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What do dreams of baptism mean, are they prophetic?

Dreams of baptism: an interpretation given the accompanying events

Epiphany Christmas Eve — a time when people see dreams that come true. It is especially important to remember your dream on the night of January 19, since it has long been believed that it is at this time that there is a chance to see your future. Dream can come true immediately or after 20 years.

Young girls often on the eve of Epiphany see their betrothed in a dream, married women want a child. Young mothers are trying to predict the fate of their baby, men want to see the chances of success in work and well-being in the family.

In order to correctly interpret a dream, one should consider the accompanying events and circumstances, the feelings that the dreamer is experiencing. The basis can be taken popular dream books of famous psychologists, mediums and astrologers.

Dream interpretations suggest the interpretation of some night dreams:

Alien man friendIf the plot dreams of a woman — she needs the protection and patronage of a strong man; a man — a dream means a friend who is near in a difficult moment
Young guyMost often, he dreams of an unmarried girl. The dream is a sign of the dreamer’s acute desire to find family and happiness
Baptism of a small childFor women and men, sleep means one thing — a person is not confident in his abilities and desires, sleep shows him that some actions should be taken to strengthen his position.
The rite of baptism of strangersA person is jealous of someone else’s well-being and how outsiders achieve success, while he himself is in an uncertain position
Unknown dead manThe plot heralds a happy coincidence in real life, the ascent of the career ladder, financial independence
Dead relative, talking to a dead person in a dreamJust to see a dead relative — to return the unfinished business. The conversation should be remembered in detail, as usually the dead talk about the future and warn the living
Being in church while servingIn a short time, a woman or a man will find a way out of a difficult situation at work or in a relationship with a partner
Candle for health and peace in the churchIn real life, the dreamer begins a bright streak, good luck will accompany all his endeavors.
A feeling of fear in a dream, the need to run away from the unknownSoon the dreamer will face difficulties that he cannot overcome; if in a dream you managed to escape from the looming — the outcome of the event will be positive
Own death on the night of BaptismThis is a good sign, foreshadowing longevity and a happy life.
The need to protect children from detractorsIn reality, the mother or father worries about the children, directs them. If ill-wishers have disappeared in a dream — the efforts of parents will not be in vain

If, on the feast of Epiphany from January 18 to 19 until midnight, a woman or a man sees his life partner, the dream is treated positively. Often it portends good events in the future of the couple.

If an unmarried girlfriend or a single guy sees such dreams, a fateful meeting will soon take place.

What do dreams of baptism mean, are they prophetic?

To understand the dream and find out what it foretells, the popular dream books of psychologists, astrologers and magicians will help. Each of them interpreted what he saw on the feast of Epiphany in his own way.

The most common are the dream books of the German psychologist Miller and Sigmund Freud, the medium and the prophetess Hasse, the astrologer Nostradamus.

What do dreams of baptism mean, are they prophetic?

The German psychologist says that any dream on the Epiphany week or on the eve of an important holiday means any changes in the dreamer’s life. Depending on the circumstances, Miller interpreted dreams as follows:

  • take part in the rite of baptism — it is a sign of an urgent need to earn a good name among colleagues;
  • see the rite of baptism in the far distance — in the near future, detractors will try to harm the dreamer, but to no avail;
  • look at nudity — the dreamer will fall into a situation provoked by the false gossip of enemies;
  • be naked in a crowd of people — man in real life is surrounded by evil and vile people.

Miller also believes that seeing himself in a dream while praying in a church is a positive sign. He says that the dreamer is on the right path and will soon achieve his goal.

What do dreams of baptism mean, are they prophetic?

A woman medium in her writings writes that dreams on the Epiphany week almost always promise financial joy, good events and good luck in all undertakings. The specific interpretation depends on the details of the dream:

  • woman sees a foreign man, hugs, kisses — soon she will find her betrothed;
  • mother baptizes a child — she has a burden on her shoulders, from which she will soon be freed;
  • conversation with a dead relative — unexpected return of old debt;
  • run away from an intruder without fear — financial turmoil will end.

A good sign will be to see yourself in a dream in conditions of prosperity and prosperity. Usually this promises financial independence.

The famous astrologer paid special attention not to people who can be seen on the eve of the feast of Epiphany, but to the events that occur in the dream. With these events, he interpreted the dream:

  • drink clean water from a holy source — in reality, a person will begin a new and more righteous life;
  • swim in muddy water or drink it — soon the dreamer becomes seriously ill;
  • see a complete stranger next to you — fate is preparing a change in real life;
  • take part in the funeral — should prepare for difficulties;

A bad sign is considered to feel a rapid fall in a dream. Most often it is a sign of the beginning of trials in real life, difficulties that are not easy to overcome.

Sigmund Freud believed that with the help of a dream, the subconscious mind is trying to convey the hidden human needs. Based on this, he interpreted dreams from January 18 to January 19:

  • be paired with a strangerby man — the need for new sensations in real life;
  • is in church with a loved one — soon the couple will create a family;
  • see a lot of happy kids — in family life everything will be fine;
  • go somewhere with a dead relative — bad sign, foreshadowing long-term illness.

According to Freud, the best dream for the girl will be the beloved boy who came to woo her house. If the girl has no lover, but had a dream, then soon she will marry.

The dream writers of various authors say that the dream will become prophetic if a person sees him on the holidays of January, which falls on Friday, between 4 and 5 in the morning. This time is considered the best so that the subconscious can make its way to the person during the rest and show some pictures from the future.

Almost always the dream turns out to be prophetic, but attendant circumstances should be taken into account.

A special role is played by the Epiphany week, when night visions also tend to be fulfilled. Dreams in the Epiphany week from Thursday to Friday are considered important, even if the holiday does not fall on that day.

Interpretation of the most significant subjects:

  • the woman dreamed of a man with whom she speaks — the lack of love in her life will soon be filled;
  • man or woman baptizes a child — soon the dreamer will take the right path;
  • dream of christening my own child — This is an auspicious sign that foreshadows happiness for the baby and his parents;
  • dead relative warns the dreamer — everything will come true exactly as it was in the dream, so it is important to remember the words;
  • girl sees herself in a wedding dress in front of the stairs — the wedding will not be soon;
  • unmarried girl dreams matchmaking — There is a chance to get married soon is minimal.

Often, from Thursday to Friday, men and women have bad dreams that frighten their believability. To explain them will help the exact story in all details. Usually they are not associated with mystical events, which adds to their realism.

If the dreamer had to kill someone with his own hands and experience fear, pity, remorse, then in his life there will soon be a difficult choice and there will be a need to fundamentally solve problems.

If a bad dream dreamed from Thursday to Friday, it is recommended to get rid of it so that it does not come true. To do this, in the morning you should open the door of your house so that the wind will blow into the rooms, and speak the unpleasant aloud.

After that, to say that all the bad is irretrievably gone, close the door tightly. The method is considered effective and helps to avoid trouble.

When interpreting a dream for different dream books, it should be remembered that small details and all details are of great importance, especially when seeing sleep from Thursday to Friday, when these days coincide with the holiday of Epiphany. Do not ignore the dream when trying to warn the dead about something important.

Its value in most cases plays an important role for the dreamer.

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