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What do the pills dream of Miller, Vanga

Dreamed of pills — the value of sleep in popular dream books

What do pills dream about? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

Night visions with pills can symbolize the dreamer’s feelings about his health, various troubles at work and in his personal life. A detailed explanation can be obtained if we recall all the nuances of the vision.

Interpretation of various dream books

What do the pills dream of Miller, Vanga

Autumn dream

They dream of trouble.

Summer dream

Such a dream promises a disease.

Spring dream book

They foreshadow a wonderful mood.

The explanation of the white magician Y. Longo

  • Take them in a dream — you need to pay more attention to your health, visit doctors for the purpose of examination. The disease is easier to prevent than to spend a lot of time on its treatment.
  • To buy them — in reality you are suspicious of your health. You always think that something is sick.
  • Vision with pills is a warning that the dreamer can be a source of discontent among people around.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

Such a vision scenario promises a deterioration in health.

Opinion psychologist G. Miller

  • Tablets in a dream promise good luck in small matters.
  • A woman promises a small experience.

Esoteric dream book

  • Take pills — a warning about the lack of important substances in the body. Diet should be varied.
  • Buy or just see them — says about the need to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Christian dream book

Their vision is a precursor of success in the current work.

The interpretation of Catherine II

For a woman to accept her in a dream promises envy. The reason for this may be the smallest reasons.

Big Dream

  • Ailments pills — to serious troubles in the professional field.
  • To accept them is a warning to get into a very unpleasant situation. The result is expected to be sad.
  • In the dream, your heart ached, but you did not find the pill you needed. The likelihood of miscalculation in their real affairs, which can lead to serious losses. Take steps to correct errors in the work.
  • Giving pills to someone in a dream promises harm to that person. The dream itself foreshadows an unexpected success for the dreamer.
  • If you were given a pill, it is a harbinger of positive changes in the dreamer’s life.

Interpretation of the psychologist S. Freud

  • Buying them in a dream — the dream dreamer pays a lot of attention to sex life.
  • Women such a scenario — a reflection of her fear of avoiding unwanted pregnancy.
  • Search for them — there is the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases. It is necessary to show intelligibility when choosing partners for sex.

Explanation Vanga

  • They are dreaming of a serious illness.
  • To see them scattering on the ground is a negative sign. Perhaps the appearance on Earth of a new type of disease. The search for a method of treatment will be long.

What do the pills dream of Miller, Vanga

Family Dream

  • Taking them in a dream symbolizes your concern for your health. It must be remembered that self-medication can harm your body.
  • Someone asked them in a dream. Nayawa close people need your support.
  • Buying them is a precursor of the disease.

Dream interpretation A. Vasiliev

  • Such a plot of vision foreshadows deterioration in health.
  • Throwing them away means that the dreamer is already sick, but there is a chance of full healing.

Universal Dream

  • Tablets can mean unfulfilled dreams or a feeling of carelessness.
  • They also symbolize the desire to resolve all urgent problems.
  • An outsider gives you pills — a precursor to a quarrel with relatives or to conflicts at work.

Dream Dream

For a girl to swallow a pill promises small machinations of rivals. They will not affect the relationship with the beloved.

East female dream book

Girl to take them — envy overcame her waking.

Newest dream book G. Ivanova

Plots of dreams of this kind predict colds or infectious diseases.

Opinion medium Hasse

Drinking them in a dream — in real life to do the same.

Dream Dream Thelomena

Such a scenario promises luck in real life.

Ancient Persian dream book Taflisi

To consume them is to repent of sins and humility before God.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • Take a pill — the dreamer will earn the trust of a solid person. Probably getting an important order.
  • It was unpleasant to the taste — to showdown with relatives.
  • To drink them a lot and immediately — to reprimand for work.

Interpretations from other sources

  • Everything related to the pills: packaging, instructions for use and any actions with them — a sign of small events.
  • Small pills — the need to solve small problems, the body’s need for vitamins and rest.
  • You are interested in the instructions for use — a symbol of your meticulousness in real life. Before making any decision in reality, you carefully think through all the details.
  • If the dreamer is often sick in reality, then such a vision promises the need to seriously take care of their health.
  • For healthy people, this promises a successful solution to current problems.
  • Taking pills is a precursor of meeting with foes.
  • To bite her teeth foreshadows the disease.
  • Feel her taste. If it was bitter — to colds, sweet — to the problems of the digestive system.
  • Giving her baby promises trouble.
  • Free girl to take her — in real life, she is expected to have problems.
  • See a couple of pills — the dreamer can not cope with his envy.

Where did they ghost?

  • On a spoon, saucer or cup — to reduce profits.
  • On the couch, the bed — the passivity of the dreamer in reality can bring trouble.

What do the pills dream of Miller, Vanga

Different script scenarios with pills

  1. Taking them is a concern for your health.
  2. Giving — scandals and quarrels.
  3. Buy — all problems will be solved positively.
  4. A lot of them — to the successful completion of plans.
  5. Large pills — the diagnosis of serious illness will not be confirmed.
  6. Contraceptive — dissatisfaction with intimate life.
  7. Refusal to accept them — loss of trust of close people.
  8. They were bitter — the envy of the people around them.

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