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What do the bones dream about in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?

What do bones in a dream mean by dream books and the most useful meanings?

Bones are the basis of the skeleton of almost every living thing and that which usually remains untouched for many years after death. Therefore, talking about the skeletons in the closet, which can fall through many years.

To see the bones in a dream is always a reference to the past. Consider what the bones and dream about the dream are.

What do the bones dream about in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

  • If you dream that you discovered bones in the ground, it means that you have unearthed some mystery, the background of some events. The older the age of fossil relics, the less important information for you personally. Perhaps you are just interested in history or are seriously engaged in journalism. But in the context of historical research discovery may be significant.
  • If the bones lie in the drawers of a table or cabinet, this is some kind of mystery, not necessarily ominous.
  • A lot of human bones are dark philosophies, perhaps donations to charity, volunteering.
  • A skeleton from an anatomy cabinet with a jumping jaw on a spring always means a bad joke.
  • Skeletons of huge prehistoric creatures in museums most often mean false information, which is given to you as information obtained with great difficulty. Stirlitz knowingly met with false agents in the museum of paleontology. If the prehistoric skeleton is located in a residential building — get ready to learn an amazing and completely false family lineage, dating back to the most distinguished dinosaurs.
  • The bones in the food, the meat on the ribs — a sign of solid nature, you love to eat, love truth, truth, honesty and openness — in moderate and reasonable limits. If all the bones are removed from the meat, this is a reason to guard. Someone is trying to deceive you, to create a too sweet, idyllic picture. It is nice, but not in business matters.
  • Gnaw, gnaw the bones — to poverty, misery. To suck up, seek out hryashchiki — to search for solutions to a complex problem. Throw dogs — you do not care much about your family.
  • To walk through the forest and stumble upon a multitude of bones — undoubtedly, you are approaching the lair of a predator. This is a sign of danger. you may have learned more in real life than you wanted. Try to quietly step aside, if this is possible and the situation does not concern you directly. If you hold your tongue, you can probably count on the gratitude of a large predator or a big boss.
  • A person whose bones stick out strongly under the skin in your sleep is likely to be very sick, you are worried about him. First of all, for the state of mind. Be sure to try to contact or pass on the news, do not harass yourself. Even if you are in a quarrel and imagine that because of the loss of communication with you, the person has come to a terrible state, but in fact everything is fine, it is important for you personally to know the truth.
  • An exhausted animal with protruding bones, alas — it is you yourself. Tired, shook, not rested for a long time and a lot of nervous. You need to rest and try to cure frustration calm and pleasant entertainment. Growing plants or caring for fish is best.

What do the bones dream about in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Interpretations of authorities

  • A female dream book treats bones in a dream as a thoroughness, firmness of character and a desire to get to the bottom of the very essence of things. If you dream that you are examining bones, you may have found a curious thing. Cutting bones, making crafts — to manage people, to understand their motives.
  • According to the English dream book, bones in a dream mean long-forgotten stories that I would like to keep secret. Nevertheless, these stories are quite real and can affect reality in unexpected ways. Find dice — a bad sign. Your well-being depends on the will of the case and you can not influence the situation.
  • According to Veles’ dream book, collecting bones is for profit. Build a house of animal tusks or bones — you seriously hope to get an inheritance and make certain plans for this.

What do the bones dream about in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?


If you happened to see bones in a dream, you have a rare tenacity and it is common for you to get to the bottom of the essence. This is a useful quality, but it is not always beneficial, because knowing too much about people inevitably leads to disappointment.

You definitely need to rest. With your usual thoroughness, try to set aside at least one day a week for you personally.

This will help you to restore your spiritual strength and, perhaps, faith in humanity.

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