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What do Roma dream about in a dream?

What do Roma dream about in a dream?

Gypsies are perceived subconsciously as unreliable people who can rob. However, the image of the gypsy is associated with the prediction of fate, as well as the evil eye and funny songs.

The interpretation of sleep is ambiguous and depends on the characteristics of the plot of the dream. Why do Roma dream in a dream?

What do Roma dream about in a dream?

General interpretation

Details of the plot of the dream can be different:

  • you buy goods from gypsies;
  • see the gypsy camp;
  • hear the gypsy singing;
  • Gypsy guessing you.

Buy goods from gypsy — to large losses or loss of a significant amount of money. Seeing that Gypsies stole money or a purse is also a loss and a waste of large sums of money.

It also warns about the occurrence of problems in the material sphere.

Listen to singing — to commit reckless acts. The symbolism of Gypsy songs and dances is associated with the demonstration of the distance and emphasized carelessness in the perception of life.

Therefore, the subconscious mind warns the dreamer to become more sensible and not to cause the family trouble.

Gypsy dreams to cheat. Harassing a gypsy in a dream promises discord with loved ones: you need to be patient in order to be condescending towards the antics of your family and friends.

Gypsy dancers warn the dreamer of passionate and ardent love, which will culminate in complete disappointment.

What do Roma dream about in a dream?

Gypsy fortune telling

Everyone knows that gypsy can predict events. However, in dreams, this story has its own interpretation.

  • Contact a fortune teller about the future — to commit a rash, unreasonable act, which you regret in the future. Also, this story foreshadows the non-fulfillment of desires.
  • Married woman This dream predicts insincerity of the spouse and possible betrayal on his part.
  • If the dream sees a girl in a relationship, This story warns her about the hypocrisy and insincerity of the young man.
  • However for an unmarried girl Appeal to the fortuneteller promises a quick marriage.

Dream interpretation

Dream for the whole family warns to beware of deception by the close environment. This can be work colleagues, business associates.

The vision of a young gypsy dancing to the guitar predicts a transient romantic adventure without continuation.

Erotic dream book interprets this plot as confusion in an intimate life, especially if you dreamed a camp. Make a purchase from a gypsy — to meet with an insidious person, which will cause a lot of problems.

A dancing gypsy foreshadows a fateful love with a sad ending. Falling in love with a gypsy in a dream — in reality a dreamer will survive a break in relations with a loved one because of his betrayal.

If a young girl sees this plot, her parents will not approve of her heart.

Dream Miller interprets the view of the camp as a chance to understand the difficult life situation. If a man has a conversation with a Gypsy / Gypsy, he may soon lose a thing that is valuable to him or lose a significant portion of his income.

Buying goods from Gypsies is a loss of money. Psychologist Miller believes that dreams of gypsies warn not to attach too great importance to material values.

Spring dream book warns about deception in love and betrayal of a loved one. The vision of a gypsy woman predicts the disappearance of property, which will soon be found.

Dream Medea Warns caution in business. Perhaps soon you will have to change all your plans. Songs in the camp — to the cheerful recklessness.

If Gypsies steal a wallet, a dream foreshadows financial problems.

Esoteric dream book interprets this dream as the beginning of a carefree life. Perhaps soon you will have an additional stable source of income, and you will live on interest from renting housing or a bank account.

See gypsy dances and songs — review your behavior: aren’t you a source of problems for your loved ones?

Dream interpretation Sonarium invites the dreamer to revise the plans. Perhaps someone wants to use you for their own purposes.

Do not trust unfamiliar persons, do not sign contracts without careful study of the subject of the contract, do not lend money, skip past the advice of doubtful persons. To perform gypsy songs with a guitar — to become a victim of reckless passion.

Gypsies dream of changes in fate, however, the nature of change must be determined by the details and the situation that accompany the dream plot.

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