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What does a baby dream about according to Taflis, the modern dream book, oriental female dream book

The baby dreamed — features of interpretation on dream books

Dreams are not only our hidden anxieties, everyday worries and thoughts that do not let go of us, but also the predictions provided by fate. They often help resolve difficult situations in life.

These dreams include the appearance in the night vision of the baby. This dream book will help you figure out what the baby is dreaming about, he will explain what events should be expected in the near future and what you should be prepared for not only physically, but also mentally.

General interpretation

Watching a baby in a dream is often a good omen, and how a pure and immaculate child can carry bad intentions. If you had a chance to see a baby in a night vision, this is a favorable symbol: expect a surprise that changes reality to the best.

If the baby looks good and is being looked after, it means that your creative activity will soon rise, uncommon ideas will appear in your creative work, and perhaps even an idea of ​​a new invention.

For a girl, a baby in a dream is always an auspicious sign; he is a constant forerunner of joyful events in the foreseeable future.

If you happened to keep the palm of a baby in your dream — this prophesies success for you in an unsafe and risky business that will bring great profit over time. Indeed, in the form of a baby, who visits the night visions, the guardian angel himself helps you to walk.

What does a baby dream about according to Taflis, the modern dream book, oriental female dream book

If the dreamer is born in the summertime, dreams with the participation of the infant will no longer carry a favorable omen. To such people, a baby in a dream predicts the emergence of new difficult worries, causing a strong nervous tension, due to which protracted insomnia may later begin. Also, the interpretation of this dream is divided by gender:

  • If you dreamed of a male child — this prophesies you a quick change in reality for the better. If the baby you dreamed during the night looked healthy and strong, then the changes in life will happen without much difficulty. But if the baby is whiny and fussy in your dream, then on the way to change you will have to meet with problems at work and in your family, new worries and unnecessary fuss will come over you.
  • If a baby girl appears in a dream — this indicates the emergence of creative ideas in the development of your hobbies, you can approach your daily activities from the creative side. If a woman dreamed a girl in a dream, then it is worth waiting for the completion of the family. If a man sees a baby girl in a dream — this promises a dreamer auspicious completion of business and long-term projects.

Other interpretations

Caring for a child in a dream predicts to parents a quick success and a long carefree life. Breastfeeding a child speaks of the immediate fulfillment of all unfulfilled desires and hopes.

After such a dream comes a favorable period of life. If a dreamer dreamed of a baby sucking a breast, this expresses his lack of care from relatives and friends.

Many dream books interpret this picture as a lack of spiritual warmth and love on the part of a person occupying a place in the heart of a dreamer.

If an unknown child appears in your dream — this is not a very good sign, no matter how much you help and support your acquaintances who need it, they will not appreciate your efforts or will take them for granted, so you should think about spending own forces on excessive care.

What does a baby dream about according to Taflis, the modern dream book, oriental female dream book

Watching a baby in a dream, even if it is a stranger, will be a good sign, and it promises you incredible success in all your endeavors, a rise in career growth, and this will be combined with a paramount and serious mission at work. And if you are caring for your son or daughter, you should prepare for a dinner party and find an outfit for him.

If you happen to be wrapping the baby in diapers, soon you will be surrounded by family and close people with care and love. But if the diaper is not the size of the baby — this indicates a wrong choice of life, on it you will have to confront a lot of difficulties.

East female dream book

To see a newborn in a lullaby is a very auspicious sign, and soon there will be pleasant troubles in family matters. If a roaring child appeared in your dream that you cannot calm down — this tells you about your fears that you cannot overcome because of the problems that have arisen.

You should face the truth and then all these problems will no longer seem so scary and impossible. If in a dream it was possible to keep someone else’s child, then it is worth checking your friends for a detractor: someone is trying to use your kindness for personal purposes.

In the dream, you lost your child and can not find him? Then be prepared for a meeting with new challenges that life has set for you.

What does a baby dream about according to Taflis, the modern dream book, oriental female dream book

Drevpersidsky dream book Taflisi

If you dreamed you in the image of a newborn baby — this indicates a soon favorable outcome in your affairs and the offensive of the white band for a long time.

Those who have recently committed a bad deed, and then saw their own childbirth in a dream, will have to repent of their deeds. Also, a person will begin to revive his morality towards other people.

Modern dream book

According to this dream book, the baby carries only auspicious sign in dreams. If the dreamer dreamed about how they are sitting at the cradle of a newborn baby, then soon there will be favorable changes in the family circle.

If in a dream a roaring baby dreamed of, whom you cannot calm down, then it is worth thinking about your fears because of heaping up affairs in the near future.

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