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What do the police dream about Freud’s dream, Miller, Vanga, Long, Tsvetkov

The police in dreams — known predictions and decoding

The man in the form always personified the law, power and justice. What dreams of a policeman, we learn in the famous dream books.

General interpretation

A policeman in uniform is quite a multi-valued symbol. A positive response promises a dream where you have no problems with power, but, on the contrary, you cooperate with it in every way and obey.

He can identify the thirst for power, domination over someone. Someone such a plot promises promotion, career growth, recognition of all sorts of merits.

What do the police dream about Freud's dream, Miller, Vanga, Long, Tsvetkov

For women, a man in uniform is a sign of pressure on her as an influential and very powerful character. In another embodiment, this may indicate circumstances that have driven her into a corner and she is unable to change this.

To measure a cap and epaulets for yourself is to try to take a leadership position, claiming power and supremacy among those around you.

Hiding from the police car — in reality trying to avoid responsibility and their duties. This may concern the payment of alimony or the repayment of accounts payable.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The policeman personifies the male principle, the desire to dominate and dominate the partner in sex. The image of a man in uniform comes in the dream of a woman because of her dissatisfaction with her husband or lover. So she can not reach a climax in sex with the chosen one because of different temperaments or because of the selfish inclinations of her beloved.

Intimate life for her is more like a fulfillment of marital duty, during which she does not receive any pleasure.

What do the police dream about Freud's dream, Miller, Vanga, Long, Tsvetkov

A young girl, a man with a rod in dreams, appears on the eve of a meeting with an experienced and fairly sexy young guy. Do not reject him, even if you see the frivolity of his plans.

This is a good opportunity to feel like a real woman.

I dreamed of a woman in uniform wearing handcuffs on a man — in reality, the second half is putting strong pressure on you. Previously, you were a freedom-loving, independent male who was used to breaking women’s hearts with sophisticated intimate caresses.

Now you become like the father of a large family, preferring to be consistent and adhering to the missionary positions in sex.

Gustov Miller

A positive interpretation depends on the legitimacy of the dreamer’s actions. Unreasonable arrest in a dream predicts a number of advantages over competitors to the dreamer, which they did not even dare to guess.

This may apply to both business areas and personal relationships.

They committed a misdemeanor for which they received fifteen days of correctional labor — in reality, a difficult period is coming. We will have to work hard, correcting mistakes and shortcomings in the past. In this case, you will not receive any material rewards.

Morale will fall, you will feel tired, depressed, mood swings. Do not be discouraged, people learn from mistakes.

Just come your turn to get what you deserve.

What do the police dream about Freud's dream, Miller, Vanga, Long, Tsvetkov

Uncertainty, vulnerability and a deplorable state of affairs can predict a dream in which you received a conditional release. During this period, you should not take decisive actions, overspend and make drastic attempts to change the situation.

The right step — it is convenient to lay low and wait. Otherwise the troubles and troubles that have come down will become your companions for a long time.

The person in the form of points you to pull over — feel the pressure and influence from the side. Someone purposely wants to show his power over you, subdue your will and suppress character.

Try not to succumb to provocations, show restraint and patience.

The policeman personifies the call to order, discipline, the desire for power. To see the form of a policeman and be among hundreds of the same — in reality there is a desire not to stand out from the crowd, having the functions of a secret informal leader.

The ability to influence the opinion of the masses of people, convincing or bowing to their side, encourages you to lead them, adapting them to your requirements.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Dreams associated with law enforcement agencies reflect the fears, feelings, or insecurity of the sleeper. Perhaps you need protection or you have problems with the law — all this is reflected in such plots.

To call the police for help — in fact, to get into a situation that you cannot solve on your own. You need support and good advice from the outside.

The main thing is not to repel those who offer you their protection.

To see your father in police uniform — to wake up with him in confrontation. The conflict can be aggravated, thanks to your indifference and ignoring of parental opinion. Your disobedience may affect the imposition of severe sanctions and restrictions in your address.

It will be very unpleasant if you are in complete financial dependence on a relative.

The police are detaining them for the purpose of checking documents — be careful and attentive in public places. Your passport may be in the hands of robbers or scammers.

The police hands over the letter of courage and responsiveness to apprehending a criminal — your professional achievements will be highly appreciated by influential partners. Worthy financial rewards and career growth will not keep you waiting.

Yuri Longo

Seeing yourself in a noisy police station means feeling tension, fatigue, and lack of demand. Poorly paid work causes apathy and pessimism in you. It’s a good time to express yourself in another area or to start looking for a new job, to go for an interview.

Be more active, more mobile and not dwell on temporary difficulties.

Running away and hiding from people in shape — in reality, feeling fear, insecurity. You are afraid to take responsibility for actions committed in the past.

It is time for you to accept the position of an adult, foresee the consequences and adequately answer for your deeds.

The police pursues you for a couple with your beloved — to torment each other with jealousy, suspicion and mistrust. Being caught — in reality, quarrel with a partner.

A young lady to flirt with a guard on the road foreshadows the imminent marriage of convenience. Your financial failure will drag you into the cycle of events, from which you can’t get out without outside intervention.

You will allow to patronize you, in exchange for complete obedience and humility. You will be able to endure such a state of affairs for a very short time, therefore think ahead of competent ways of retreat.

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