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What do pigs dream about in dream books and basic meanings?

Interpretation of dream about a pig in dream books: features and nuances

Pigs have a genotype, in many respects similar to human, and this is quite frightening news. Pigs are quick-witted, cunning, benevolent, able to joke, play, affectionate, cleanly. And they love to eat deliciously.

Now it is fashionable to get domestic pigs, because many of them are smarter than dogs.

Pigs become friends, protectors, companions of man. In the behavior of the pig can give odds to a person in terms of insolence, impudence, impudence in achieving goals.

With such penetrative qualities, pigs are quite capable of competing with many business owners or top managers. It is safe to say that pigs dream of success, satiety, easy money, especially if you are not too shy.

With all the similarities with the pigs, we tend to perceive them as food. However, a hungry pig can also eat a person.

Pork — juicy and tender meat with a delicious fat, easy to prepare.

Pigs in a dream can have many meanings, both positive and negative in their meaning. To understand what dreams of pigs, let’s turn to the leading dream books.

Take negative interpretations as a warning, an opportunity to evade threats.

What do pigs dream about in dream books and basic meanings?

Common meanings

  • The basic meaning of a pig in a dream is a serene, full and happy life, a house full of bowl and material well-being. Another thing is that all this may cause you an internal protest and a desire for difficulties and overcomes. Do not doubt, your wish will come true.
  • Pigs in a dream — an allegorical image of a man. Most often well-fed, self-satisfied, outwardly happy and prosperous. But at the same time there is a deep internal discontent, which is expressed by rudeness, unceremoniousness and extreme promiscuity in achieving goals. It is assumed that under a thick layer of fat and rudeness there is a thin and tender suffering soul that would like high feats, but it does not work, because it really likes to eat.
  • Piggy bank in the form of a pig — alas, will have to shake savings. But you will spend money profitably. Restrain your stinginess for a while. small savings can result in serious expenses.
  • Ironing, scratching — you find yourself in a situation in which you are forced to indulge self-esteem and flatter other people.
  • Pink piggy dreaming of happiness. Black — to good luck and to big money.
  • A sow with piglets is dreaming — it is quite possible that you are being used. Sleep for money.
  • A pig swimming in a muddy puddle — you are annoyed by close people who behave too unceremoniously.
  • If the sow in your dream diligently digs the ground — do not hesitate, she is looking for treasure for you. Due to her perseverance, she will certainly find and dig up treasures. It means. That you are on the right track. Keep digging.
  • An unfamiliar, alien pig walks around your yard or house — significant family problems. You are annoyed by absolutely everything, including the level of wealth, relationships within the family, the accepted rules and regulations.
  • Killing a pig is a bad dream. Try to avoid rash action in reality.
  • To fry pork, pork soup, kebabs — to the peace in the family, good friends, pleasant evening.
  • You are attacked by pigs — a great warning, get ready in advance. To repel the attack of rude and unceremonious people who in a dream seem to be pigs to you is not at all easy. Look in advance for the weak points of your opponents. If you just step aside, you lose. That would be wrong. Do not be afraid of battles, but do not consider your opponents narrow-minded and primitive. These are strong and clever rivals who can be defeated by cunning.

What do pigs dream about in dream books and basic meanings?

Interpretations from recognized authorities in dreams

  • Freud’s dream interpretation notes that pigs in a dream mean an overall good event, but you are not quite sure how to treat it. Most likely, you will come across an inexplicable paradox that will lead you to a dead end. Perhaps you will be offered the dream of your whole life, but in such a form that it will become ridiculous and there will be a huge temptation to refuse. An excessive frankness is possible in relations, which can embarrass even Freud, who has seen a lot in his lifetime. Get ready for surprises, paradoxes and advantageous, but extravagant offers and situations. Whatever you imagine, reality will exceed your expectations.
  • According to the Chinese dream book, a man — a pig means an official with whom you may have friction and problems. Prepare a treat to appease this monster.
  • The Dream Trader interprets the image of the pigs as a projection of one’s own laziness, sybaritism, love for a carefree and well-fed life. If you dream of feeding pigs and dreaming them in a dream, it is quite possible that you imagine the working team.
  • Dream Medea indicates a possible loss of self-esteem, criticism of food addictions, immoderation in food, real or imaginary.
  • The apostolic dream book believes that seeing a big pig in a dream is certainly fortunately. Pig with piglets — to a significant profit. Dirty, unwashed pigs wallowing in puddles and mud — to a rich family life or company with difficult and unpleasant relationships.

What do pigs dream about in dream books and basic meanings?


To see pigs in a dream means to pay attention to the material side of life. You may not be comfortable with the current level of comfort. Everything that you see happens exclusively in your own head.

And the mumps in your dream — you yourself. Pigs want happiness, satiety, love, peace, entertainment.

It is possible that your aspirations coincide. The ambiguity of the situation is that pigs are allowed to lead a full and carefree life in exchange for tasty meat.

Sleep should be understood as a warning and a call for vigilance.

Uncontrolled food, supplies, help in everything and complete carelessness can turn into an extremely difficult situation when other people have your assets at your disposal. Do not buy into excessive kindness and care.

Credulity can be too expensive.

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