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What do flies dream about in dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of a dream?

Dreamed flies — what can it mean by dream books

Flies in a dream can have many meanings. In reality, the attitude towards insects is rather negative, everyone is irritated by flying and flattering peddlers of infection.

Some flies are good at biting. Even harmless fruit flies infect foods gluttonous larvae.

One of the demons of hell is so called — the sovereign of the flies or Beelzebub. There is its prototype in the more ancient religion — Nyakhotep could appear in the form of a cloud of insects that came from the abyss. On the other hand, insects love sweets, and we understand their love.

Consider what dreams of flies on dream books.

What do flies dream about in dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of a dream?

Basic Values

The main value of many flies in a dream is considered to be anxiety, which gnaws from the inside. There is no way you can make a decision and come to an inner balance. They also mean evil and stupid gossip and gossip, collectors and writers of fables.

Most likely, no one will worry about the plausibility of rumors, but their number can be disastrous. The second value is considered an unpleasant event and health problems.

Perhaps you suspect you have some symptoms, especially unpleasant when medical information is available on the Internet, you don’t dare to go to a doctor for a long time and when you finally come to the examination, you will find neglected diseases that could be prevented by timely treatment.

  • Flies in a dream mean stupid disputes, quarrels. We have to admit that you can be a source of quarrels, because internal anxiety contributes to the development of irritability and petty discontent. Go to a psychologist, try yoga for beginners, drink valerian or tea with mint. You will be able to overcome the inner turmoil and be surprised how easy it will be to solve the seemingly complex, tangled and unsolvable problems.
  • The annoying people who hover around, as if smeared with honey, are often not looking for honey at all. They are interested in the most unsightly secrets and inappropriate revelations. Having received compromising information and rubbed confidence, they will fly to spread gossip.
  • If you dream not only to see insects, but also to experience tactile sensations from touching — they sit on you, try to crawl in your mouth, in your eyes — spiteful critics or problems will be able to catch you by surprise.
  • Take out the flies, poison them, hang sticky tapes — to vain trouble. It is impossible to defeat small vile gossips, for example, to refute the claims that you spit in the soup or sweep up debris under the rug, you have dandruff in your hair, and there is caries in your mouth. Just in case, put in sterile purity and maintain it, it will somewhat protect you from nonsense and filth. Purity is equally helpful for flies and gossip.
  • Insects in food are frightened and disgusted.
  • Huge, fatty flies mean a tendency to exaggerate. It is possible that the gossipers have already made up the most incredible details.
  • You do not dare to kill the flyer — cherish the society of the person who does you nasty, afraid to offend. Do not worry, he will live well and without your attention. And you definitely will not feel sorry for you.
  • If insects in a dream hover around an object, you should examine it well and figure out what is wrong with it. Perhaps this is some value that has an antique or collection value. Maybe the item was donated by the ill-wisher. Just in case, wipe the object with a disinfectant or a solution of vinegar and calm down.
  • Flies in a dream can be a harbinger of the fact that it’s time for you to reconsider your environment, your way of life. Something could spoil, rot. If you allowed envies and manipulators to be surrounded, you should not be surprised that your own internal state has become restless and nervous.

What do flies dream about in dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of a dream?

Authoritative interpretations

  • According to Miller’s dream book, for girls and for women, flies in a dream promise grave problems in family life and in the choice of gentlemen. Indeed, when the most vile and dirty gossip is circling around you, it is difficult to refute them. But you will be able to determine that of the men in fact you are faithful and interested in you seriously. Beware of new acquaintances, because among them there may be men who believe gossip about easy and quick access. If insects in a dream stick to the adhesive tape and hang on it, disgustingly moving their paws — scandals cannot be avoided.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation unexpectedly treats flies like children. Apparently, the old Zygmund children did not complain. Dream interpretation predicts that your failures, resentment, anger, you will surely break off on children, providing them with the very childhood moral traumas that will later lead them to the psychoanalysis office. Let us pay tribute to the prudence of the founder of psychoanalysis, he cares about later colleagues.
  • A female dream book binds flies with envious friends and annoying boyfriends who have no serious intentions. Both those and others gladly spread nasty gossip and better protect themselves from communication with others. If insects in a dream do not bother you, but cause sympathy, perhaps a fly is you. Excessive worries and efforts with which you surround your loved ones make them annoyed to dismiss your advice, help, cakes. Moderate your fervor and send it in a positive direction.

What do flies dream about in dream books and interpretations of the basic meanings of a dream?


To see flies in a dream is not the best sign, because they flock to the jam, and they still spread plagues, gossip, scandals. Stay away from gossip and intriguing details, people who appetizing tell all sorts of interesting things about friends and strangers.

With the same passion and a kind smile, they talk about you, and you would not want to know about yourself what is being told. We can say that flies in a dream — a sign of your vulnerability.

Let them get rid of such false friends is not easy and it will take some time, it’s time you get down to business.

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