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What do snakes dream of a man, a woman

Secrets of the dream book: why do snakes dream of a man or a woman?

To see a snake in a dream is a bad sign, promising misfortunes, sorrows, disappointments, longing, conflicts, hostility and health problems. But also the image seen in night dreams can have a positive meaning.

To make the most truthful and concrete interpretation of a dream, it is necessary to pay attention to small details: the appearance of the snake, its behavior, its own actions, the terrain and the situation. It affects the one who dreamed of a reptile — a woman or a man.

It is believed that the value of sleep may vary depending on who dreams about it:

  • Reptile in the dream of a man or a guy — to problems at work, in business, affairs. The dream suggests that the partners or colleagues are hypocrites and at any time are ready to deceive the person for their own benefit.
  • If a snake dreamed of a girl — she is jealous of her friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives or someone else female. This person is upset with the success of the dreamer, so he wishes her a lot of evil. In the event that a woman is married or is expecting a child, jealousy is connected with this — probably, the former passion of the spouse or the lady in love with him feels a nasty feeling.

What do snakes dream of a man, a woman

The way it looked and what a snake was like in a dream has an important role. Options may be as follows:

  • Big, huge, fat — someone is plotting evil against the dreamer or the dreamer.
  • Small — to trouble because of friends who have a nasty temper.
  • Wounded, bloody, sick — it will turn out to protect itself from the wiles of detractors.
  • Dead dying — enemies will not be able to do what they want.
  • Live, active — you need to beware of action by some person.

A poisonous snake is a symbol of the fact that a detractor can cause real harm. The consequences of this person’s actions are unpredictable.

If the reptile is not poisonous, tame, the machinations of the enemies will turn against them.

It is necessary to try to remember the color of the dreamed reptile:

GreenTo spiritual growth, bringing thoughts in order
YellowSerious changes in personal life are coming, which may be associated with old acquaintances.
Red, maroonTo danger from a loved one
Blue, blueTo the unexpected
PurpleSomething expected to happen soon
WhiteTo success in work, wealth, improvement of financial position
BlackThere will be some dark, sad events.
StripedAn event will happen, the outcome of which will bring the dreamer both happy and unpleasant moments.
Mottled, spottedComing series of events related to some person

If it was possible to recall that it was for the snake that was in a dream, this should also be taken into account when interpreting the image:

  • Viper — to evil, deception, betrayal.
  • Medyanka — to changes in personal life, family, relationships with the second half.
  • Oh — to deception.
  • Cobra — to fear for their well-being.
  • Anaconda — to trials, difficulties in life.

To dream of a snake in a dream is a symbol of the fact that in real life the sleeper will become an object of intrigue, gossip. Having seen a bunch of reptiles in his dream, a woman or a man needs to behave awake more cautiously, more carefully.

Do not trust unfamiliar people: it can cause problems in the near future.

What do snakes dream of a man, a woman

The key point is how the reptile behaved in the dream. Special attention should be paid to this:

Eats, drinksFor a temporary truce with someone from the detractors
Hissing, attackingTo conflict, quarrel, abuse
Plays, behaves calmlyA person who wants to harm will rub into trust, flatter
Bites on the leg, on the armMuch to the disappointment of a loved one, chagrin and tears
Crawls alongside or around, under the feetSomeone from acquaintances is trying to get close to a dreamer or a dreamer for mercenary purposes.
WrigglesTo possible danger from a person who hates a dreamer or dreamer
ScansSomeone wants to avenge the old grievances
Lays eggsTo trouble, hanging threat

If a dream that the snake squeezes the neck of a person, strangles him — the image heralds the victory of the enemy. Soon there will be some events, because of which the dreamer or the dreamer will have many problems, troubles, troubles.

The blame will be a particular person or group of people. Seeing such an image in night dreams, you need to be prudent, plan everything in advance, avoid contact with suspicious acquaintances.

A dream in which two snakes are fighting among themselves symbolizes the squabbles and swearing in reality. The dreamer will become an unwitting participant in the conflict of two of his friends.

This situation can irritate, annoy, annoy, create minor problems and troubles.

What do snakes dream of a man, a woman

It is also important how a person behaves in a dream, what actions he performs with a snake. Options may be as follows:

Beat, killSoon it will have to deal with their enemies, to sort things out
CatchTrying to bring the enemies to clean water
Remove the snake from another personWill be able to help, help a friend in a difficult situation
Iron, playTo reconciliation, finding common ground with enemies, competitors, detractors
Keep in handTo victory over enemies or competitors
See the snake crawling on its heels, and run awayTo remorse, pain
Handle biteWe will have to solve big problems that have arisen because of stupid, thoughtless actions in the past.

To see a snake, from a small one transforming into a big one, to big problems that initially seemed insignificant. A person should rethink his opinion on the planned goals and plans.

In the very near future will have to solve problems that have arisen by chance.

If you dream that the reptile bites and dies — it means that a close friend, girlfriend or family member are planning something unkind.

The terrain, setting and plot of the dream of snakes play an important part in the compilation of interpretations:

  • See the snake at home (in the house, apartment, your room) — A family member, spouse, relative, or someone else from the inner circle has conceived something bad about the dreamer.
  • In the water (lake, river, pond, puddle) — to luck, luck.
  • On the ground, asphalt — The ill-wisher has a concrete plan to harm a person.
  • At the cemetery — the intrigues of the enemies will adversely affect the psychological state of the person, will lead out of themselves.
  • In a deep hole — to the problems of close people, relatives.
  • On the tree — to slander and gossip.
  • In the nest — to quarrels, disorder in the family or circle of friends.
  • In fire flame — to strong spiritual impulses.

If you dream of snakes falling from the sky, the dreamer should wait for big problems because of a man who openly shows his hatred.

There are other interpretations of the dream about snakes. Some popular dream books decode the image seen in night dreams, a little differently:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudSnake dreams to increase libido, the emergence of new sexual partners
MillerMiller believed that a snake in a dream warns of hypocrisy and deceit from relatives
WangiWang interprets the dream as a symbol of rivalry, great enmity, evil from other people
TsvetkovaThe snake dreams of betrayal, deceit of acquaintances, lies, deception
ModernSoon, the dreamer or the dreamer is waiting for disappointment and disappointment in life, loved ones, new acquaintances
EsotericReptile is a symbol of dangerous adventures and risky affairs.
NostradamusSomeone from acquaintances conceived a cunning plan that could harm a person who had a dream

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