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What do the pies dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Dreamed pies: features of interpretation by dream books

Pies have always been given a place of honor on the festive table of Russian cuisine. Products from yeast dough, with various fillings, like everything: children, adults. Sweet cakes with apples and cinnamon are especially loved by foreigners.

Why dream of such a delicious story, we learn in proven dream books.

He is not right, who is not happy with pies

Patties are a symbol of hospitality, hospitality, generosity and benevolence. Fresh pastry is not only tasty and nourishing food, but a whole section of cooking, reflecting Russian life and traditions.

It can be a reason for meeting with relatives, friends, creating harmony and comfort for pleasant communication.

For a married couple who are at loggerheads, such a plot may portend a passionate reconciliation. The more fresh and fragrant pastries in a dream, the stronger and stronger the feelings of the spouses.

What do the pies dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

Business people to enjoy delicious cakes — to fruitful negotiations, meetings and profitable acquaintances. If the tasting took place at the fair, where there were many bright and interesting characters — this predicts the conclusion of a promising and long-term contract.

Your income will only multiply every day.

Young people have a sweet pastry on the move foreshadows adventurous trips and interesting trips. Try not to sit still, all movements will be very useful and fruitful.

There is a pie, there is a friend

Ruddy and lush rolls in a dream is a great sign. You will be welcome everywhere, with joy and warmth.

This characterizes your positive aspects of personality: openness, kindness and decency. Use your authority and recognition among colleagues and friends.

At one point, one of them will help make a dizzying career or gain creative popularity.

To a married girl to get a burnt dough out of the oven — to face misunderstanding and indifference of her spouse. It seems to you that he has lost interest and lost interest in you. But in fact, the problem is in you.

You have ceased to pay enough attention to the household, to care for your spouse. Well-being will come back as soon as you change your attitude towards family responsibilities.

What do the pies dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

You were treated to delicious pastries — wait for unexpected gifts or good news from relatives. Favorable time for romantic dates and visiting.

To treat a stranger with his culinary masterpiece is to meet on the way a future spouse who will be a serious and wealthy person.

Where is the pie with mushrooms, there is a husband with his hands

A man has a dream where he was at the fair with all the attributes of Russian cuisine — an occasion to think about new opportunities. There will be a favorable period for the implementation of promising ideas that promise profit, influence, authority.

The tastier, sweeter the pies taste, the faster you will achieve your desired goal.

Putting the stuffing in the dough, which is suitable only for your taste — in reality start a new business. Business development does not promise to be easy, but it will bring a small profit if you rely only on your own strength, experience and knowledge, not trusting the opinion of those who can simply ruin you.

The flat shape of the cake, resembling a cake, promises to the dreamer quick financial security and prosperity in the family. Moreover, special efforts to achieve success do not have to.

Act fortune on your side.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Patties personify the feminine. For a man to try these tasty flour products with different fillings promises diversity in intimate life.

You have entered the stage of accumulating sexual experience and getting maximum pleasure from intimacy with your partner.

What do the pies dream of Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov

A serious relationship with a sweetheart foreshadows a dream in which you choose definitely one kind of cakes. So you are drawn to constancy and restraint. Too sweet filling in the dough says about satiation of sex without commitment.

You seek to choose a decent person of the opposite sex and settle in a cozy family nest.

For a girl to eat pies with different fillings — to the uncertainty in his personal life. Being in the center of male attention, you do not know who to choose. Take a break from another sphere of your interests in order not to lose the taste and sense of proportion.

One who is destined by fate you will know with confidence and ease in due time.

Gustov Miller

Something not edible came across in a pastry — expect a dirty trick from competitors or envious ones. It seems to you that you are surrounded by nice and friendly people.

In fact, someone from the inner circle wants to see you poor and sick. Do not give in to tricks and persuasions, follow only your intuition and the call of the heart.

A young lady to treat the guys home-made pastries — in reality show excessive coquetry and levity with those fans with whom you do not see yourself together. Such an unserious approach can push away from you someone who really is a worthy candidate for future relationships.

Take the dubious muffin from someone on the street — in reality it’s easy to get caught in the tricks of scammers and robbers. Sleep warns against casual street acquaintances and meetings in places of large concentrations of people.

Dreams like trying dough with potatoes — you’ll start making business connections. A fruitful work and a decent profit are coming. Eat in the company — in reality it is worth remembering with whom exactly, these people may become partners.

If at the same time an unpleasant conversation took place — expect confrontation. Someone will intentionally try to prevent the development of your business.

Gigantic dough products have appeared, which cannot be picked up — in reality you tend to exaggerate everything. Do not blow the problem out of petty trouble.

Everything will improve when you adequately assess the situation.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

There are pies in a dream in an unfamiliar place — get ready for important meetings and visits at the highest level. Your future career and financial independence depend on your manners, ability to keep up the conversation, to intrigue the interlocutor.

For people who are not related to the kitchen, kneading the dough for future baking is not a favorable sign. It rather speaks of finding solutions from a difficult financial situation.

You are trying to get out of the crisis, which makes you look for new ways to earn money.

If you manage to cook something tasty and edible, it means that in reality you will overcome a series of troubles and cope with difficulties. And if baked goods burned — expect a turning point in life, from which you will come to yourself for a long time.

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