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What do the penguins dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream

Penguins dreamed: interpretation by different dream books

It turns out that penguins can quench their thirst with sea water. Water is desalinated with the help of a special organ — the supraorbital gland, while excess salt is removed through the blood.

What dreams of these funny animals, we learn in the dream books.

Penguins charge positive

Penguin — one of those characters, in the prediction of which it is difficult to find negative sides. These animals dream sociable, positive and friendly-minded people.

He can personify the creative nature, who loves to travel, surround himself with good company, interesting communication, choosing lightness, joy and fun.

For a dreamer, this sign can foreshadow the popularity, fame, authority and love of others. If you dreamed of this important bird, it means that it is easy for you to find a common language even with unsociable characters, you are easy-going, have dexterity and resourcefulness.

A promising sign to see a penguin in its living habitat — in reality, to find what you need for a comfortable and happy life. During this period, there is a high probability of finding a strong family, a stable, high-paying job, reliable assistants, and friends, in general, everything that betrays self-confidence in the future.

What do the penguins dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream

For those who are far away from their relatives, this sociable animal is nothing but longing and love for the home and desire to be among loved ones.

Such dream foreshadows the growth of social activity for business people, the ability to be part of one large team of professionals whose endurance and optimism will ensure success and well-being.

Awkward and slightly awkward on earth, these inhabitants of the sea element are very light and graceful in the water. They dive perfectly, moving quickly and dynamically, overcoming vast distances. To the dreamer, this sea dweller indicates the faithfulness of the path to self-realization.

You are aware of your purpose and purpose in life, which means confidence and talent will help to succeed in business.

Imperial Bird for a Woman

Penguins often dream of women who love to dress beautifully and fashionably, thus emphasizing the refined taste and sense of style of the dreamer. You are ready for much for the sake of success and your own popularity, but absolutely not prone to aggression or attack by competitors.

Seeing yourself surrounded by these cute creatures — in reality, you are alien to accumulate evil and offense on someone. Hotness and hot temper is not your strong point, accustomed to respond with good to any human emotions and actions.

Charm, wealth of the inner world, the ability to be an open, sincere person at any age attracts many fans to you.

What do the penguins dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream

The active fishing of these birds was a dream — there is a lot of work to be done for one’s own good, having connected his tirelessness and energy. The project for which you have taken, promises to be successful and promising.

A toy penguin in a dream comes to those girls who in reality are full of desire and are ready to become a mother. You love children, know how to handle them, use the right pedagogical approach in their education. Such a sign hints at a favorable period for conceiving and carrying a pregnancy.

And for single girls, they are successful in finding a lover who is ready for a serious relationship and wishes heirs.

To see this northern bird alone in the ice — a dream hints at your loneliness. You are too closed and constrained by prejudice.

Do not refuse the inviting invitations, an interesting acquaintance and communication in a warm company will not hurt.

To feed the animals from the hands — to prove oneself a good housewife and worthy mother. This is a favorable period for the establishment of a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the family.

Delicious dinners and your sweet voice will pull into the house a lot of relatives and friends.

Met the penguin — get ready for fun

For a man, this northern gentleman in a frock coat can make a big difference in life. You are absolutely not aggressive by nature, prudent and calm.

You are able to make your own sacrifices for the sake of the happiness of loved ones and relatives. Fate for this will generously reward and reward you in the near future.

To dream of a flock of penguins in the north and to feel one of them — to wake up to feel their responsibility to someone, to have high self-control and discipline. You are striving for order and a healthy lifestyle in everything, promoting this approach to everyone around you.

Trying to save the bird from the contact zoo in a dream — this indicates the failure of your plans and projects. Do not waste strength, time and money on something that is not destined to come true.

There is also the danger of being compromised, which could postpone your plans for further development.

Careerists, a dream in which they saw a few clumsy animals in the fool — promises the opportunity to manifest and recommend to the authorities. You will brightly and successfully demonstrate your abilities, having far removed candidates for the position that you will get.

What do the penguins dream about in Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov dream

I dreamed how penguins fly, jumping out of a wave — to have ambitious plans and ideas that may not quite coincide with your possibilities. One should not succumb to the adventure and carefully check and calculate everything so as not to end up in a stupid and ridiculous situation in the future.

A flock of animals, floating in an unknown direction, comes in a dream to those too dreamy people who are seeking for extravagance and adventures. You can drop everything for a dizzying crazy idea and move towards the goal without paying attention to the risks and dangers.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Penguin is a symbol of happy constancy. You are satisfied with your partner, do not pull on new love adventures, because you have enough variety with those who already have intimate intimacy.

Moreover, you are full of desire to seal your relationship with family ties, because you want offspring with someone you are in love with.

For those who are looking for this animal can impersonate the willingness to have sex at any time and any place. But you do not take into account the desire of a partner who is very skeptical of your unbridled passion.

Gustov Miller

Penguins swimming in the water dream of those who regret the missed opportunities. You look into the past with anguish, accusing yourself of inaction. You are tortured by actions in which you have not shown your talents and outstanding qualities.

And now you are worried about the result of actions in the past.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

These funny birds in a black dress coat talk about the extraordinary abilities of the sleeper, prone to interesting hobbies and extreme hobbies. You are not careful and do not think about the consequences.

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