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What does a black cat dream about in Miller, Vanga, Freud’s dream books?

Dreamed of a black cat — the interpretation of popular dreaming

The cat family is always graceful, cute creatures that are ready to deliver a lot of joy and happiness to their owners. Why dream of a black cat, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

The cat in many civilizations was worshiped as a sacred animal. Her ability to catch rodents was a very important salvation for the future harvest of farmers.

And for those who built a new house, first of all they would start a cat in the dwelling place to create an atmosphere of goodness and comfort, saving the family hearth from otherworldly evil spirits and the influence of dark forces. Thus, people believed in the superpowers of these animals, endowing them with the gift of foresight, intuition and insight.

What does a black cat dream about in Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

The cat reflects the feminine essence, personifying its beauty, grace, wisdom, sensuality, cunning, waywardness and anger. It is also the emblem of freedom and independence.

A lying cat, coiled into a ring, is a symbol of eternity and space.

In some cultures, a cat personifies a dissolute woman who is indiscriminate in her sexual relationships. Black cats signify a connection with black magic, but in some religions it is believed that an animal of this color brings good luck and happiness.

In Feng Shui philosophy, a cat is a symbol that attracts good luck and wealth. These creatures are very sensitive to space and energy. They neutralize stagnant sites with games and licking.

They move energy flows, opening closed doors and giving new opportunities, abundance and happiness.

It is believed that the black color of the animal carries negative symbolism for the sleeper. But this opinion is contradictory and ambiguous.

The black color is all-consuming, deep, calm, dominant and endless.

Successful dreamers who are not afraid of difficulties and believe in their own strength, such an animal in a dream will only add luck in reality. And, on the contrary, unlucky people foretell such a sign to add bad luck, since black animals attract those energies that are already near them.

A black cat with red spots in dreams foreshadows a lonely person to meet a future darling. But if you have speculated to take home such an animal, where there is already a cat — expect confrontation with the household.

Quarrels and conflicts with loved ones await you.

I dreamed of a kitty that pulls its black legs to you — a good symbol of financial prosperity. This will increase your existing success and open the way for new opportunities.

What does a black cat dream about in Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

In general, a good-natured and peace-loving animal in a dream is a harbinger of positive change. If the cat is aggressive towards you — wait for difficult moments of fate that will require a lot of strength and energy.

It was seen with confidence to drive away an evil, hissing creature — in reality, with honor to cope with all circumstances and to succeed. Feel the scratches from the fight with your pet — to fail in a risky operation.

What else to expect from a black cat

  • if it lies quietly on the rug — it’s time to relax and enjoy life;
  • it crosses your path — you should not make far-reaching plans, most likely they will not come true;
  • caught a mouse and brings you to show — it is a harbinger of large profits, promotions or salary increases;
  • watch the cat fight — someone is trying to draw you into an unpleasant story that can badly affect your credibility and reputation;
  • playing with a pet — to be tempted and be deceived by an insidious person;
  • meows and asks for knees — some of your loved ones will need your help and support;
  • to hold a black kitten on your hands — to get involved in petty troubles and efforts that can drain your pockets;
  • to catch a wild animal — to expose a colleague who has long set up an environment against you and started up various rumors;
  • feed from your hand — bring the enemy closer to a close distance in order to react in time to his attacks.

Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

A negative interpretation is waiting for someone who is watching a black cat in a dream. This foreshadows failure in business, constant obstacles and barriers to the fulfillment of cherished goals.

She can personify enemies, enemies and those evil forces that can affect the consequences of a difficult situation.

If a pet rushes at you, then someone from the inner circle wishes you evil, pretending to be a close person. You should not trust those who put material enrichment above spiritual kinship, friendship, honesty, love, decency and openness.

A homeless, dirty and unhappy animal in a dream personifies your loneliness and spiritual discomfort. You feel unprotected, vulnerable, passive and weak-willed.

Such apathy is characteristic of people in times of crisis, deep stress or depression. Do not worry about their problems on their own, trust a specialist who knows how to deal with this ailment.

I had to fight back from the cocky animal, which hissed and tried to bite you — wait for provocations from others who are trying to drag you into a quarrel and scandal. This situation does not complicate your existence, but will spoil your mood enough and take a lot of useful time.

Sigmund Freud

A black cat in a woman’s dream expresses its sensitivity, excitability, sexuality. Caress and stroke your pet — wishing to have intimate intimacy with a younger partner.

If the cat itself is obsessively trying to draw attention to itself, then you are at the peak of sexual activity, causing passion and desire among potential partners.

What does a black cat dream about in Miller, Vanga, Freud's dream books?

I was seen to be in the role of black kitty in a dream — you are prone to sexual fantasies that you want to bring to life with a temperamental person. Your sex appeal harbors a lot of unspent love passion, which you cover with a black veil. Do not be afraid to relax and open your feelings and emotions to those who are close by.

Perhaps it is he who is ready to give you the pleasure of intimate intimacy.

The black cat is one of those symbols that emphasizes the egoism of the dreamer, his love of freedom, intrigue, scandal. Watching someone’s cat scratch her — this speaks of your jealousy and suspicion of the second half.

You do not trust a person close to you, although you have no reason or reason for this. Most likely it is the fruit of your wild imagination.

Talking heart to heart and revelation with the beloved will help dispel doubts and give warmth to relationships.

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