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What do you dream of sweets for dream books Denise Lynn, Miller

Sweet dreams with cakes, chocolates, sweets — to the sweet life

What dreams of “sweet life” in the literal sense of this expression? What value gives a dream caramel, a huge cake or a bitter chocolate?

What do you dream of sweets for dream books Denise Lynn, Miller

The overall interpretation of this «glucose» sleep

  • A mountain of sweets can be seen by a person in whose life something extraordinary, grandiose will occur. If at the same time you enjoyed snacks, and there was one (one) — your subconscious speaks of your secrecy. If around the mountain there were a lot of gourmands, wait for the guests.
  • Sweets in a dream women mean: you want love, attention from relatives. Invite your loved ones to visit — and you will bathe in the warmest emotions!
  • What dreams of sweets man? Most often, such a dream ends with an acquaintance with a very cute, pretty woman.

What were these sweets?

  • Beautiful, elegant, maybe in the author’s design? In relationships, you value not the character of a person, but the way he looks.
  • Eastern delicacies: temptation will enter your life. If you ever tried them in a dream, then in real life you will not resist the temptation, and later you will blame yourself for it. If it was a sorbet, gossip will go about you.

What do you dream of sweets for dream books Denise Lynn, Miller

  • The most important interpretation: you respect yourself, and you don’t consider buying an expensive thing to be something shameful.
  • Bought cookies — so roll up your sleeves. To get it, you have to work for a long time.
  • You’ve been baking cookies: unexpected guests are coming soon. Cookies burned during cooking: you overestimate your own capabilities, it’s time to remove the rose-colored glasses.
  • What was it like? Small: you or someone from the family can give birth. Salty, bitter: your life lacks bright events and emotions. In chocolate: soon the prince will enter your life (figuratively). Exquisite: to implement the plan, to luck.
  • You just looked at the cookie, but did not taste it: you are at a crossroads. The mistake will cost you dearly, so don’t just think hard, but consult with older people you respect.
  • Dear, chocolate: to profit.
  • Cheap small lollipops: even though you have worked hard, the result will not be what you expect.
  • Butterscotch: you will meet friends soon.
  • Caramel, also with a fruit or sugar filling: something very much will surprise you, and it will be a joyful surprise.
  • Caramel on a stick (chupa chups): you have an admirer who hides his feelings.
  • The sweets were wormy: you have to work for a long time, but the fruits will be worthwhile.
  • You ate candy (regular or your favorite): you have no one to rely on, except yourself. In real life, have you ever seen such sweets? So, the dream will have a different interpretation: you will learn a new skill.
  • Fragrant tile says: your career will take off like a ground-to-air rocket, and with it your income.
  • Have you only seen a chocolate cube? This is already a bad dream. He warns that someone from the inner circle wants to deceive you.
  • You broke a tile into cubes: you should communicate with working partners in a different way.
  • Was the chocolate unappetizing? Sleep warns of problems, as well as a sense of frustration, which will all end.
  • You bought it in the store: you will have a new hobby, which also brings «profits». Or maybe you change your job to a more interesting one?
  • Chocolate that melted: you will soon make an important deal.

Cake or cake

  • Such sweets are often dreamers in the dream, naive people. Try at least for a while to remove their rose-colored glasses, especially when dealing with strangers.
  • The cake was huge, maybe multi-storey, very appetizingly decorated: you plan a lot without thinking about whether you have enough opportunities.
  • On the contrary, was the cake tiny? So you are completely satisfied with your own life.
  • How was he decorated? Poured chocolate: you get a good job where you get a high salary. Decorated with candy: you will meet the ideal partner (partner).
  • Choux pastry says: your marriage will never crack.
  • A basket cake means a party in your family that will come soon.

What did you do in your dream?

What do you dream of sweets for dream books Denise Lynn, Miller

  • See the sweets that you have in your pocket: you are a very economical person.
  • Treat others with sweets: do not be too compliant and kind, otherwise relatives or close friends «sit on their heads.»
  • Help yourself with sweets at a party: you will soon have a patron from the «big world.»
  • Watch how the cake is baked, cakes are prepared and so on: you will soon find yourself in the epicenter of a curious event. You yourself prepared: prepare to celebrate a new achievement.
  • Buying snacks: life will soon put you in front of a difficult choice.
  • Sell ​​sweets: family and friends you seem cheerful, optimist.
  • Receive «glucosics» as a gift: you will have many admirers.

And how do they dream, in which «not stuck together,» well-known interpreters?

Very few authors pay attention to sweets. However, the authors, whose citations we give below, not only decode “glucose” dreams, but also complement their interpretations with a general understanding of such a dream.

Book Denise Lynn

This dream dream treats a sign of the good life that awaits you. However, it can spoil the disease, so do not start your health, and most importantly, eat healthy and as full as possible.

Dream Miller

  1. Did you not just see the cake or candy, but did you feel their sweet taste? Your subconscious promises: no matter how life shakes you, you will accept all adversity firmly, collected, in a good mood.
  2. You felt the sugar taste, but tried to interrupt it — for example, ate salty, drank water? You can speak badly about your loved ones, do not behave badly with your friends, upset or even make them angry.

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