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What does a condom dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

Dreamed of a condom — decoding on various dream books

There are many contraceptives that protect against sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. What dreams of a condom, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

A condom in a dream represents a certain means of protection, a barrier against unforeseen circumstances or undesirable consequences. This can be expressed both in a person who is able to ward off disaster from the dreamer, or in a situation that can protect the sleeper.

I dreamed of neglecting a condom, such visions may be for those who boldly take unnecessary risks, quickly agree to adventurous offers, and easily make rash decisions. Sleep is able to point out the flimsy, carelessness and frivolity of the dreamer.

This can lead to irreversible consequences if you do not think again in time.

What does a condom dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream books?

Getting into useless searches for this item means being in a state of uncertainty when doubts will torment you, to frighten visible obstacles and someone’s omissions on this subject. That case.

When the delay in the relationship can be delayed, with no further development.

What else to expect from a condom in a dream

  • It is difficult to get rid of packaging — in reality there will be circumstances that can postpone your usual way. You will make changes to your daily schedule. Throwing out an item in an old box will get rid of everything harmful and unnecessary: ​​objects, thoughts, contacts, habits;
  • A man has dreamed of wearing this large object — to experience an inferiority complex, depression and uncertainty. Perhaps such an emotional state is associated with the onset of general sexual impotence. To restore masculine power, it is enough just to sleep and believe in success;
  • A woman to see a similar plot — to be disappointed in the first intimacy with a new partner. Married person expect tensions with her husband because of dissatisfaction. You lack his former temperament and passion. His tiredness and some passivity make you apathetic;
  • Watch a used intimate protection item in a dream — waking up in a very awkward situation that could have the worst effect on your reputation. It will be very difficult to get out, feeling his vulnerable position;
  • A defective or damaged condom is a sign that you cannot avoid betrayal on the part of a person from a close circle. The one whom you unconditionally trusted will show his greed and hypocrisy. For his own benefit, he can do anything and even deprive you of a business;
  • Search and find this thing in the most unexpected place — to show ingenuity and ingenuity in the resolution of a complex issue. You are confident in your success and are not afraid to spend time searching for a compromise;
  • This rubber object is filled with sperm in a dream — in reality, you are experiencing disharmony and emotional experiences. Perhaps the surrounding atmosphere contributes to your depression. Avoid clarifying relationships on high tones and reproaches addressed to you. This will only worsen your condition;
  • To a man to admire his great dignity in rubber protection means waking egoism and self-love prevails over feelings for the person she likes. You are not able to make someone happy until you stop thinking only about your own pleasure;
  • Be protected and do not experience pleasure during sex — sleep indicates obstacles to the goal, which ultimately will be useless to you. In this case, you should not knock on the closed door, wait for another coincidence of circumstances. Very soon, fate will favor you;
  • A man to purchase this item in large quantities is likely to meet a very attractive lady. She is very fascinated by you, but the novel will not be long and will end not in your favor. You can avoid this. Just do not believe the words of mercantile beauties;
  • A woman in such a scenario in a dream — to gain a sense of complete security, stability and reliability. This can contribute to your decisive actions, or the actions of a person who inspires confidence in you.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

A condom is a rather ambiguous sign in a dream. In the first case, it bears a literal meaning, hinting the sleeper to safety during sexual intercourse.

In another sense, this means of protection may personify some kind of secrecy, shyness, a desire to appear in a different light before others.

A man to wear this thing in a dream — it means in reality to fear casual acquaintances and chaotic, spontaneous connections. You have everything under control, you are not accustomed to completely surrender to the feelings of passion and love.

This area of ​​life is very closed from prying eyes, and there is no place for romance, intrigue and chance.

A woman buying a condom package — beware of an unwanted pregnancy. If the girl, on the contrary, ignored this method of contraception and made love with someone, the dream indicates that she was soon in love.

You are able to surrender to feelings and desires, forgetting the consequences.

Gustov Miller

To think about contraception during sexual intercourse in a dream is to achieve quick success, thanks to its serious attitude to what is happening. You have a clear life position, it is difficult to convince you or to quickly win over to your side, since everything has its own opinion.

The condom broke in the most climax — get ready for unexpected moments that you were not insured against. These events may take you by surprise.

But for you it is a good opportunity to realize and consolidate successful behavioral skills in emergency situations.

If you had a spare item for such a case and you used it — an excellent sign. This indicates your forethought and foresight. When planning something, you always consider the second course of action and the possibility of avoiding undesirable consequences.

Do not change your habits.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

A condom in a dream is a symbol of the hidden desires and plans of the sleeper, about which he does not want to spread to others. A woman should watch how a man puts on this rubber thing — it is worth thinking about the real attitude of this man to the dreamer.

Perhaps he has ceased to trust you or is trying to hide important information from you. It does not have to be related to close relationships.

For many, such visions will affect their business activities, careers, and partnership development.

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