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What do feces dream about according to Miller, Loffe, Meneghetti

You can’t tell this dream to your girlfriends: why do feces dream?

What dreams of such dirty and unpleasant things? How does the dream fever of human feces or «humus», obtained from different animals?

What do feces dream about according to Miller, Loffe, Meneghetti

The general interpretation of this strange dream

  • What do feces dream about? It all depends on the situation of sleep. For example, if you saw them at the bottom of a toilet bowl, a dream says: if you work hard, you can get rich.
  • The full cesspool of feces says: you can become a victim of a fraudster, and only your own common sense will help you to stay “at your own”. Do not trust unfamiliar people, and most importantly, do not brag about their income and savings.
  • The floor, soiled with human waste (and not only) of digestion, says: good money will come to you «on the ball» — maybe you can win the lottery or in the casino, or maybe you will find something worthwhile. So walking down the street, look closely at your feet!
  • The second interpretation of this dream does not sound so rosy: you can be robbed. Reception cause the loss of a valuable item or wallet can be your naivete.
  • If you have seen a lot of feces, this dream promises: your life will be easy and carefree.
  • If the poop was stained with your bed, and the feces were well, very much: you will find a generous and not a poor sponsor. It may well be that this sponsor will be a person in love with you. But if so, then the wedding will not end your relationship, even though the novel will be hot and passionate.

What did you do in your dream?

What do feces dream about according to Miller, Loffe, Meneghetti

  • The feces were flushed down the toilet to an expensive purchase. And the more impressive was the «pile», from which you tried to get rid of, the more expensive your acquisition will be.
  • Did you take a piece of shit in your hand? The person who loves you is ready to help you in material terms. And he will not demand anything in return.
  • Have you smeared your hands or clothes in the faeces (or maybe in a dream you took a baby in your arms, and it specifically marked you)? This is a happy dream, he says that soon you will get rich.
  • You did not see excrement, but you could smell it: the business you are planning to start will be very profitable.
  • However, the second interpretation of this dream warns: a business partner can offer you something suspicious. Be careful!
  • Collect poop for analysis — you need a hint from a reasonable person. If, however, carrying a jar to the laboratory, in a dream you lost it — it means that you can do a stupid, rash act.
  • Seeing feces that you smeared on your body is also a good dream. It means: finally, you will realize your dream or a very desirable goal.
  • Wipe your feces: your foe found compromising on you.

Was it a litter of an animal?

  • The feces in the dream were doggy? Sleep promises a confidential meeting with a close friend or friend. If this feces was too much, the dream becomes a warning: if you do not think and do something dubious, you can disgrace yourself.
  • Feline poop promise treachery, or a “curved path” to which you are about to step.
  • Goat «peas» promises wealth.
  • Cow “flat cakes” say: you work hard, and the result of this work will be worthy.

Feces were human?

  • The most common interpretation: a dream indicates your conservatism. Try to be more modern!
  • They were completely fresh: a dream speaks of your contentment with the present state of things. You would like to change nothing in your life.
  • Conversely, the old and dried feces says: your being has become too bland. You dream to somehow decorate it, bringing to life bright events and strong emotions.
  • Baby poop (say, in a pot or in a diaper): you can get pregnant.
  • Was it your own feces? What did he look like? Liquid: you can talk badly (and undeservedly), and your efforts will not lead to anything good. Hard: the help you offer your neighbor will be rejected.

And how do the most popular books interpret the appearance of feces in a dream?

What do feces dream about according to Miller, Loffe, Meneghetti

It may seem that the topic of human feces is so «untouchable» that experienced interpreters will not study it. But it is not: feces are an integral part of the life of any creature, so seeing them in a dream is as natural as seeing food, water, or a pillow. And this is how respected authors of books about the secrets of human dreams interpret such dreams …

Dream Miller

  1. People who are in a rather strained relationship with their neighbors can see poop or smell it.
  2. If, feeling an unpleasant smell, you tried to find its source, but did not find it — the dream says: many people give you advice, interfering in your life, but the sense of these tips is zero.
  3. Also, such dreams promise profits to businessmen and financiers, and farmers or summer residents — a notable harvest.

Dream loft

  1. This dream shows your desire to have a lot of money and other benefits that you can buy for them. It is quite possible that now in financial terms you are “aground”.
  2. If in a dream you are soiled in the waste of the human intestine — one hundred percent get rich.

Dream Dream Meneghetti

  1. This dream fecal considers a symbol of the relationship that you still cherish, but soon they will become nothing for you.
  2. If you did something with shit (including eating them), the dream says: your feelings and instincts die off, and your thoughts and (or) actions are to blame for everything.

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