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What do the newborn kittens dream of Freud, Millir and Vanga

Interpretation of various dreams with newborn kittens

To understand what dreams of newborn kittens, it is worth remembering all the nuances of sleep. These little creatures can be harbingers of problems and troubles.

For a couple, such a dream predicts strong quarrels, perhaps even a break in relations. Dream interpretation argues that the exact interpretation of the image depends on the small nuances of the dream.

So, before addressing him, one should recreate the dream picture, recall the color of animals, their number and, most importantly, what happened in the dream.

General interpretation

In the dream, the kittens were dirty and thin — this tells the sleeping person that noble actions in his direction are very deceptive. Most likely, this is a cunningly planned course of malicious people.

What do newborn kittens in a dream mean for a young woman? This warns the dreamer about serious problems that will greatly affect her reputation.

For a girl, a bad sign is the image of a white and fluffy kitten — this suggests that she fell into the cunningly planned trap of intruders. To get out of it, the dreamer will have to gather her thoughts and think about everything well before taking any action.

What do the newborn kittens dream of Freud, Millir and Vanga

Also, the dream book divides the interpretation of sleep by action in a dream:

  • If the dreamer buys kittens — it is worth preparing for a serious expenditure of funds.
  • In the dream, I had to sell a small lump of happiness — this is an auspicious sign: this image suggests that in real life the dreamer expects a series of happy moments.
  • In the night visions sheltered a homeless kitten — the dreamer will provide good support for someone from his environment.
  • If the dreamer gives a kitten — it is worth preparing for minor problems that will pass on to you consciously.
  • If you dream of drowning newborn kittens in a dream, this sign indicates that the dreamer’s hopes will collapse, and a long shame awaits him.

If in a dream the kittens were next to a cat, the dreamer will have tremendous success in all his endeavors. Perhaps the dreamer can win the lottery or win the game with big risks.

If the dreamer has children and the kittens appear in the night visions — it is worth being more alert with your child, perhaps he is trying to circle you around a finger.

Other interpretations

If in a dream the kitten was red, then this image tells the dreamer about big profits. If it was a smoky color — in a short time in the house of the dreamer will reign cosiness and understanding. The kitten was white and ironed like a teddy — the dreamer will make good acquaintances.

The color was black — you are supported by magical powers.

If the kitten is a noble color, such as blue — this image also spells comfort in the house. Dream interpretation says that such an exquisite hue may embody innovations in the home.

You may want to update the interior or make a permutation, which has long been planned.

What do the newborn kittens dream of Freud, Millir and Vanga

If a kitten has gray hair — do not wait for any grand events in the near future. Do not be discouraged, as life will go on as usual.

Such an image will not add any problems to the dreamer. Just enjoy a stable life.

I dreamed of a striped kitten — should be ready for strong disappointments. The threat should be expected from their social circle, perhaps someone will act extremely nobly, and his actions will affect the dreamer’s reputation. If the kitten’s fur was of three colors, it means that the dreamer does not know how to correctly prioritize, is too fussy and very careless.

Such character traits greatly interfere with the dreamer’s life, and many problems arise from them.

Also in a dream, kittens can be simply multi-colored — such an image warns the dreamer about deception. It is worth preparing not only for a blow from the outside, since the dreamer can deceive his own brain with the help of various illusions.

It should be attentive to commercials, to avoid large expenditures and not to rely on the opinions of others.

Dream Miller

As this dream-book says, newborn kittens in dreams warn the dreamer of petty troubles and irritants that the dreamer will face in the near future. The dreamer can avoid all these problems only if he manages to kill all the animals in his nightly management.

If the dreamer is a girl, and she dreamed of a snow-white and fluffy cat, it is worth becoming more reasonable and develop thinking, as she fell into a cunning trap and malicious people manipulate her. But if she can competently judge everything and think it through well, then she will be able to find a way out of a difficult situation.

What do the newborn kittens dream of Freud, Millir and Vanga

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Sigmund Freud associates such an image in a dream with the fact that the dreamer is more sensitive to the opposite sex. Perhaps the dreamer has a strong lack of intimate life because of this there are many stresses and problems.

If there were a lot of kittens in the litter — it speaks of the dreamer’s intimate desires — perhaps he thinks about the many sexual relationships that cannot be realized.

Dream Vanga

Kittens personify quick problems that have accumulated over a long time and have not been resolved. But do not think that they will be unsolvable.

Most likely, most of the problems were simply thought up by you — perhaps you were just trying to protect yourself with them, so as not to take any action. If the dreamer continues to pile on himself with unnecessary worries, he will soon face great trouble.

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