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What do tomatoes dream about in dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

The exact interpretation of the dream about tomatoes for various dream books

It should be understood that our subconscious never gives us the plots of dreams that do not carry certain information. Every detail of night dreams carries a certain meaning and helps to unravel its meaning the dream book.

Why dream of tomatoes, which symbolize good luck? For each person, this vegetable in a dream can carry a different meaning, depending on the color, interaction with it and the mood in which you were in your nightly dreams.

What do tomatoes dream about in dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

General interpretation of sleep

The most common interpretations of sleep with tomatoes:

  • vegetables that lay on the table or plate — to a quiet life. In the future you have nothing to fear, all troubles will pass by you;
  • growing tomatoes is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your appearance and health;
  • vegetable garden — to pleasant events in the near future;
  • many tomatoes — to replenish in the family;
  • weeding and watering vegetables is a symbol of the fact that in reality all your efforts are not appreciated by the people around you;
  • tomatoes, pleasant to the taste — for a quick journey, which will leave a lot of pleasant impressions for your whole life;
  • to feel the cloying taste of a vegetable — to misunderstandings with close people and the possible betrayal of your lover
  • crushed, bruised tomatoes — to the crisis in family life;
  • rotten tomato — to trouble. You should have patience and strength, because in the future you will find a protracted black stripe;
  • pick red tomatoes — a sign of secret love intentions and flirting on the side. However, you should not make hasty conclusions about the infidelity of your partner, perhaps using innocent flirting, he is trying to fill the lack of attention on your part;
  • Tomato seedlings — to an unpleasant and unexpected visit. Your guest will create some confusion in your home and workplace, which will greatly complicate your life;
  • plant tomatoes — to the hope of strengthening love relationships and achieving harmony in family life.

The color of tomatoes in a dream is also important. If the vegetables were bright red, then a new romantic feeling and passionate love will soon await you.

However, it is worth being careful not to rush into the pool with a head in new feelings.

Green tomatoes symbolize the innocence of your thoughts, and indicate that in reality you have borne the overwhelming burden of responsibility and obligations. Also, the green color of vegetables indicates a possible increase in your monetary condition, if you correctly take advantage of this situation.

Black tomatoes do not bode well. Perhaps the dream is trying to warn you of trouble in the future.

Yellow tomatoes — to unjustified jealousy.

To contemplate in a dream how tomatoes grow — to tremendous successes in your affairs in a fairly short time. If you saw the full greenhouse of these vegetables, then in the near future your family will have a long-awaited replenishment.

What do tomatoes dream about in dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

If in night dreams you saw bare bushes of tomatoes without fruits, then soon you will find discord in family life. Only patience and the ability to compromise will preserve harmony and happiness in your married couple.

To dream tomatoes together with cucumbers signifies a warning that it will soon be necessary to repay debts. And it does not necessarily apply to money.

Perhaps to someone you are in moral duty.

If in a dream you dreamed of small cherry tomatoes, then in reality you need to beware of cheating. You also need to be prepared for the fact that all your hopes are not met.

Choose tomatoes in the market — to significant problems with money. It is possible that soon you will need financial assistance from outsiders.

Canned tomatoes can come to your dream, if in reality you have changed the attitudes and tastes of love relationships. To be filled with tomatoes — to get in this insult or disrespectful attitude, contempt from the person who was present in your dream.

Tomatoes in the bank appear in dreams as harbingers of happy change passing by you. It should be less conservative in reality, they are not afraid to let changes into their homes, because they can bear a positive result.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

To see ripe tomatoes in a dream, a young girl means a future happy family union, eating tomatoes is for your speedy recovery. See how tomatoes grow — fortunately and joy in reality.

According to the dream book Hasse

Dream interpretation Hasse interprets dreams with tomatoes as follows:

  • unripe tomatoes — a symbol of the fact that your feelings in reality will not lead to a logical conclusion;
  • juicy ripe tomatoes — a sign of the presence in your life of a secret union, which may soon become apparent and bring you long-awaited happiness.

According to the old Russian dream book

This dream book offers several meanings of dreams with tomatoes:

  • cherry tomatoes — a symbol of secret love;
  • eat tomatoes — to speedy recovery;
  • growing vegetables in the garden — for happiness and harmony in family life;
  • ripe tomatoes — to prosperous marriage for a young girl.

According to the dream book from A to Z

This dream book presents the following treatments of dreams with tomatoes:

  • growing tomatoes in a dream at home is a sign of the secret love in your life that you try to carefully hide from envious rivals;
  • care for tomatoes in the garden — to curious persons in the reality in your environment. You should be wary of these people, as they can learn and reveal to everyone your heart secret;
  • vegetables seedlings — a symbol of confusion in your affairs and an unexpected visit of an unwanted guest;
  • water high tall bushes of tomatoes — to the existence of a rival in reality, who lives next door to you;
  • collect ripe tomatoes — fortunately and wealth;
  • brown or green unripe tomatoes — to unforeseen difficulties in your affairs at work;
  • blackened or spoiled tomatoes — to reduce vision or progressive eye diseases;

What do tomatoes dream about in dream books: Miller, Hasse and others

  • throw out rotten tomatoes — to failure because of their own rashness;
  • feed rotten tomatoes animals — to possible illness or death of your loved ones;
  • canned or pickled tomatoes — to changes in outlook on life;
  • cut tomatoes — to a decline in your business or delays in financial rewards;
  • eating fresh tomatoes is a symbol of the fact that you pay too little attention to your own appearance;
  • dishes from tomatoes — to achieve a great old age in happiness and abundance.

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