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What do insects dream about

What dreams of insects on dream book

To find out what insects are dreaming about, just remember all the features of the dream and read the interpretation of the dream books I prepared for you in this article. And remember that dreams very often point us not only to future events, but also give a sign on how to act in different situations.

Family Dream

The authors of this dream book recommend to pay attention to what kind of insects you dreamed. This will help to better understand the upcoming events and understand how to proceed.

What do insects dream about

Here are their predictions:

  1. If you dreamed that the space around you is literally teeming with insects, then in real life you will be overwhelmed by a series of troubles and problems that will cause a lot of disappointment. Try to consistently solve all this in order not to get caught up in negative emotions and experiences.
  2. The dreamed butterflies speak of the dreamer’s romance, levity, and levity. He should remember that youth, beauty and health are not as durable as he thinks. You also need to be more serious about love hobbies, to become more serious in your choice of partner.
  3. Mosquitoes symbolize hostility. This is a sign that there is an ill-wisher in your environment who will soon start bothering you and preventing you from achieving your goals. Beware of envy, gossip and do not share your secrets with anyone.
  4. Bothering flies say that in reality you are surrounded by people with whom it is time to say goodbye. They are too intrusive and can «infect» the dreamer with their negative thinking, draw out vital energy from it.
  5. Gadfly and bumblebees — an unfavorable sign. Someone in your environment is hostile. Beware of the cunning of casual acquaintances, they can strike at the most inopportune moment and destroy all your plans.
  6. If the insects in the dream have bitten you, it is to the betrayal of a loved one. Your other half has long deceived you, most likely it changes. It’s time to free yourself for a more worthy life partner.
  7. Spiders — a symbol of deceit and cunning. You are in a hostile environment. It should be more attentive to the people around them. Not all of them are as good and kind as you think.
  8. Dreamed leeches — a sign that in your environment there is a person who is rather fed up with you. This is a symbol of a person who gives advice to everyone that no one asked. Get rid of such people without regret and guilt.
  9. Locusts — a warning. Your enemies will soon begin to show unprecedented activity. They will try to disrupt your plans, be alert and do not give in to provocations.
  10. Cricket dreams that in order to achieve the goals to which you are striving lately, you will have to work hard. Things are not going as easy as you expected. But do not give up. Go ahead, regardless of external circumstances. This is not a hindrance, but tests that simply need to be passed by drawing the right conclusions.
  11. Fireflies are an auspicious sign. Soon you will receive good news that will delight and delight you.
  12. Cockroaches — to the wealth that falls on you from an unexpected source. But you may not want to take it, because an innocent person may suffer because of your enrichment.
  13. If the cockroach was crawling on a plate from which you intended to eat something, in reality you will fall into a strip of luck and luck. But do not tell anyone about the successes, otherwise you will encounter unprecedented envy.
  14. Snails say that the dreamer recently feels weak and defenseless. He needs time for rest and recuperation. Energy at the moment — almost zero.
  15. Worms are a symbol of the obstacles and hindrances that the dreamer will face on his way to achieving his goals. Such a dream warns that things will go slower than you expected.
  16. Wasps, bees and hornets promise excellent returns. You will get more money for your work than planned.

What do insects dream about

Alphabet Dream Book

This dream book contains the most accurate and logical predictions. They come true even for those who do not believe in them.

What do insects dream about

  1. Dead insects under glass say that in real life a person is surrounded by many people who envy his success and well-being. But they are not able to prevent: dogs bark, the caravan goes.
  2. Lice dream to quarrel with a loved one. It will be the fault of the dreamer. The conflict has been brewing for a long time. Think about what exactly in your behavior could offend a friend and apologize so that the bad forecast does not come true.
  3. Bedbugs or fleas promise health problems, but they are minor. The disease will quickly pass, if the time to take action.
  4. If an insect in a dream bit the dreamer, it means that in the near future he will commit an act of which he will regret. You need to carefully treat every word and action, so as not to aggravate the already problematic situation.
  5. A dragonfly, dreamed of an unmarried girl, promises a profitable marriage of convenience. She will meet a successful and influential man who will take her under her wing. She no longer has to work and take care of her own food.
  6. The caterpillar is a symbol of hypocrisy and dishonest people surrounded by the dreamer. They can only say good things in the eyes, but behind the back they make fun and condemn. It is worth trying to neutralize them, so as not to get into trouble in the future.
  7. Ants — to a series of minor troubles. They will quickly decide, but they can spoil the mood for a few days in advance. Do not take problems to heart, but simply solve them.

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  • Forecast of dream books depends on what kind of insect dreamed of man. The most detailed interpretations are given in Family Dream. Use it if you remember the dream well.
  • If memories of a dream are sketchy, read other predictions. They will shed light on the future.
  • Insects are both a symbol of the people and money. Carefully read all the predictions to choose the one that suits you the most.

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