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What do the buttons on dream about Miller, Prozorov, Esoteric dream book dream about

Why buttons dreamed — interpretation options for dream books

A button is a small, inconspicuous and insignificant item. It can always be replaced. However, this small object, appearing in a dream, acquires a deep symbolic meaning, the correct interpretation of which can tell a lot about the fate of the dreamer.

Find out what dream of buttons, help a dream book and preserved in the details of night vision.

General interpretation

If a girl dreamed a button hanging on a thread, she should carefully choose the companies in which she is going to rest. Doubtful people may try to use her body while she is drunk.

A button torn off with a piece of cloth speaks of the dreamer’s extreme experience about the health of his close people, children and relatives. Clothes with multi-colored buttons of unequal size dream of unwarranted expectations, worries and troubles.

What do the buttons on dream about Miller, Prozorov, Esoteric dream book dream about

If the button that appeared in the night vision is broken, this is not the kindest omen: it portends the dreamer to the appearance of barriers to the goal. The dream in which the sleeping man communicated with his beloved (oops), and at that moment the button was broken, foreshadows such twists of fate that will experience the feelings of partners for strength.

The dream in which it was possible to talk with someone, and at this moment the interlocutor breaks a button, foreshadows difficulties in negotiations, the conclusion of the transaction, the signing of a contract or contract.

A dream in which a sleeping person receives a button as a gift warns him: embarrassing moments should be avoided, carefully monitor their behavior, otherwise it may not be the most pleasant moment that makes them blush.

Interpretation in appearance

A button, appearing in night vision, can acquire different symbolic meanings depending on what color it was, what state it was in, and what other external features it possessed.

  • Silver buttons in a dream is a symbol urging the dreamer to devote more time to managing his affairs and to better monitor his appearance.
  • If they were gold — a lucrative and attractive deal is expected, or entry into a short-term, albeit successful marriage.
  • Bela buttons portend a meeting with a good-natured man with pure intentions.
  • If the dream clasps differed by their extraordinary beauty, this is a sign that foreshadows a useful and promising acquaintance with influential people.
  • Multicolored buttons dream of many small things, for vanity.
  • A girl bright and shiny buttons in a dream foreshadow a new love, and the young man — the promotion up the career ladder.
  • Faded, old and inconspicuous buttons dream to frustration, which can be avoided with great effort.

What do the buttons on dream about Miller, Prozorov, Esoteric dream book dream about

Interpretation by action

If a girl dreams about sewing buttons, this is a positive omen, which heralds a new mutual sympathy, falling in love. No less a good sign such a dream is for a man. He dreams of sewing on the buckles promises to get a new, higher position.

If such a dream was seen by a young man — now is the perfect time to start a military career.

If in the night vision it was possible to sew a lot of buttons — this is a good sign that foreshadows the speedy solution of the accumulated minor and not only problems. The scale and number of resolvable difficulties is directly proportional to the number and size of buttons sewn in a dream.

A dream in which the dreamer had to fasten buttons on himself, while counting their number, herald a profitable deal, after which you will have to recount a lot of large bills obtained by net profit.

Raking a handful of buttons into the palm and looking at them is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer’s attention is concentrated on his own person. The dream, in which a very large button appeared, warns a sleeping person about the onset of serious life changes associated with considerable amounts of money.

Night vision, in which the dreamer sews buttons on another person’s clothes or fastens them on someone else, speaks of the strong affection that the dreamer experiences to this person in reality.

If, on the contrary, the dreamer broke off clasps from someone or unzipped them, such a dream speaks of his negative attitude towards this person in real life.

What do the buttons on dream about Miller, Prozorov, Esoteric dream book dream about

Dream Miller

According to the dream interpretation given by this dream book, the buttons, brilliant and bright, if they are sewn on uniforms, foreshadow a woman who has seen such a dream, sincere affection of a rich and powerful, attractive man.

If the young man saw such a dream, perhaps his career will be connected with the advancement in military service. He will prove himself in this direction and succeed.

Small linen buttons foreshadow unjustified hopes, petty deeds, fuss, deterioration of health. If in a dream it was possible to lose a button and lose oneself because of this, then it is worth preparing for spending and losses in real life.

Esoteric dream book

This dream book interprets the dream, in which I had to see buttons, as a symbol of the attitude of a sleeping person to work and work in real life. If the dreamer in the night vision sewed buttons — in reality he comes up with a mountain of minor, not important matters.

If a person tears off or unplugs the buttons in a dream — in reality he walks away from affairs that seem insignificant, but the fulfillment of which is important.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

A torn button promises small but unpleasant problems. Sewing on such a fastener, on the contrary, dreams to resolve difficult situations.

Buy a button — be surrounded by an influential character.

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