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What do the spirits dream about by Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Dreams of spirits: how to interpret according to dream books

It is a well-known fact that Cleopatra was driving the strong half of humanity crazy, although she was far from being a beauty. And the whole thing in the smell. Pleasant, alluring fragrance emanating from a woman, is able to command men.

What dreams of perfume in dreams, we learn in the dream books.

Who owns the smell, he owns the hearts of people

The spirits personify the awakening of the dreamer’s soul. This state is similar to a blooming spring bud, which rushes towards a new, better.

Aroma can be stronger than words, evidence, will. Feeling your perfume smell, you can work and live in a state of prolonged euphoria.

He is able to inspire, instill confidence and even cause love to all beings.

Therefore, to the sleeper inhale something pleasant and close to his taste — it means to experience happiness and bliss in real life. This may be a series of pleasant events, meetings, acquaintances.

For young people, such a sign promises prospects for personal life or career success.

What do the spirits dream about by Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

But there are a number of situations that foreshadow a negative interpretation. Buying, breaking or feeling an unpleasant smell does not promise good moments in the near future, but, on the contrary, warns about prudence, sobriety of mind and prudence.

Every woman, like every flower, has its own scent.

A suitable perfume for women is a serious choice. After all, with this fragrance she has to live for a while, appear in society.

Therefore, often she chooses him for a long time, as a beloved man.

Feminine dreams, saturated with the desired fragrance, promise many pleasant surprises and changes in its usual daily schedule.

What a bottle of fragrant perfume promises to the weaker half of humanity:

  • hidden in a sideboard — financial profits and stability will come into the house;
  • in her purse — emphasize your individuality, accuracy and the presence of always your own opinion;
  • Feel new to your colleague — success and unleashing your potential at work;
  • Breath that a friend prefers — a close person who has not been seen for a long time, misses you very much and intends to meet;
  • Mom boasted a gift — to a large family holiday, the occasion of which you will become;
  • Uncle’s cologne — it’s time to visit distant relatives;
  • in a beautiful package — the youth party promises a lot of attention from fans;
  • expensive selective recruitment — job or salary increase;
  • buy and break — failure of a responsible task, which promised a new position;
  • to forget in the store — to waste and purchase useless things;

The young lady inhale and not feel the fragrance — to become the object of adoration and attention of the new fan. Your obsession with a career and a tendency to workaholism make it impossible to enjoy youth and enjoy your own charm.

Take a look around and unleash your senses.

A harsh, repulsive scent reveals your obstinate nature. You have forgotten what tenderness and responsiveness is to people.

Close ones have not experienced your care and affection for a long time.

  • soft freshness — on the way to a romantic date;
  • citrus notes — get ready for a passionate, unforgettable night;
  • rosebush — expect a declaration of love;
  • sweet and ripe fruit — you will shiver for a walk in pleasant company around the city;
  • medicinal herbs — health will be strengthened and you will feel cheerfulness and a burst of energy;
  • incense and essential oil — to spiritual growth and development;
  • freshness of alpine herbs — pack your bags for a quick trip;
  • exotic spicy flavor — imbued with Eastern culture, there will be a craving for the Tibetan secrets of life.

Man’s own smell is unknown

Men have their own special attitude to perfume, it should not be too noticeable and intrusive. Therefore, the sharp and stunning aromas reveal the negative aspects of the dreamer rather, as if to show that others are experiencing discomfort and rejection.

What do the spirits dream about by Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

To buy women’s selective perfume means to meet a very intriguing person who will show you the other side of life. You will discover for yourself and imbued with what has not taken place in your soul before.

You will receive a rare opportunity to change your lifestyle, change your values ​​and enjoy happiness.

A businessman should choose cologne for a long time — to open many opportunities and ideas in the direction of previously unknown business areas. Your wisdom and intuition will help you make a decision and invest a profitable project.

Choose perfume and change life. Author’s dream books

Gustov Miller

The delightful aroma of perfumes is a joyful and fun adventure in reality. Take advantage of other people’s spirits — the danger of trusting a person who pretends not to be that and tries to deceive you by sly flattery.

You are choking on excessive odor — in reality you are abusing idleness and idle lifestyle, which will lead to the acquisition of destructive habits and bad inclinations. Excessive enthusiasm for empty fun can lead to loss of work and frustration in your close people.

Spill perfume — miss the opportunity to experience the happy moments of life. By chance, you will be given an excellent chance to change fate, but arrogance and arrogance can spoil everything.

If you broke the bottle — your desires, plans and hopes will fail.

You felt like a famous perfumer, pouring out unique, unseen essences in test tubes — in reality you will experience success and recognition in the new workplace. The team to which you get, will appreciate your abilities, talents and obsession with work.

What do the spirits dream about by Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

For women to take a fragrant bath promises romantic, exciting events that will raise your self-esteem and make you care more about your external image.

A bottle as a gift from a man in a dream — to be in a risky situation in reality, which will bring a lot of pleasure.

Sigmund Freud

Perfume bottle personifies the feminine. To open a bottle for a young girl is to lose your innocence.

For a man, the first time to experience intimacy with a woman you like.

A young man to have several sets of cologne — to be very frivolous and illegible in reality when choosing a life partner.

The guy sheds perfume — the probability of pregnancy of his girl is great. Buy fragrance for her — you want a permanent and serious relationship.

Break the bubble — to dissatisfaction in relationships and the desire of a variety of intimate relationships.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

We went to the perfume shop for a purchase — expect a passionate and emotional declaration of love. Inhale unfamiliar aphrodisiacs — to plunge into a new life full of bright moments.

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