry. If the dreamer is married — a harbinger of strong jealousy towards her husband.
  • To love a gypsy in a dream promises the betrayal of a beloved, parting with him, loneliness.
  • For a free girl, such a dream is foreshadowed by a gentleman, against whom her parents will be.

Explanation Vanga

A gypsy woman wondered at her request — a warning about a possible thoughtless act. Its consequences will be dire, to get rid of which will require a lot of time and effort.

Autumn dream

I dreamed of a gypsy — to empty talk and deception, a gypsy — the probability of monetary losses, the gypsy — to losses.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • Seeing the gypsy camp promises a serious offer that will help you solve your problems.
  • Buying goods from them threatens to lose money.
  • A free girl was wondered by a guitar — in the near future you will meet your future husband.

Family Dream

  • To see them in a dream is a warning to be deceived. Perhaps this will be related to your professional activity.
  • A young gypsy dreams to a romantic meeting.

Erotic dream book

  • They symbolize difficulty in your intimate relationships.
  • Gitana danced in a dream — a harbinger of unhappy love with sad consequences.
  • To experience love for a gypsy in a dream promises the betrayal of a lover.

Opinion healer Fedorov

A dream with such a plot foreshadows deception, monetary losses.

French dream book

To see them in a dream — in reality there will be important events. You will need to show your patience and nobility.

The interpretation of the witch Medea

  • Dreams of this kind promise life changes.
  • Singing Roma — for fun and imprudence.
  • They stole your purse — to lose money.

Opinion psychologist G. Miller

Something to buy from them dreams of deception and loss of money.

Spring dream book

They dream of betrayal in love, fraud.

Gypsy — to the unexpected loss of some thing. Soon you will find the loss.

Ladies dream book

Tabor dreams to chaos in your affairs. You have a desire to drop everything and take a break from work.

What does a gypsy dream about in a Miller and Tsvetkov dream book?

View of esoterica E. Tsvetkova

Gitans in a dream — to foreboding.

Ukrainian dream book

Gypsy is a precursor to be deceived, Gypsy promises a love relationship.

Interpretation of the Hasse Medium

  • To see them in a dream symbolizes the lack of patience.
  • They guessed the dreamer — your expectations will not come true.

Esoteric dream book

  • They dream of a serene life.
  • Gypsies danced — your lack of seriousness harms close people. This can lead to conflicts.
  • Communicating with them promises financial losses.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

Guessing from them is a precursor of the road, the probability of luck.

Explanation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

Gitana dreams to the disease, betrayal in a love relationship.

For free girls

  • Love feelings for the gypsy foreshadows the betrayal of his beloved, to remain alone.
  • Those who are going to get married this promises an unhappy marriage.
  • Meet the camp — a warning of the appearance of a rival, a variety of problems.
  • Gitana cursed you in a dream — to an unexpected profit, a good life.
  • She was with a child — to the loss of a large amount of money.
  • Funny dancing guitars or a joyful camp dream to an unexpected meeting with a guy. Relationship with him will develop good, but it will end sadly.
  • A dispute or abuse with a gypsy foreshadows humiliation from familiar people.
  • Running away from the camp is a warning to temporarily refrain from entering into important transactions. Unexpected problems may occur.
  • Gitana for a married girl foreshadows the betrayal of her husband.

What dreams of Roma and their children

  • Such a scenario foreshadows the successful achievement of goals, success and well-being in life.
  • A gypsy girl in a dream predicts material damage. Its size can be different — from inexpensive gizmos to real estate. Nayavu need to exercise maximum caution.
  • You have been given a gypsy baby on the threshold of the house — to life changes for the better.
  • A beautiful and pure gypsy child is a harbinger of huge profits in the future.
  • To wash such a child in a dream is a warning to refuse to travel with little-known people. There is a chance to be deceived and lose their money.
  • Washing it with a soft sponge for a girl promises a rejection of moral norms in order to gain a reliable patron in professional sphere and personal life.

Guessing gypsy

  • She wondered to a stranger — to the news.
  • The divination of a free girl foreshadows a quick wedding, a married lady — to the betrayal of her spouse.
  • Guessing on the cards means unwillingness to accept their fate.
  • Gadal you hand-to the good news.
  • It is advisable to remember the recommendations that you received during divination. They can be useful to you in real life.

What does a gypsy dream about in a Miller and Tsvetkov dream book?

Interpretations from other sources

  1. A beautiful and young guitar in a girl’s dream promises love and a wonderful relationship with her lover.
  2. A dream with a gypsy in your house foreshadows unexpected troubles from your friends.
  3. Seeing how she steals other people’s things — your friends need help. They will turn to you soon for this.
  4. Gitana stole your ring, but later returned it. Such a plot — to quarrel with her beloved. After a while, everything will be fine. Your relationship will be the same.
  5. She was washing her hair for an interesting journey.
  6. Engage in a fight with her — to an unexpected huge income. Life you will spend in full prosperity.
  7. Tried to seduce you — in real life you feel lonely.
  8. Squeezed your hand — to income.
  9. Tabor dreams to have a good time with friends.
  10. If the gypsy camp came to visit you — a warning against false accusations.

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