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What does a deceased father dream of for a son or daughter: interpretation according to dream books

What dreams of a deceased father: interpretation of various dream books

The deceased dad is usually in dreams to warn of danger. You need to be careful and remember all the words spoken by the father in a dream, because they can become prophetic. The late father can promise positive events if he was cheerful and friendly towards his child.

Interpretation of sleep depends on the appearance of the pope, his actions, the environment, emotional coloring, the behavior of a sleeping person and other details.

A description of what a deceased father dreams of may differ in different dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
Freud’s PredictorFor a long life filled with bright events and all sorts of material benefits
Dream Vanga
  • For a girl or woman: deception or betrayal by a loved one.
  • For a guy or a man: to a new life stage
Interpreter MillerIn real life, the dreamer awaits the event, which he waited for a very long time. You need to take a fateful chance and change your life for the better.
Family DreamTo runaway success in all matters
Interpreter HasseIf a person often sees his deceased father in a dream, you need to remember your blood relative and put a candle in the temple for him to rest
Dream astromeridianIf the dreamer feels guilty before the deceased father, it is time to repent of your deed and visit his parent’s grave
Small Veles interpreterTo personal issues
Interpreter LofaTo moral exhaustion and emotional turmoil
Dream interpretation TsvetkovaFate has prepared for the dreamer many trials, passing through which he will become a successful and wealthy man
Nostradamus PredictorTo the deterioration of health

If dad died just recently, dreams of a deceased parent are reflections of subconscious thoughts and unwillingness to accept the harsh reality. The dreamer still cannot believe in the death of his blood relative and grievously suffers a loss.

What does a deceased father dream of for a son or daughter: interpretation according to dream books

The table shows the possible actions of the father in the dream and their meaning:

What does a father do in a dreamDecryption
CryingThe dreamer will soon be in a hopeless situation, will lose hope and faith in his own strength
HugsTo solid profits. This may be a bonus at work or a rapid career.
KissingThings will be fine soon
Strokes the headTo the emergence of a strong and influential patron
Asks for a debtTo huge losses, up to complete bankruptcy and ruin
Is eatingSitting with your parent at the same table — for a pleasant surprise or a gift from a loved one
Talking toIn a difficult situation, the dreamer can count on the support and help of his friends and relatives
BeatsTo an unexpected turn of events
DiesTo sadness and longing for the bygone times
ScoldsTo a series of unpleasant events in the workplace and household affairs
AsleepThe dreamer is satisfied with his life and fully confident in the person who is next to him
Gives moneyTo perfidy and fraud
Calling with herselfIf the dreamer follows his deceased parent in a dream, he may die soon
Requests waterTo severe illness and loss of vital energy
FishingTo good news from distant relatives
Playing footballTo heart attachment
Gives a giftFor a long-awaited purchase or a valuable acquisition
ApologizesA sleeping person takes offense at his dad and cannot cope with his negative emotions.
Holding handThe father wants to report intrigues that are lagging behind the child’s back, or that the transaction the dreamer plans will be unprofitable

If a girl sees her dad, who is not alive in real life, cheerful, smiling and young in a dream, it means that the parent wants to tell her daughter something important, to provide her with custody or to save her child from an error.

Communicate or talk in a raised voice with a drunk or sick father — to trouble in all walks of life. Holding the hand of a deceased father is for an unmarried girl auspicious sign, which promises a fateful meeting with a man and a quick wedding.

Sleeping next to the dead means that the dreamer is surrounded by traitors, deceivers and hypocrites who hide their true intentions under the guise of benevolence and friendship.

To go with the deceased parent somewhere is a bad sign, promising illness and life adversity. Dream interpretation gives several interpretations of this dream depending on the vehicle on which the dreamer moved with his father:

  • By car — for a business trip. However, the dreamer lurks a lot of dangers on the road, so you should be extremely careful and attentive.
  • In the train — conceived will not be realized soon.
  • On horse — to failures in heart affairs and love disappointments.
  • By bike — the collapse of all hopes, dreams and expectations.

There are several more details that can affect the value of sleep:

  • To see your dad in strange clothes or in a dirty (torn) suit — to commit a shameful act and hide it from everyone.
  • If dad is wearing an expensive suit and smiles at his child — to good luck in all his endeavors and luck. Angry, in rumpled clothes — to the pernicious addiction.
  • If a sleeping person is frightened of his late father — to neglect family values.
  • Seeing mom and dad together — for mutual understanding and trust in personal relationships.
  • Beating his father, seeing that he is cheating on his mother with another woman, leads to an internal struggle and confrontation.
  • If the son had a dream about the funeral of the dead dad — to the bad news. For a daughter to see a parent in a coffin after dad’s death in real life — to a tragic accident.
  • Wash the deceased — to great distress.
  • If you dream that your father died due to an incurable disease — to inheritance.
  • Death in a plane crash — the dreamer becomes a victim of an accident.
  • If papa burned alive — to spiritual agony and severe trials. He fell asleep and did not wake up anymore — the dreamer will soon feel relieved and get rid of the accumulated negative.
  • The hand of the deceased father in a dream foreshadows adversity and death.

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