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What do panties dream about in Freud’s dream books, Grishina, Esoteric dream book

Panties had a dream — the value of sleep, which foreshadows and from what he warns

In the world of dreams, we see both everyday things and objects, and imaginative phenomena that are absolutely impossible in reality. In both cases, the dream has its own symbolic meaning, amenable to interpretation.

The dream interpretation will help you to understand what pants are dreaming of, since even such an ordinary thing as underwear does not appear in dreams just like that.

General interpretation

If you had a dream about your choice of underpants, the correct interpretation of the dream will depend on the shade of the nightwear. If his shade was bright — the undertaking that you have planned will end well.

In the same case, when the color of linen was dark — on your way there will be many obstacles and difficulties that you will have to overcome in order to achieve your cherished goal.

What do panties dream about in Freud's dream books, Grishina, Esoteric dream book

Auspicious omen — a dream, which featured women’s underwear. For a man, it foreshadows intimate adventures, and for a woman — changes in sexual life.

Perhaps the fire of new passion with her husband.

If a girl in night vision sees a man in his underpants — in real life she is tormented by fears and complexes in communication with the opposite sex. The dreamer is afraid of intimacy, therefore she cannot improve her sex life.

It is necessary to overcome yourself and try to open up in order to build harmonious relations with someone in the future.

A dream in which a sleeping man has lost his underpants is interpreted depending on how this dream ended. If the loss was not found — the dreamer will face a situation that will put him in an awkward position and may adversely affect his reputation.

Leave dry out of water will not be easy. If the cowards were found — an awkward situation can not only be avoided, but also emerged victorious, which will positively affect the authority of the dreamer.

Interpretation on the color and condition of linen

If a sleeping man in his dream had a chance to see the underpants new and clean, he is pacified and full of spiritual harmony. Such a person is confident in himself, but not narcissistic.

The dreamer knows how to enjoy pleasant moments, is comfortable in communication, adequately perceives criticism and listens to the opinion of more experienced people.

What do panties dream about in Freud's dream books, Grishina, Esoteric dream book

Dirty underwear, on the contrary, personifies the inner conflict of a sleeping person and speaks of the rumors being spread about him. A dreamer who observes such an image in a dream, as a rule, is dissatisfied with himself and his life, finds many reasons to complain about fate.

In this case it is worth trying easier to relate to the surrounding reality.

The interpretation of the image in question will also depend on the color of the dreamed underwear. If it was:

  • Red — it is worth preparing for flirting and intimate adventures;
  • White — you are cold to sex;
  • Black — dreamer plagued by bad thoughts;
  • Yellow — a sleeping person is constantly worried about something;
  • Green — the dream symbolizes loneliness, lack of communication;
  • Blue — to the cooling of past feelings;

A dream with holey panties personifies the dreamer’s doubts and hesitations — he is too dependent on other people’s opinions. It is worth listening to yourself.

Take off and put on pants

If in your night vision you took off your underwear in the presence of another person — such a dream symbolizes your thoughts about intimacy. If a real person appeared in a dream — in real life you will commit a frankly amoral act towards him.

What do panties dream about in Freud's dream books, Grishina, Esoteric dream book

Night vision, in which a sleeping person sees himself without panties and burns with shame, heralds a lot of negative emotions because of the failure in the implementation of the planned business.

If the dreamer’s intimate zone is not covered with underwear, but it does not feel any discomfort, the dream foreshadows rumors and gossip dispelled by ill-wishers. Perhaps the person who observed the dream is defenseless and cannot stand up for his name, therefore he needs a strong patron.

If a sleeping person was wearing pants in a dream — in real life he cannot trust even close people, as he is afraid of being deceived, betrayed or misunderstood. According to another version, such a dream foreshadows acquaintance with a member of the opposite sex, which can end with anything — a one-time flash of passion, and a strong and happy marriage.

Night vision, in which you presented cowards to a real person, suggests that in real life you feel sympathy or attraction for him. Your consciousness still does not understand this, but deep down you have already determined everything.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

If you rely on the interpretation that the famous psychiatrist has included in his dream book, cowards in a dream say that a sleeping person for a long time can not feel like a desired woman or beloved man.

For a woman, the night vision in which she tries on panties foreshadows an acquaintance and a future affair with a rich man. If a dreamer in a dream is watching her beloved’s dirty underwear in real life, she should warn him that he will be tried to slander him.

The dream in which you bought black panties symbolizes disturbing thoughts that overwhelm you. You concentrate too much on all sorts of problems — think about whether each of them is really worth your attention.

Esoteric dream book

Cowards seen in a dream foreshadow anxiety, feelings and internal conflicts. Uncertainty of the dreamer in himself closes for him the possibility of full development.

Do not let every unpleasant situation knock you out of a rut.

Night vision, in which you gave someone cowards, encourages you to take a closer look at this person in reality — most likely, under the mask of his politeness lies ill will towards you.

A dream in which cowards are stolen from a sleeping person foreshadows major troubles through his own fault. It is necessary to temper your ardor, do not inflame conflicts and be more restrained.

Dream Grishin

Underwear, including underpants, foreshadows adventure and relaxation. If you dreamed of someone else’s lace underwear — beware of rumors around your person.

If the cowards in the dream happened to buy — you will be disappointed in your friends.

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