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What do other people’s children dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

Dreamed about other children — interpretation features by dream books

Other people’s children always evoked bright and kind feelings, tenderness and smile on the faces of people. After all, really watching active and happy kids, we present our future generation as beautiful, intelligent and self-sufficient personalities.

Why dream of other people’s children, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Alien children personify the dreamer’s hidden capabilities, his potential desires and barriers to realization. The simplicity, innocence, kindness and spontaneity of the child reflect those traits of the sleeper that are most apparent in reality. This often suggests that a person has not yet been realized as a person, he is in search of himself, the meaning of his existence, his purpose.

Perhaps that level of development of unfamiliar children indicates the age at which the sleeper is psychologically stuck.

What do other people's children dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

A child in dreams may have different meanings. Positive outcome interpretation will depend on the appearance, behavior and manners of the child. Joyful and active guys mark a wonderful future that promises a lot of happy events.

An untidy and upset child will reflect a series of adversity and problems.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

The interpreter personifies children with male and female genitalia, according to the sex of the child. Playing in a dream with your own child means experiencing uncertainty when communicating with the opposite sex.

The sexual activity of such a person may not go beyond self-gratification.

Interest in other people’s children in dreams is explained as a long, forced abstinence from sex and a desire to have sex even with an unfamiliar person. To caress a child — to show tenderness and attentiveness to a partner, to be interested in her sexual fantasies, feelings, preferences.

In this case, the dreamer is important emotional side of the intimate connection.

Gustov Miller

Happy and healthy children in their sleep — to the well-being and good changes of the sleeper. The baby is a symbol of hope for a bright future.

I saw how trying to crawl and get up on all fours — it means you are on the right path to your goal and will soon achieve an excellent result.

What do other people's children dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

I had a dream of a lost child, who was crying all the time — this reflects the state of mind of the dreamer. Apparently, now you are experiencing confusion and insecurity.

You were not morally prepared for the life circumstances that fate presented to you. To support and try to find the parents of the baby means to find a true friend, due to its positive qualities of character: openness, decency, and honesty.

Buy strangers strangers candy and gingerbread — expect a large financial income from a profitable investment. Your intuition and sensitive understanding of the economic situation influenced the decision, which would be very beneficial for you.

Nursing someone else’s baby — succumb to the feelings and emotions that will lead to frustration and pain. The situation is not quite as pleasant as it seemed before.

What do other people's children dream about in the dream books of Freud, Miller, Vanga

It was seen that you were asked to feed the children — get an important and time-consuming task. The management will appreciate your extraordinary and responsible approach.

Perhaps followed by a salary increase or a change of position.

To take on your hands the crumb that burns from the heat — to experience hard times in reality. A series of troubles, problems and worries can roll on you like a snowball.

On the one hand, it will allow you to quickly grow up and get stronger, but on the other hand, it will take a lot of strength, energy, bring emotional experiences and anxieties.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

You saw yourself in a dream as a teacher in a kindergarten — it means you have to show leadership in a difficult situation, when you need to influence the opinions, views and decisions of the masses. If the children do not listen to you and scatter in different directions — the situation will be beyond your control and uncontrolled.

Hold on hands someone’s offsprings — in reality someone will abuse your kindness and responsiveness. In order not to complicate your life, try to clearly explain your position, requirements and expectations on a particular issue.

Stop consumer promises, make others respect and appreciate themselves.


Other people’s children in a dream are the forerunners of what awaits humanity in the future. Interpretation is not an individual message to a certain dreamer, but directed at the earthly civilization as a whole. Clean, well-groomed, well-fed and healthy children are a type that grace, peace and stability will come on earth.

Humanity expects less wars, conflicts, racial prejudices, hatred of various religions and religions. People will learn to rejoice and perceive simple truths.

A dirty crumb in the hands of a dysfunctional woman was seen — a sign of loss, suffering and anxiety that would sweep not only one family, but entire settlements. Hazards and misfortunes can affect health, social status, contradictions between national or ethnic groups.

Children are a symbol of future accomplishments and the embodiment of the dreamer’s plans. Saw how the children stretch their hands to you — expect replenishment in the family. An alien child sat on his hands — suddenly he would have to take responsibility and obligations for a loved one.

Your guardianship over him may be delayed if you do not hint at his tolerable capacity and independence in time.

Soothe, crying child in a dream — expect events that are pretty surprised and make you scurry. A calm and measured lifestyle will replace a series of worries and troubles that are not typical of your usual routine.

Yuri Longo

The interpreter identifies other people’s children in a dream with deception, lies, hypocrisy and betrayal. The period when you should not let outsiders into your circle of trust, even if they seem very nice and pleasant.

Gypsy children knocked into your house — there is a high probability of financial loss due to theft or fraud. You will quickly restore your previous financial situation if you did not let a camp into your home in a dream.

David loff

Children, as a dream object, reflect changes in your lifestyle and attitudes towards others. If you prefer to be free and independent of family obligations, then such a dream indicates the onset of the time when you want to bond yourself with the bonds of marriage, to feel yourself needed, in demand.

Having a large family, taking care and attention to the household now means self-realization for you.

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