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What does a drunken woman dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

Dreamed of a drunk woman — interpretation of different dream books

In a state of intoxication a person is able to commit a lot of stupid things. This is especially true for fragile and vulnerable women.

What a drunken woman dreams of, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A drunk woman personifies empty hopes and vain efforts in achieving unrealistic goals. You simply lose time to give up on the end result.

It is necessary to correct the future plans in time and compare the possibilities.

What does a drunken woman dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

If a female person was familiar to you, it means that in reality this person will need your help, which you will learn about in the near future. Mother drunk dreaming in a sign of future disagreements with the parent.

You are on different planets, and your vision for the future is very different. Do not try to prove to her your consistency in views and self-sufficiency, everything will become apparent with your first achievements.

The dreamer’s incorrect perception of reality is obvious if a drunken girlfriend who has been giving signs to your friend is seen to him — in reality you are often looking for an excuse to accuse the other half of infidelity. Excessive suspicion and jealousy can cool the feelings of a partner and lead to a rupture.

Learn to trust your beloved and accept the sincerity of her feelings.

A sober acquaintance swore at you and sickened in a dream — someone will take advantage of your reliability and kindness, without offering anything in return. Your altruism can lead to a deterioration in material well-being and will be an occasion for gossip among others.

The distortion of reality is observed in the sleeper, if he had to communicate with a drunken colleague — this person is clearly hiding something from you, keeping your attention on completely different things. If it concerns a new job, where you need to prove yourself — beware of nice people offering their help in fulfilling the assigned task.

Perhaps it was this person who sought to get to your position.

What does a drunken woman dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

What else to expect from a drunk woman in a dream

  • A girlfriend is slightly drunk and cheerful — information that you have sought to share only with a close circle of friends will soon receive general publicity. This will not only spoil the reputation, but also slow down the successful development of a career;
  • Madame’s sober in your own home — the peculiarities of your personal life will interest those who are not at all concerned. Do not be too frank and trusting, even with those who smile at you widely and shake hands;
  • helping to rise to the floor drunk neighbor — someone’s skillful manipulation will make you act not in their own interests. A dream indicates that you need time to get rid of unprofitable cooperation;
  • dream of being in the company of drunk women — it is likely to be drawn into a doubtful situation. It will be possible to avoid trouble if the decisions required of you are not frivolous and hasty;
  • dreamed of drinking water and getting drunk — in anticipation of dizzying success, you can easily miss important details of your main project. Excessive self-confidence can destroy a chance to win. It is necessary to concentrate as much as possible at work and to thoroughly check all possible options in case of problems.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A woman dreamed of being very drunk — it means that in reality she will be ready to commit an act which is not peculiar to her, which you will later regret. Something will move you to actions contrary to your upbringing.

Do not be intimidated by your spontaneous decisions, some of them can make significant changes in your calm and measured life. The only thing to watch out for after such dreams is a state of stress or affect.

At this point, you can hurt yourself.

What does a drunken woman dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

I saw a stranger with a bottle of strong drink in her hands — in reality you will meet with the person you least want to see. His obsessive desire to be closer to you can ruin your mood for the whole day.

Be ready to openly demonstrate your emotions in his address, and then you can avoid unpleasant communication.

The man had to reassure his crying colleague, from whom he was smitten with alcohol, in reality there is a great chance of succumbing to the female charm, beauty and helplessness of the pretty person. You can easily be provoked by frivolous acts that can affect your financial well-being.

David loff

To see a drunken ex-girlfriend in a dream is to beware of situations involving her. If you are destined to work together or have a common business, it will be wise during this period not to involve this person in resolving monetary issues related to property, real estate or investments.

This woman screamed at you in a dream — avoid conflicts and scandals with her. This may adversely affect your reputation and affect the overall business.

Separating in a restaurant the fighting persons of the female with a foggy look — should beware of deception and fraud. You can easily contact those who need your help.

This can take advantage of dishonest people who dream of personal enrichment at your expense.

Drunk parents are dreaming about the misunderstanding of their lifestyle and purposefulness by their relatives. Avoid clarification of relationships will be in the event that you will not be rude and contradict them.

Let them live with the thought that their opinion is important to you and you listen to their advice.

Sister brought in from a birthday in a drunken state — sleep indicates her health problems. Call a relative and make sure everything is in order.

Surely she needs your help.

Sigmund Freud

Drunk girlfriend dreams of a man who is mistaken in the sincerity of her feelings. Thanks to her acting skills, she easily controls your behavior.

As long as you experience desire and sexual arousal, it will be difficult to break this vicious bond.

A spouse in a state of intoxication showed up in the house — expect surprises from the second half. If the wife tries to seduce you, showing frank signs of attention — it means that in reality she feels dissatisfaction with sex and seeks a variety of sexual relationships.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A drunk woman in a man’s dream is to deceit and betrayal of the one you consider to be a close person. Do not be very frank with his mistress, holding back emotions.

This will prevent unpleasant consequences, after which it will be necessary to restore health, strength and financial stability for a long time.

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