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What do horses dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Dreamed of horses — features decoding for dream books

Why dream of horses? To learn about this, you must read the dream book.

General interpretation of sleep

The horse at all times was an indispensable assistant not only in economic affairs, but also participated in battles.

He personifies devotion, loyalty and friendliness. Therefore, they can be messengers of useful joint activities, friendly contacts. The lighter the horse’s suit, the better for the dreamer.

The exact explanation of such visions depends on many circumstances. It is better to read opinions from the following sources.

Interpretation of various dream books

What do horses dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Explanation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • The horse shows your positive attitude, determination, confidence, intention to overcome obstacles on the way.
  • Riding on it — to success.
  • If it was down the mountain, disappointments are possible.

View of psychologist S. Freud

  • He is a symbol of a beautiful woman and partner in intimate life.
  • We rode on it — the desire to have children.
  • If the horse was ill — fear for the health of children and partner.

Dream astromeridian

  • Jumping on a black horse — foreshadows an opportunity to show their abilities, meeting with profound people.
  • They did it on a white horse and noticed a rider on a black steed behind him — a lane of bad luck and success will alternate between you.
  • We got off the horse and saw that it was a pig — you will reject the marriage proposal.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • The horse symbolizes life and sexual energy.
  • Women promised a meeting with her lover, marriage.

Small Veles dream

  • A horse in a dream is a sign of courage, power, and power.
  • A pregnant woman — to the birth of a boy, means more independence.

Russian people’s dream book

  • It is a symbol of beauty, courage, quickness.
  • Seeing him — predicts a meeting with a person endowed with the same qualities.
  • It can also mean hard work and the desire for intimate meetings (for men).

Explanation of the writer Aesop

  • Jump on it — to meet with a respectable man. He will help you to believe in your abilities and achieve a lot in the future.
  • Feed him — someone from your environment needs your support.
  • Combing the horse’s mane — to meet with a reliable person who in the future will become your best friend.
  • They took part in the battle on horseback — from a difficult position in reality, prudence and courage will help you to get out.
  • At this time, the horse was injured — your thoughtless actions can lead to the loss of a best friend.
  • During the battle you were wounded, and the horse helped you to leave the battlefield. This confirms that you have a reliable friend.
  • He stumbled under you — in real life you cannot escape an opportunity that could end in disastrous for you.
  • Seeing a dead horse promises an accident. The reason will be your rashness.
  • To bury him is a sign with a negative color. Heralds bad news from a friend.
  • Herd of horses dreams to mutually beneficial acquaintance with business people. The offer from them promises a stable financial position.
  • Saddling him is the hope of supporting friends in a difficult situation.

Dream for the whole family

  • Calm, grazing peacefully, the herd foreshadows a pleasant pastime among friends.
  • If the horses showed aggression towards you — perhaps you will get into an accident. It is better to refuse to travel soon.

Polish Dream Book V. Kopalinsky

  • The black horse warns of a terrible danger, the white one — to material well-being, motley — to a small profit.
  • The falling horse is unpleasant news.

Dreaming tarot

He dreams to a long journey.

What do horses dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Female dream book

To see them in a dream — predicts financial well-being, success.

Dream Dream Prince Zhou — Guna

  • He prances in front of your home — troubles will pass you by.
  • Go far on it — to the celebration, fun.
  • In the house there is a living horse — to a happy life.
  • To see how the herd rushes past, promises to overcome all obstacles, a stable financial situation.
  • He bit you — to success at work, promotion.

Esoteric dream book

  • To see a horse — all your problems will be solved in the near future. Things will go uphill.
  • Riding on it — to loyal friends.
  • Tabun — complete freedom of action.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

  • Horse — to joy, to achieve the goal.
  • Bay horse — wait for a surprise.

Ukrainian dream book

  • Horses dream — to deception.
  • Feed — to a safe and secure life.
  • Buy it — wait for the news.
  • For men, this is a good dream; for women, it means weakness.
  • Riding on a white horse foreshadows well-being.
  • Thin — to ailment.
  • Thick — to health.

The suit of the horse on which you rode matters

  • Black — to grief, disease.
  • On the broth — deterioration of health.
  • On white — carefree life.
  • On sivom — everything will be fine, fortunately.
  • Yellow — to the deterioration of health, loss of strength.
  • Auburn is an auspicious sign.
  • Red — to a friend, guests, fun.

Actions with a horse matter

  • Losing and later searching for him is a misfortune caused by the death of her spouse.
  • Laughs out loud — the guy’s attempt to achieve the girl’s favor.
  • Bite you — to the disease.
  • You beat him — to the road soon.
  • Washed it with water — wait for the news.
  • They fed him to material well-being.
  • He kicks in — to visit guests with unkind thoughts.
  • Hold the bridle — to the threat.
  • Rears up — conflicts, disassembly.

What do horses dream about in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Aesop

Explanations from other sources

  1. The rider on horseback is sent to meet you — unpleasant news.
  2. If he moves in the opposite direction — positive changes in the future.
  3. You yourself jump to fatigue.
  4. Dashing horse — to unexpected obstacles. You can overcome them.
  5. Calm — to the accomplishment of your plans.
  6. Dreamed a horse — a heavy truck, he dragged a cart. This is a warning about your employment, lack of time. Some of the cases need to be assigned to other employees.
  7. Walk on it — a sign with a positive color. Friends will always help you in a difficult situation.
  8. Riding on a horse-drawn carriage promises luck in small matters.

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